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Hilari Bell

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Shield of Stars

Shield of Stars By Hilari Bell Shield of Stars Weasel fumbled the cloth aside It was a shield steel plate over dark wood with rotting leather straps It looked old and battered and real A former pickpocket Weasel is the type of boy most people

  • Title: Shield of Stars
  • Author: Hilari Bell
  • ISBN: 9781442406728
  • Page: 326
  • Format: ebook
  • Shield of Stars By Hilari Bell Weasel fumbled the cloth aside It was a shield, steel plate over dark wood, with rotting leather straps It looked old, and battered, and real A former pickpocket, Weasel is the type of boy most people would avoid Certainly, no one would ever trust him except for one man Justice Holis took Weasel off the streets, gave him a home, a job as his clerk, and a key to hiWeasel fumbled the cloth aside It was a shield, steel plate over dark wood, with rotting leather straps It looked old, and battered, and real A former pickpocket, Weasel is the type of boy most people would avoid Certainly, no one would ever trust him except for one man Justice Holis took Weasel off the streets, gave him a home, a job as his clerk, and a key to his house Weasel s new life may be a bit boring, but for the first time someone actually cares about him Now Justice Holis is the one in trouble Arrested for treason, he will surely hang unless someone saves him and that someone can only be Weasel But what can one boy do Not much without help So with a mysterious girl named Arisa by his side, Weasel goes in search of the Falcon, the most dangerous bandit in Deorthas, but also the one person who would be able and possibly willing to stage a prison break But Weasel s fate changes when he stumbles upon a shield Could this be the one said to have been lost for centuries, the one that bestows power on whoever holds it If so, Weasel, once a lowly pickpocket, could be the most powerful person in the land With extraordinary craftsmanship, Hilari Bell weaves a fantasy adventure story that will have readers captivated from the first word to the last.
    Shield of Stars By Hilari Bell

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      326 Hilari Bell
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    One thought on “Shield of Stars

    1. Melissa McShane on said:

      Weasel is a former pickpocket who s been working as a clerk for Judge Holis for some time now Judge Holis, though, is involved in than just the law he s part of a secret group intent on taking down the corrupt and greedy Regent When their group is betrayed, Weasel sets off on a journey to free his master and keep him from being executed He hopes to find the Falcon, a brigand who commands an army of bandits and is also opposed to the Regent, but tracking him down proves difficult, and Weasel has [...]

    2. Aurora Dimitre on said:

      I really, really adored this book.Hilari Bell is one of my favorite authors I started with The Farsala Trilogy, and then the Knight Rogue books, and this book, the start of another trilogy I believe by her, was just about as good as those two This first book follows Weasel, a pickpocket turned clerk whose employer savior has been arrested for treason You re thrown straight into it at the point where his employer is arrested and Weasel escapes as always, the escape pickpocket general criminal ide [...]

    3. Kristen on said:

      This book, the first of a new series, was full of adventure Well written and very involving, it sucked me in from page 1 Set in less modern times, this book involves two main characters, a young girl and boy who end up in a makeshift cell together for separate reasons Their stories become intertwined and is wrapped up nicely by the end of the book Of course, there are books to come, but I did feel some closure with this first novel.

    4. Rebecca on said:

      Bell builds a nice fantasy world where magic is just out of reach for most people, yet tantalizingly moving in currents around them This novel features a reformed pickpocket determined to free his friend from a corrupt politician and a spitfire teenage girl with secrets of her own.Highly recommended.

    5. Grace Crandall on said:

      Well, this is an awesome book There s something indefinably attractive about Hilari Bell s plots I think it has something to do with how all her characters relate to one another There s heart and realism in every relationship in this book none of which are romantic , and that makes it a real joy to read My favorite character was Weasel Whether he s maneuvering through the criminal world or heroically riding a complacent mule to a friend s rescue, he s just fun to read about Weasel is a boy who c [...]

    6. Electromonkey52 on said:

      This book the shield of stars is a book written by Hilari Bell Main characters in this book include a boy named weasel and Arisa a girl whose mother is a notorious bandit of the countryside The summary of this book is that Weasel and Arisa travel all over the countryside searching for a bandit named the falcon who ended up turning out to be Arisa s mother And then with the help of the falcon they over threw the ruler of the country and took over making the country better for all This is a fantas [...]

