The One Hundredth Thing About Caroline

Lois Lowry

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The One Hundredth Thing About Caroline

The One Hundredth Thing About Caroline By Lois Lowry The One Hundredth Thing About Caroline When their mother starts to date the mystery man on the fifth floor who has been instructed by his agent to eliminate the children by the first of May eleven year old Caroline and her older brother

  • Title: The One Hundredth Thing About Caroline
  • Author: Lois Lowry
  • ISBN: 9780395348291
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The One Hundredth Thing About Caroline By Lois Lowry When their mother starts to date the mystery man on the fifth floor, who has been instructed by his agent to eliminate the children by the first of May, eleven year old Caroline and her older brother figure they re targeted to be the victims of a savage crime.
    The One Hundredth Thing About Caroline By Lois Lowry

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      454 Lois Lowry
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    One thought on “The One Hundredth Thing About Caroline

    1. Susann on said:

      Why, when I was such an Anastasia fan, it took me almost 30 years to read this, I do not know I m very happy NYPL still has a copy, because it s a great book and a wonderful time capsule of the Upper West Side before everyone got priced out of living there I love how Lowry incorporates adult child friendships in so many of her books And she s funny The bit about Caroline speculating about the newlyweds upstairs And the final dinner scene, of course.

    2. Melody on said:

      I m putting this one on my Burton browbeating shelf, even though in truth I had to drag this recommendation from the Burtons with barbed hooks And wow, I m glad I did Unfailingly hilarious, Caroline observes life through her own special lens She s an entirely geeky dinosaur lover who has a wanna be journalist best friend, a mostly obnoxious brother, a wry and observant motheroh, the whole cast of characters here is a delight I chortled and guffawed my way through this, little realizing that whil [...]

    3. Sarah Eagle on said:

      I m very aware that I m about 15 years too old for this book s audience.The premise is very cute The characters, as always in a Lowry book, are authentic, superb and completely believable Their antics are a great blend of what you would expect from a children s crime novel and what you can expect from real siblings in real life The mom is a frazzled, overworked single parent who is entirely believable in a non cliched way, and the plot though slow unfolds in a completely believable way that does [...]

    4. Katie Fitzgerald on said:

      This review of The One Hundredth Thing About Caroline, Switcharound and Your Move, J.P , also appears on my blog, Ever since I finished the Anastasia Krupnik and Sam Krupnik series in 2014, I have been meaning to read of Lois Lowry s older realistic fiction titles When I discovered OpenLibrary during January s Bout of Books read a thon, I searched for some of her books just to see what was available, and found that all three books in her series about the Tate family were there I wound up readin [...]

    5. Mrs. on said:

      Read this book in 6th grade, and I still think about how much I loved it It was the first book I read set in New York City, and it seemed like an amazing place to be a young girl.

    6. Elisheva Rina on said:

      The title has nothing to do with the plot Interesting protagonist but bland story.

    7. Gayle Cappelluti on said:

      While this book was entertaining, I feel it falls short of Lois Lowry s other books It was predictable and kind of silly, but one must keep in mind that this review is coming from a grown woman reading a youngster s book However, I do feel that Ms Lowry is way talented than is revealed in this particular novel Caroline is a young girl who lives on the west side of Manhattan with her older brother and divorced mother She loves dinosaurs and the Museum of Natural History Her best friend, Stacy, l [...]

    8. s.leep on said:

      The One Hundredth Thing About Caroline by Lois Lowry 1983 Caroline Tate lives with her Beastly older brother and her single mother in New York City, dreams of becoming a paleontologist, and hates weird vegetables But when she stumbles onto a neighbor s plot to eliminate the kids in his apartment building using an overdue toxicology book, she and her brother may have to team up to protect themselves.This story is told from Caroline s perspective, and enough information is given right away that ma [...]

    9. Courtenay on said:

      As a child of the 1960 s, I love Lois Lowry books and wonder how I missed them all the first time through Ha Although I knew from eliminate the children what ultimately would happen in this book, how she did it was very interesting to me Clever, funny, a great I know what s going to happen, when will the protagonist figure it out sort of read And the best part I thought I d already read all of her books when I found this one in my fifth grade daughter s school library It s like yearning for a fa [...]

    10. Gale on said:

      JUVENILES JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS This book discusses the dangers of children s overactive imaginations and their natural desire to play detective One new man in the apartment building, two strange letters from an Agent and three snoopy kids plotting to prevent multiple murders maybe even their own The tendency of Caroline s girlfriend to speak in imaginary newspaper headlines is cute It s a fluffy plotline resulting from misconceptions and jumping to conclusions based on circumstantial evidence all [...]

