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A.M. Homes

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The End of Alice

The End of Alice By A.M. Homes The End of Alice From the Orange Prize winning author of May We Be ForgivenOnly a work of such searing meticulously controlled brilliance could provoke such a wide range of visceral responses Here is the incredi

  • Title: The End of Alice
  • Author: A.M. Homes
  • ISBN: 9780684827100
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • The End of Alice By A.M. Homes From the 2013 Orange Prize winning author of May We Be ForgivenOnly a work of such searing, meticulously controlled brilliance could provoke such a wide range of visceral responses Here is the incredible story of an imprisoned pedophile who is drawn into an erotically charged correspondence with a nineteen year old suburban coed As the two reveal and revel in theirFrom the 2013 Orange Prize winning author of May We Be ForgivenOnly a work of such searing, meticulously controlled brilliance could provoke such a wide range of visceral responses Here is the incredible story of an imprisoned pedophile who is drawn into an erotically charged correspondence with a nineteen year old suburban coed As the two reveal and revel in their obsessive desires, Homes creates in The End of Alice a novel that is part romance, part horror story, at once unnerving and seductive.
    The End of Alice By A.M. Homes

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    One thought on “The End of Alice

    1. karen on said:

      i just realized my greg gets three shelf only has one i am a failureeg told me to write a review for this book, and i started to think about it, and realized this is going to be one of those reviews that will reflect poorly upon me when my enthusiasm for the book is weighed up against the subject matter so a warning it is an ungentle book you can stop reading here if you are not into the rough stuff basically, it is about a man in jail for being humbert humbert with a knife his lolita was named [...]

    2. christa on said:

      I ll say one thing for A.M Homes She is one brave writer The End of Alice stars an imprisoned pedophile who has become pen pals with a 19 year old woman who is dabbling in a similar avocation with a boy who is at that in between age where he wants to see a naked girl, but also keeps a collection of his own scabs for snacking on, aged to create different tastes The narrator takes the woman s words, visualizes the scenes, and gets curious and jealous All the while, it s uncertain whether he is inv [...]

    3. FrancoSantos on said:

      El fin de Alice, de Amy Homes, probablemente sea el libro m s grotesco y perturbador que haya le do en mucho tiempo Y esto, aunque pueda generar rechazo, lo considero un gran logro de la autora, que fue capaz de explorar los lugares m s oscuros e inquietantes de la mente humana sin ceder ante lo falso o forzado, con una prosa fascinante Jam s hab a le do un libro que tratara de una manera tan cruda la moralidad, manipulada con filosof a a trav s de un ped filo m s exactamente condenado por hebef [...]

    4. Brian on said:

      Vivid, brutal, unrelenting How does an author inhabit the place necessary to construct a work like this In an interview Homes said, I write the things we don t want to say aloud I d add that she also writes about things we didn t ever want to witness with such intimacy The story is a fictional memoir of a convicted murderer and pedophile His musings are not for the squeamish There were several times when I had to put the book down for a day or two, the imagery as grotesque as a freshly made high [...]

    5. Blair on said:

      The narrator of this book is a convicted paedophile, serving a life sentence in prison He starts to receive letters from a 19 year old girl who believes she is developing a sexual predilection for young boys, and intends to act on this obsession, preying on a neighbour s 12 year old son The End of Alice is the story of both the narrator and the girl, but all of it is seen through the narrator s eyes It is, in fact, difficult to distinguish between what the girl is acually telling the narrator, a [...]

    6. Elaine on said:

      Ok, I get Lolita I get American Psycho even think it might be a work of genius I don t get this one Yet another exploration of the mindset of a truly sick fuck Sections of this book are just gross beyond belief Ok, it s well described but I can t even say the prose uplifts or illuminates or sheds understanding in any way nor does anything stick because it s a phrase that just had to be written The content though if you re looking for something that sickens you to the stomach, this one will do th [...]

    7. Arch on said:

      i don t really understand why this book has so many glowing reviews on this site sure, homes has written this well hence the second star ,but i just don t buy it it seems to me that she just really, REALLY wanted to shock you out of your cozy, middle class, suburban old navy socks with this one she tried excruciatingly hard to crawl under your skin and blow your mind with the depravity of her imagination well, i ll tell you what it s just too obvious that that was her mission i mean, there are s [...]

    8. Orsodimondo on said:

      PROMESSE DA MARINAIOA.M.Homes continua a deludermi il suo terzo libro che leggo, ed la terza volta che rimango deluso Nelle sue parole non sono mai riuscito a trovare quello che aspettavo la quarta di copertina sempre pi ghiotta delle pagine scritte le recensioni, la presentazione cui sono riuscito ad andare, tutto suscita interesse e attesa Ma ogni volta, manca qualcosa e rimane il sapore d amaro In questo senso, La fine di Alice il peggiore dei tre che ho letto la storia di un pedofilo, Chappy [...]