    7. Katya Reimann on said:

      This, simply put, is an excellent trilogy for a YA reader, or a reader who enjoys YA books Adventurous, multi layered, rewarding.A great book, or series of books, to put into the hands of a voracious young reader.

    8. Amanda on said:

      This was a re read Took me a while to get back into it again, but I think it s because I ve read this book several times than the rest of the series and I remembered it so well I was bored Whoops Sorry about that, memory.

    9. Katie on said:

      Super solid interesting fantasy I liked this round of battle books, but I guess they didn t all inspire me to say a lot.

    10. Lyrical Librarian on said:

      This book surprised me I was expecting a typical fantasy young apprentice type with a sketchy past learns a better way and then has to rescue his master, gets help from friends along the way enter the clever don t judge a book by its cover young girl , and eventually learns that his moral compass has been adjusted, that he now cares for what s right, etc It has all of these elements, but it also is a well written treatment on political strife, power, control, and symbolism Bell addresses these t [...]

    11. Lea Carter on said:

      Seen through the eyes of the young male protagonist Weasel, to you , Shield of Stars is an interesting tale, set both in the city and in the country, which in this culture is practically two different worlds Nimble pickpocket turned law clerk, Weasel is firmly of the opinion that he is his own primary responsibility and secondary, etc His rule gets challenged and broken repeatedly as those he feels obligated to are put in danger Realizing he can do nothing to help them by himself, he sets off to [...]

    12. D.L. Morrese on said:

      A street urchin is taken in by a kindly man of means to become his apprentice and ends up in the middle of momentous events It s a common YA story, but I ve seldom seen it done better This one has the typical quasi medieval kind of setting short on tech but long on dirt, poverty, and oppression , but it doesn t rely on magic It does bring in politics, religion, and a bit of economics, making it far relevant to real world concerns than many such stories In addition to the urchin and his kindly m [...]

    13. Charlesp on said:

      Read this with my daughter for an assignment she had and it was pretty good.

    14. Karen Keyte on said:

      It s not hard to figure out what s important to Weasel If you ask him, he s happy to tell you I care about me first, me second, and nobody else That s what he claims, anyway But in truth, Weasel doesn t really feel that way any, even if he won t admit it Three years ago, Weasel tried to pick the pocket of an absent minded old scholar and found himself well and truly caught by one of the most powerful men in Deorthas, Justice Holis Instead of turning Weasel in and possibly see him hang the Justic [...]

    15. Elizabeth on said:

      I was pretty impressed by Shield of Stars It s relatively short, but Bell does a lot with the little that she has, and does it fairly well It s not as instantly gripping as I found Melina Marchetta s Lumatere Chronicles, but it has a charm of its own that I found appealing.Perhaps my biggest quibble with the book was the shield I was left uncertain as to whether the shield was actually magical in itself or it was merely a symbol, granting figurative power rather than literal It s not made clear [...]

    16. Aelvana on said:

      Weasel was a pickpocket until Justice Holis adopted him as a clerk in punishment for picking his pocket When Holis is arrested, Weasel is determined to save him Weasel pursues Falcon, the infamous bandit, for help Falcon is well known as a rebel But will he be able to find Falcon before the guards track him down And even if he does, will Falcon be wiling to help Once again, Bell has presented an extraordinarily complicated tale Weasel may be a criminal, but he s got noble intention than he s go [...]

    17. Gwen the Librarian on said:

      Weasel is a former pickpocket who has been trying to turn himself around as a clerk for Justice Holis Unfortunately, the justice s revolutionary ideas against Regent Pettibone get both of them thrown in jail When they are placed in separate parts of the castle, Weasel lucks out and is locked away with a very resourceful young lady named Arisa who helps him escape from the tower Weasel knows that he is the judge s only hope to avoid hanging and so he sets out to find other revolutionaries in the [...]

    18. Trish on said:

      I m on my way to reading all of Hilari Bell s books This one seems to be character driven I can see the beginnings of the trader character in the Farsala trilogy How much of himself will a former criminal put on the line for his boss Bell likes to man the plot with unlikely heroes and weaves faith and beliefs into the consequences even when they claim to have no religion Each chapter of Shield of Stars begins with a kind of tarot card, and meanings and gods that make up the belief and magic of [...]

