Kisses from Hell

Kristin Cast Kelley Armstrong Richelle Mead Francesca Lia Block Alyson Noel

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Kisses from Hell

Kisses from Hell By Kristin Cast Kelley Armstrong Richelle Mead Francesca Lia Block Alyson Noel Kisses from Hell Truly Madly UndeadlyThis irresistible collection features stories of love amid vampires by five of today s hottest authors Kristin Cast Tempted Richelle Mead Vampire Academy Alyson No l Ever K

  • Title: Kisses from Hell
  • Author: Kristin Cast Kelley Armstrong Richelle Mead Francesca Lia Block Alyson Noel
  • ISBN: 9780061956966
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kisses from Hell By Kristin Cast Kelley Armstrong Richelle Mead Francesca Lia Block Alyson Noel Truly, Madly, UndeadlyThis irresistible collection features stories of love amid vampires by five of today s hottest authors Kristin Cast Tempted , Richelle Mead Vampire Academy , Alyson No l Ever , Kelley Armstrong The Summoning , and Francesca Lia Block Pretty Dead.From a fugitive vampire forced to trust a boy who might work for the group bent on destroying herTruly, Madly, UndeadlyThis irresistible collection features stories of love amid vampires by five of today s hottest authors Kristin Cast Tempted , Richelle Mead Vampire Academy , Alyson No l Ever , Kelley Armstrong The Summoning , and Francesca Lia Block Pretty Dead.From a fugitive vampire forced to trust a boy who might work for the group bent on destroying her to the legendary romance of two immortals whose love compels them to risk everything, this heart pounding collection brings new meaning to the words love you forever Whether you re into romances that are dark and moody or light and fun, these stories will quench that insatiable thirst for enchanting tales of the beautiful undead.Part of the Kisses from Hell Anthology
    Kisses from Hell By Kristin Cast Kelley Armstrong Richelle Mead Francesca Lia Block Alyson Noel

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      382 Kristin Cast Kelley Armstrong Richelle Mead Francesca Lia Block Alyson Noel
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    One thought on “Kisses from Hell

    1. Tatiana on said:

      This collection consists of 5 stories by the YA authors out of which I am familiar with 3 I admire Kelley Armstrong, I am fairly disappointed in Richelle Mead, vowed not to read Alyson Noel again never read anything by Kristin Cast and Francesca Lia Block First I thought to only read Mead s and Armstrong s stories, but then decided to give 3 other writers a chance, out of the goodness of my heart and because the book is fairly short Well, I shouldn t have bothered Sunshine by Richelle Mead an ex [...]

    2. Mizuki on said:

      DNF 35%.Sunshine by Richelle Mead It isn t bad but the plot is weak and not very together , the characters are all very Meh , so 2 stars.Bright Me to Life by Alyson Noel Skipped after reading the first 3 pages because the writing and the plot don t look interesting to me, I will try again later No star.Above by Kristin Cast Skipped after reading the first 2 pages, I couldn t handle Cast s writing when my head was aching No star.Hunting Kat by Kelley ArmstrongThe author brought up interesting ide [...]

    3. Cristina•●♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥●• on said:

      Sunshine by RICHELLE MEAD 4 stars This time, she was the one who kissed him It seemed so strange to be kissing in a place where death had just occurred before their eyes, and yet it also seemed right They were alive The kiss was alive.She wanted to keep kissing him forever Rhea Daniels Your hair Even in moonlight it looks like sunshine I d never have to go outside again if I was with you Eric Dragomir Bring me to life by ALISON NO L 3.5 stars Paint your dreams, I was told, and so I do Danika Kav [...]

    4. Amanda on said:

      Ok, I only read two stories in this book The Richelle Mead story which is a Vampire Academy story about how Lissa s parents met was good and interesting and now makes me want to read the books again I m pretty sure that the other characters in this story are also the parents of VA characters, and I need to figure out who is who The story seems to shed some light on part of Lissa s story that is revealed at the end of Spirit Bound.The book also contained something by Kristin Cast of House of Nigh [...]