    9. Ruth Turner on said:

      DNFI doff my hat to those readers who managed to finish this book And I m not talking about the storyline It was the writing that did my head in.The author uses words, and words, and words, and even words, to no avail So many words that actually say very little.Here the narrator is speaking of the young woman who is corresponding with him In a case such as this where one has been looking so hard for so long, it is within the range of possibility that a buildup of ocular imaginings exaggerates [...]

    10. Dan on said:

      The obsession of Humbert Humbert, the sexual excesses of de Sade, and the twisted mind of a Hannibal Lecter This book isn t for everyone, but if you can handle those things, it s quite a compelling read Well written and an excellent execution of the unreliable narrator.

    11. Cathy (cathepsut) on said:

      Buddy read with MacHalos And 9 A book that is outside your comfort zone for my 2016 reading challenge At 19% So far mostly boring, unnecessarily verbose, lots of vague introspection Some paragraphs feel like a word game how many expressions for the same thing can I squeeze into one sentence Is that really a sign of good writing Or is the author simple trying too hard to be clever At 32% Odd It s not bad, once the narrative gets going Jumps between her story, his story, his pasts and possible wha [...]

    12. Jennifer on said:

      WARNING HORROR NOVEL EVERY PARENTS NIGHTMARE I just thought I should make that the above very clear.It starts out innocently enough a letter to a prisoner But then the story evolves into something terrible, horrible And lots of gruesome Have I made it clear This book is about a pedophile A old one in prison and a new oneee Your asking why did you read this I do not know I thought oh it is less than 300 pages, it should be a quick read and it will be like a Dateline episode Well, it was a quick r [...]

    13. Patrick on said:

      It s hard for me to give this book a proper review, mainly because it was hard for me to read I d like to say that the reason for this is because of the lurid and explicit detail the author goes into in telling the story of an incarcerated pedophile exchanging letters and depravities with a similarly minded young woman on the outside, and maybe that was part of it, certainly However, than anything else, aside from the graphic nature of the storyline and details therein, it s actually pretty bor [...]

    14. Mel on said:

      Haunting, oftentimes disturbing, sometimes disgusting, and one of the best books I have ever read This book has come to be the book with the most profound impact on me Not just because of the haunting disturbing content, but because the author managed to create a narrator s voice that felt as though he was a real person of flesh and bones speaking to you through the text on each page.Reading the book I felt like I suddenly shrunk and was placed inside a small cage And someone carried me around i [...]

    15. David on said:

      Ew, that was a yucky experience, but why exactly And why is it important that you know that I found it yucky in my opening sentence We re inured to violent images, aren t we Isn t the TV full of suffering On the face of it, why should the thought of child abuse as entertainment be so shocking when it s the premise of so many thrillers and crime novels While I was reading this I was thinking of a horrifying painting by Christiaen van Couwenbergh called Three Young White Men and a Black Woman from [...]

    16. Simply Sam ツ on said:

      I hate books like this How to rate it Should I rate it based on content Because I tell you, there is some messed up stuff here and I in no way approve any of their actions I feel like giving a high rating signals I m okay with pedophiles, rapists, and murderers I m not Just so we re on the same page But I picked up this book knowing it was going to make me squeamish and uncomfortable That was the point To see through the eyes and with the feelings of a person of depraved moral character The unre [...]

    17. Ken on said:

      I picked up this book looking for something uncomfortable to read I certainly found that What I wasn t expecting was a book so well written.5 STARS

    18. Clarissa on said:

      I suppose I picked up this book because I felt something akin to the emotion of having been double dog dared I have read a few of A.M Homes short stories the one that springs to mind is the one about the boy and the barbie doll , and enjoyed them immensely, and greatly admired her writing style and unusual subject matter Like a lot of people whether or not they admit it , I do enjoy being horrified, grossed out, disgusted and mildly traumatized by art Books and movies that people hype as being e [...]

    19. Caro M. on said:

      Have you ever tasted your own scabs No Neither did I, but I guess the aftertaste of this story is alike of those scabs Disturbing and unsettling, the book is extremely well written despite all those literal and metaphorical scabs that made me feel like throwing up quite often, I couldn t stop reading It felt like I entered the house full of stink and I was getting inside only to locate and remove the rotting rat or whatever the stinking object was, while wishing to leave the place immediately wi [...]