    19. Juny on said:

      i quite enjoyed this book I was intrigued to know what would happen next and when I thought the their goal was getting long in coming there was a plot twist or another show of Weasle s skills or Arisa, however I found the author showed of Arisa s skills than Weasle s.They were both interesting characters and I liked them except their conversation was pretty much always focused on the rebellion or their travel plans I know that Weasle was worried about the Justice and all but with all the travel [...]

    20. Sharla on said:

      Quick, fast paced, and entertaining I really enjoyed this story Weasel is a former pickpocket is becomes desperate to save his only friend and mentor when he is captured It had all the elements I love in a book Feisty main characters with real motives and personalities fueling their actions, lots of action, bandits, political intrigue and even a secret passageway What could I ask for I especially enjoyed Weasel s observations and grappling with who and what can be justified as right and wrong D [...]

    21. Alyssa on said:

      I can understand how some people might think this book has a good story, but needs But frankly, there is a reason why it is a series The whole thing combined is a huge infusion of incredible connections that make you stop and say Whoa I can t believe this and then squeal so loud that people start staring Now, the connections don t just start popping up everywhere when you hit the second book They actually don t become incredibly obvious until the second halve of the second book But like I said, [...]

    22. Toastkat on said:

      Hilari Bell once again shows a deft hand at storytelling and world building Readers are given just enough information that they don t get lost in the narrative and symbolism, and enough is left for the imagination that the setting remains interesting through the whole story The foreshadowing and hints are nice touches, taking the form of tarot cards and omens Her characters are well rounded and dynamic, their interactions, personalities, and drives all human and organic The relationship between [...]

    23. Jazmine on said:

      I choose this book because my friend recommended it The book Shield of Stars ,by Hilari Bell, is about a boy named Weasel trying to find a way to save his boss Along the way, he meets a girl named Arisa who helps his try to find the Falcon.While finding the Falcon, Weasel learns a little secret about Arisa My favorite quote in the story is when Arisa said But she never alows hatred to rule her To affect her judgement because it s saying that even though she has hatred inside herself she can stil [...]

    24. Erin Stuhlsatz on said:

      This book was cute and a fast read a perfect break from nonfiction and from being outside in the cold with goats and chickens Pretty typical fantasy story orphan boy was taken in by kind justice when he botches an attempt to pick said justice s pocket Boy becomes clerk and helps justice in attempt against the corrupt regent Justice is caught and boy must go on quest to rescue justice and perhaps save the kingdom Of course, there s also a pretty girl, who happens to be really good at knife fighti [...]

    25. Melinda Brasher on said:

      This is good Everything by Hilari Bell is good My problem is that I love her FARSALA series so much that I m always sort of wishing I were in Farsala as I read her other books.As for Shield of Stars Great setting, with swords and guns and very little magic They have modern laws and tarot cards based on old gods Hilari Bell s a master at world building Slightly contrived plot, based on long shots and coincidence Characters making clever plans and carrying them out in a very entertaining manner, a [...]

    26. Maxine on said:

      The Shield and Stars by Hilari bell is the first book in The Shield, Sword and Crown Trilogy Weasel is the 14 year old law clerk of Justice Holis and a former pickpocket When Justice Holis is arrested for treason, Weasel sets out to rescue him and, in doing so, begins an adventure which takes him from city to country, from the One God to the old religion, to bandits and cutthroats, and, ultimately, to a greater understanding of himself and his newly won conscience.This is a YA fantasy but it is [...]

    27. Ryan on said:

      I nearly didn t read this one but needed what I thought would be light fantasy after two very intensely emotional books and was pleased I did This and 2 were both well done I liked the Tarot called something else, but it was Tarot theme throughout the idea of the static message, the infinite interpretations, the need for context to interpret the message Made me realize that the whole way we look at the Bible is probably wrong She deals with common themes, like loyalty and so forth, but does them [...]

    28. Alex on said:

      When William, or Weasel to his friends, sees his benefactor Justice Holis taken prisoner by the corrupt Regent, he decides that he must free his friend Befriending Arisa, who is than she reveals, Weasel sets out to find the only person he believes who can help free Holis, the bandit Falcon Weasel and Arisa use their wits, their fists and in their journey that leads them around the country side, to the Hidden, and hopefully to the Falcon.A fun, fast read, Bell uses some of her familiar themes a [...]

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