    11. Wendy on said:

      First read this book when I was younger and found it again searching for books for my niece She passed on it but I read it for nostalgia s sake and found I didn t like it as well as I had the first time around Looking at it now the premise seems pretty ridiculous young girl becomes convinced that her mysterious upstairs neighbor is out to murder her and her brother if this was really what was going on this would be one scary book I did still like Caroline and the bits I had remembered liking fro [...]

    12. Emily on said:

      I enjoyed this book as a child, maybe because like Caroline, I was obsessed with dinosaurs As an adult, it s predictable, but still very sweet I especially liked Caroline s relationship with Gregor It must be hard to write an adult child friendship that doesn t come across as vaguely creepy, but I think Lowry succeeds If only all nerdy kids could have adults in their lives who got their interests.

    13. Amber the Human on said:

      Meh So far I have loved Lowry s work, but this one was kind of for children I say that because within the first couple of chapters, when the plot line begins, it is terribly obvious what the twist at the end will be I appreciate the Caroline is really into dinosaurs, and I appreciate that she and her brother have a love hate relationship, but yeah, meh.

    14. laaaaames on said:

      I really like middle grade books by Lowry, because she somehow manages to capture how freaking adorable these kids are without being patronizing at all And like I ve said a million times, I think she writes the very best parents and other adults ever, three dimensional people and not just GROWN UPS.Also, at this point in my career, the twist was pretty funny.

    15. Lisa on said:

      It s about a girl named Caroline and her friend, Stacy who think the upstairs neighbor is a murderer of children They gather clues to try and figure out what he is up to Caroline even involves her brother, JP, who loves electronics he even makes his own electric chair for the neighbor Interesting, I think I d like it if I read it as a child.

    16. Crystal on said:

      I liked this little story about an 11 year old girl and her best friend and her big brother I loved the context of life in the early 80 s Ms Lowry understands kids and their struggles and every book I ve read of hers rings true to me There are lots of great books in the Juvenille section at the library I love picking up books for me while the kids look.

    17. Lisa on said:

      Doesn t matter that I know how the book ends that last page makes me burst out laughing every time Caroline is just as much a personality as Anastasia Krupnik precocious, passionate about her pursuits, and completely uninhibited In short, she s a character for kids and adults alike to admire.

    18. Miranda Summerset on said:

      An okay book for a kid, but if you are older, I don t think you will like it It s a very quick read, and an okay plot There isn t much substance and you don t get attached to the characters or anything and the storyline is just blah I wish there would have been of a mystery than there was

    19. Kricket on said:

      this is such a great book, and caroline is such a great character when i was young i remember wishing i had a passion like hers with the museum in retrospect, i realize that my passion was the library the absolute best part of the book, though, is the ending amazing

    20. Abigail Danfora on said:

      I read The One Hundredth Thing About Caroline when I was 8 or 9, and I remember enjoying it very much It s predictable although it probably wasn t when I read it as a little girl , but cute and unique.

    21. Red Kempf on said:

      A great little book Suspense for the 10 14 age group She reminds me of being little, having read it after thrity, I found it very fun, as a young lass I probably would have thought it quite serious and been very caught up in the story, a can t put down book for children.

    22. Megan Anderson on said:

      Light and fluffy, but ultimately too predictable for my tastes I can see it being popular with elementary school kids, however, and it could be used to teach about foreshadowing Not a bad book by any means, but not as good as Lowry gets.3 5 on here, 6 10 for myself

    23. Theresa on said:

      The One Hundredth Thing About CarolineLowry, Lois learning what you are worth by finding what its important

    24. Aubree Bowling on said:

      breezing thru this old favorite in 2 very pleasant hours made me dig up the second and third in the Tate trilogy and wonder how late I will be up

    25. Danielle on said:

      Set in New York City, this is a silly story about eleven year old Caroline and her friend Stacy who are convinced a neighbor is planning a murder The characters are well written and it s a fun read.

    26. Rachel Piper on said:

      A childhood favorite that still made me giggle The best of the Caroline books.

    27. Reader Girl on said:

      My 9 year old liked this book so much she wanted me to read it, too For me, though, it was nothing special, presumably because I had the foresight to know the plot ending.

    28. Noora on said:

      J lleen kirjastossa ruokatunnilla luettu lapsuuden lempikirja Edelleen siin oli sit tietty vieh tyst j ljell , vaikkei aivan yht hyv ollutkaan kuin silloin 10 vuotta sitten.

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