    20. Beth on said:

      wow what do I say about this book sighsI hated it I hated the subject matter and honestly didn t think Id ever be able to read it I felt sick at every page turn but you see I admit I am one of those people that just has to push herself past any limit out there, just to say I did it and this well this was one heck of a push If I am honest there a lot of this book I still don t understand and think the words were a little to deep for me like view spoiler in the case of where it s mentioned the gir [...]

    21. Craig Allen on said:

      Another reviewer said this was a great book about terrible things PERFECTLY said This was probably the darkest, most disturbing and so gross in many, many parts stories I ve ever read but it was so well written and paced The main characters are two demented pedophiles, one in prison and one writing to him One male, one female, but both twisted Their letters and stories are obviously grotesque but also a kind of cat and mouse game between them I don t know how to recommend this book without looki [...]

    22. Mónica Mar on said:

      La perversi n suele ser paralela a la norma Nos desviamos porque la norma es aburrida, porque la sordidez de la depravaci n es m s atractiva, m s excitante Pero los l mites existen el l mite moral generalmente se conjuga con el l mite legal Hay un punto, sin embargo, en que la perversi n degenera en abyecci n pura, sin diluir, y la pedofilia es el p ster ideal de este tipo de aberraciones Qu significa sentirse atra do sexualmente por un ni o Esta es una pregunta que nadie, salvo psic logos y neu [...]

    23. RubyTombstone [With A Vengeance] on said:

      As you ve probably guessed by the 5 stars, I loved it Far than I expected to I was particularly impressed with the writing, and that there was plenty of room for interpretation I don t like being spoon fed stories I ve included some of my thoughts below, cobbled together from a Chaos Reading group read that we did in 2014 For the full group discussion, including spoilers, go here topic show What elements in the writing style did you like dislike I loved the frequent alliteration For example p37 [...]

    24. Stela on said:

      I tried to keep an open mind, but I couldn t help comparing the narrative voice with Humbert Humbert s and founding it wanting.A pity, because I quite liked the other Homes novel I read, This Book Will Change Your Life.

    25. Oli on said:

      I think I expected from this book than it could possibly deliver, and as such, I have to take some responsibility for my feelings about it I asked around for people s recommendations about the most disturbing books they ve ever read, and this one came up often.I read reviews here and plot summaries elsewhere, and I think people overhyped it a good bit The book is vulgar and unapologetic, yes, but I think the narrative suffers a good bit because of it At some points I felt the author was simply [...]

    26. Outi on said:

      Absolutely devastating, mind altering, horrifying and wonderful A.M Homes tells a story about convicted pedophile child murderer whose mind seems to spin out of control during his correspondence with a 19 year old girl trying to seduce a 12 year old boy The words and sentences of Homes are so eloquent, so beautiful and yet so utterly disgusting I couldn t stop reading even though at one point I almost had trouble breathing Very cleverly the reader is also a part of the story, made to wonder why [...]

    27. Xenia0201 on said:

      Talk about pushing the buck Holmes has really done it with this one I felt like a little kid sneaking around my parents room reading something I shouldn t My cheeks flushed red with each page I turned as I was almost ashamed to be sucked into such a dark twisted world that was as oddly fascinating as it was repulsive And yet, I couldn t put it down until I was finished almost 5 hours later I want to be clear this wasn t a smutty masturbatory collection of fantasies for child molesters Homes pros [...]

    28. Licha on said:

      I have been wanting to see what all the hype for this book is for a while now I was bored with the majority of the story but unable to not see it through to its end I was disgusted beyond words It would have been easy for the author to handle the subject in a sensitive way, but she chose to push on the envelope of bad taste After a while it felt like she was doing a lot of the disgusting scenes just for shock value There is no rock left unturned here It is graphic for the sake of shock and disgu [...]

    29. Nick on said:

      Homes has earned her reputation as one of the leading literary voices of her generation, based on her exquisite style, her adventuresome structure, and her transgressive subject matter and characters I first encountered her short story about two teen boys whose erotic experimentation goes off kilter, and I swear I couldn t believe it was written by a woman Reviewers of THE END OF ALICE have concentrated on the shocking nature of the characters, a jailed pedophile and his penpal, a college girl w [...]

    30. Katherine on said:

      This book iscreepy Hard core creepy, diving face first into a very hard core subject which is pedophilia A middle aged convict in prison for the murder and abuse of a child who corresponds with a 19 year old girl who s trying to seduce a young boy in her neighborhood Dark If reading about this sort of subject is too much for you then don t read it because the book gets graphic and takes a full dive of what goes into the minds of those sorts of predators The main character is a very intriguing ma [...]

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