    5. Colleen Scidmore on said:

      Kisses From Hell is a book of Anthologies dedicated to one of my favorite genresmpires I love Paranormal in general but vampires are a favorite of mine, so this was right up my alley.There are 5 different stories written by 5 different talented YA authors The first story Sunshine by Richelle Mead is the story of Lissa Dragomir s from Vampire Academy parents, Eric Dragomir and Rhea Daniels, meeting for the first time.Bring Me to Life by Alyson No l is a story of a girl named Danika who is one of [...]

    6. Sandy on said:

      This book is five stories by five authors I didn t enjoy this book as much as the others in this series Alyson Noel s story saved it for me Kelley Armstrong s was also good.Sunshine by Richelle Mead A story about a bunch of vampire teenagers They are born vampires called Moroi They aren t out of control monsters those are Strigoi Moroi can become Strigoi by draining a human of blood.Eric is a player His father wants him to find a girl and settle down to carry on the family line.Rhea is engaged t [...]

    7. Andrea Hussey on said:

      Sunshine Richelle Mead 2 starsThe very first sentence was a complete turn off Idk how romantic it s supposed to be when the guy says Emma wasn t Eric Dragomir s first girlfriend Nor was she likely to be his last And his dad asks him how many girls he s going to go through How romantic and sweet Emma was impossible to like, and I thought that was who he was going to get with, until Rhea came into the picture Emma complained about how long the boat was taking, and then made an insensitive comment [...]

    8. Kathy Davie on said:

      Fourth in the Hell anthology series with a theme of paranormal romance for young adults.Series Sunshine Vampire Academy, 0.5 Hunting Kat Darkest Powers, 3.5 I would be remiss in not mentioning that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this collection will be donated to College Summit to aid in college enrollment for all students, and especially those from low income backgrounds Proceed at your own risk.My TakeYeah, it was reading from hell as well I d suspect that part of the mandate was t [...]

    9. Bryn ((B2/B.P)) Ryeosomniac~~ on said:

      Kisses from hell is a collection of five short stories by five popular young adult authors I have previously read works by four of the five authors Kristen Cast, Richelle Mead, Alyson Noel and Francesca Lia Block I am not a huge fan of these authors accept for Richelle Mead, she was the sole reason I picked this novel up.Sunshine by Richelle Mead I was pleasantly surprised by this one I love reading back round stories of characters, and I quite liked this one I have read many bad reviews for thi [...]

    10. Jamie on said:

      The short book is comprised of five short stories from five different authors.Overall, I gave this book three stars I enjoyed it for what it was just a short book to read within an hour and delight in the stories within I mostly picked it up to read Armstrong s story because I m on a kick to finish all her young adult stuff, and her story was four star worthy.Cast s story was annoying I don t like poetry, and I certainly don t want to read a half poem half short story that doesn t make sense No [...]

    11. April Summers on said:

      The book is a collection of five short stories Sunshine The plot was good and the story was well written Was a really nice read Bring Me To Life It was another good story The suspense was maintained till the very end The whole setting and everything about the book was pretty nice and interesting I totally loved the story Above Even though this was the third story, I read it at the end Or rather tried to read it But something about it seemed just so wrong that I gave up in the middle of the secon [...]

    12. Jordan on said:

      UN SOLEIL INTERDIT Ha, quel plaisir de retrouver le style de Richelle Mead pour cette premi re histoire En plus, on ne fait pas que retrouver sa mani re d crire Nous sommes aussi plong s dans l univers de Vampire Academy Et oui, ici on suit Eric Dragomir, un Moro haut plac Dragomir, ce nom ne vous dit il rien Pour les lecteurs de Vampire Academy, vous aurez compris que ce personnage n est autre que le p re de Lissa Gr ce l histoire Un Soleil Interdit , on remonte le temps jusqu l poque o Eric ta [...]

    13. Kerstyn M. on said:

      I was really looking forward to reading this book for two reasons 1 I absolutely LOVED a previous paranormal anthology belonging to the same series as this one, Vacations from Hell 2 Contains short stories from tow of my favorite authors of the moment, Kelley Armstrong and Richelle Mead I read this book from cover to cover in basically one sitting, and was severely disappointed, because it wasn t at all what I thought it would be Although I was only familiar with three of the authors Armstrong, [...]

    14. Jagged on said:

      Sunshine Richelle MeadOne Star.I didn t like Rhea She was so incredibly insecure and bitchy There was no way anyone could talk to her without walking on egg shells Don t call her on it though, that just makes her talk down to you like you re a piece of shit.And what the hell Why was this about vampires A human suffering from blood loss could take them out Why did Rhea have a fire ability when she didn t ever use it Not even to defend herself A tug of war between two people is not what I would co [...]

    15. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) on said:

      1 Sunshine by Richelle Mead4 STARSI was so interested in reading anything Mead puts out that s set in the VA world Although this short story lacks the kickass heroine that is Rose, I found that I really liked Rhea She s an outcast and it s clear from the very beginning, but she is very sure of herself and that is very endearing Speaking of which, Eric is irresistable It s no wonder girls love him I thought the overall story was great, though I must admit I did think Dennis to be somewhat odd He [...]

    16. Angela on said:

      Lacking real bite despite the vampiresKISSES FROM HELL brings together five popular young adult paranormal authors with short stories about love and vampires Similar to the companion anthologies that came before it LOVE IS HELL, PROM NIGHTS FROM HELL, and VACATIONS FROM HELL , this book is composed of five different tales, each centered loosely around the title s theme Different from the other volumes, however, this book focuses on vampires only, instead of a wider host of paranormal creatures S [...]

    17. Ashley on said:

      Actual Rating 2.5 stars.I found this collection of shorts at Dollar Tree I recognized three of the authors names but only one is the reason that I decided to waste my dollar Sunshine by Richelle Mead 66 pgs 4 StarsMead is the reason that I bought the book as I love her Vampire Academy series I was pleasantly surprised to find out that her short story was set in the world of VA This was a nice back story You don t have to read it to follow the overall VA story line but it was a nice visit back to [...]

    18. Eva Holmquist on said:

      There are two great stories in this book Sunshine and Hunting Kat The rest are not worth reading.

    19. Maggie ☘ (Reader in Wonderland) on said:

      Sunshine by Richelle Mead 2.3 5 starsI haven t read any of these short stories except for the one by Richelle Mead, so my rating is only for this novella alone, not the whole book.Sunshine is the last novella from Vampire Academy universe I haven t yet read, so I was very excited and curious I have to say, while I loved both The Meeting and Homecoming, this one wasn t really so great What I got was disappointing cliche romance story with rich privileged boy and shy, kind girl who s just so diffe [...]

    20. Lala on said:

      This book gets 4 stars for the 4 stories that were pretty good In Sunshine by Richelle Mead we get a look a very sweet, very cute little story I enjoyed this one Especially since I was having VA withdrawal If you re a fan of the Vamp Academy series, then this short story is a must 4 STARSStory 2 was by far my absolute favourite Bring Me to Life by Alyson Noel was AMAZING First of allALYSON YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WRITE A VAMPIRE SERIES This was a great story that was cut waaaay too short I absolutely [...]

    21. Katie on said:

      Reviewing as I go 2 stars overall, I guess Not a great anthology Sunshine by Richelle Mead2.5I liked the beginning of this pretty well, but I was pretty uncomfortable with the guy being paranoid and overprotective without knowing her at all and then being RIGHT about it Plus, what, so they shouldn t be nice to feeders That s a great message And according to the Vampire Academy series, view spoiler Lissa s dad cheats on her mother, so that makes a weird reading experience hide spoiler.I did like [...]

    22. Nadia on said:

      There are 5 stories in total, all written by renowned authors.Sunshine by Richelle Mead I never thought I would say something like this about one of Mead s works, but boy was this thing bad Even a connection with Vampire Academy wasn t enough to make this thing good That insta romance made me gag 1 star for attempt.Bring Me to Life by Alyson Noel Kind of predictable A loner girl gets picked up by an aristocrat art school The story had good potential but ultimately turned out to be quite dull 2 s [...]

    23. Abbie on said:

      Terrible The problem with most anthologies is that they re uneven i.e some of the stories are great and others less so But nope, not here They were all just really, really bad The stories ranged from utterly bizarre and hard to follow to just plain stupid Most of them were an unholy mix of the two, and I could barely finish reading Seriously, I no longer have any desire to read any of these authors works My God I mean, I already hated Kristin Cast s books, but not I m not sure I want to read any [...]

    24. Say on said:

      this book of short stories was not bad at alli actually liked most of the stories in it.1 sunshine by richelle mead 4 stars reading this story, one experienced i had was nostalgia it s like i m back and reading the vampire academy series again since i totally adored the series, it was not hard for me to like this one reading the dragomir surname againwow memories i really liked this one.2 bring me to life by alyson noel 3 stars i have also read the immortals series by alyson noel though i still [...]

    25. Cathy on said:

      An except from the preface A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this collection will be donated to College Summit, a national nonprofit organization that partners with school districts to increase the college enrollment rate of all students, particularly those from low income backgrounds About college access in America Every year, 200,000 students who have the ability to go to college do not enroll Low income students who get As on standardized tests go to college at the same rate as the t [...]

    26. N.L. Riviezzo on said:

      Sunshine by Richelle Mead 4 stars a great little short story about how Lissa Dragomir s parents met.Bring Me To Life by Alyson Noel 2 stars too short, not enough story development for my liking.Above by Kristin Cast 1 star Horrible I m convinced that the worst parts of the HoN series are indeed written by Kristin Her writing style is very lacking.Hunting Kat by Kelley Armstrong 3 stars Another short story about Kat, a genetically altered 16 year old vampire, who is part of the Darkest Powers wor [...]

    27. Emmalee on said:

      If you re a teen, or a pre teen you d probably like this book a lot better The only decent stories are Sunshine Richelle Mead , Hunting Kat by Kelly Armstrong, and Bring me to Life Alyson Noel Even Bring Me to Life smacks of the whole twilight everlasting undying love forever movement Yes, I know it s paranormal romance, but sometimes are done to death Above by Kristen Cast was so badly written I didn t even bother to finish it I think it was meant to be written in a poetic style or something B [...]

    28. Pamela on said:

      Give Sunshine 5 stars, good job, Richelle Mead Give Bring Me to Life 2 stars It was too slow and bizarre, not a good combination.Give Above 3 stars Kristin Cast s poetry is misplaced and not much was explained in the story.Give Hunting Kat 4 stars, amazing work, Kelley Armstrong I can sense that this is the beginning of a good series Give Lilith 1 star I mean, what the hell was that

    29. Cassie Hawkings on said:

      This short story is from the anthology Kisses from Hell Sunrise is a prequel story to Richelle Mead s Vampire Academy The story is set well before the birth of Lissa Dragomir and tells how her parents met and fell in love.I thought it was incredibly sweet as we don t see Rhea and Eric in the books as they have died prior to the beginning of Vampire Academy, hence we don t know their back story until now 5 stars.

    30. Angela on said:

      Okay, without waxing all poetic, this group of short stories was okay p.s Okay is not a bad thing, it s an okay thing, if ya know what I mean My favorite story was written by Francesca Lia Block which in my humble opinion was the perfect example of a short story done right and my least favorite was written by Kristin Cast All the rest fell somewhere in between And that s what I got to say about that BOOM

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