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Paul Jenkins Jae Lee

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The Inhumans

The Inhumans By Paul Jenkins Jae Lee The Inhumans With humanity at their very doorstep the Inhumans fall under vicious attack and discover that their greatest enemy lies within

  • Title: The Inhumans
  • Author: Paul Jenkins Jae Lee
  • ISBN: 9780785107538
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Inhumans By Paul Jenkins Jae Lee With humanity at their very doorstep, the Inhumans fall under vicious attack, and discover that their greatest enemy lies within.
    The Inhumans By Paul Jenkins Jae Lee

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      268 Paul Jenkins Jae Lee
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      Posted by:Paul Jenkins Jae Lee
      Published :2020-01-21T15:23:25+00:00

    One thought on “The Inhumans

    1. Sud666 on said:

      Inhumans by Paul Jenkins covers a group that I don t often run into the Inhumans on Attilan Led by their silent king, Black Bolt his whisper can level mountains the Inhumans thrive by the mutations caused by the Terrigen Mists It helps them to unlock their genetic code and become something else.But it turns out all is not well in Inhuman society Black Bolts brother is brilliant but a complete maniac The Alpha Primitive work force is restive A young Inhuman, Woz, undegoes the Terrigen mists and c [...]

    2. Terence on said:

      Welcome to Attilanhome of the Inhumans It is currently located in the former location of Atlantis causing problems with undersea Prince Namor and nearby neighbors who covet their technology Attilan and the Inhumans also have in house problems thanks to the one and only Maximus the Mad, brother of Inhuman King Black Bolt.This short miniseries of Inhumans provides an in depth view of their society from the monarchy, terrigenesis, and the alpha primitives It gives a nice view of the royal family an [...]

    3. Bil on said:

      Inhumans by Paul Jenkins collects twelve issues of the Marvel Knights book, a mature line from the Marvel comic franchise Jenkins immersed me to the world of the Inhumans, a race of superhumans formed from the Terrigen Mist.The artwork usually commands my overall mood in reading comic books but that was not the case in this series I had to adjust to Jae Lee s style Contrasts were darker and the outlines were defined but sometimes appear to be over the top.Like any other essential issues, Inhum [...]

    4. Mike on said:

      Does anyone remember the Guide To The Marvel Universe series from the 80 s the encyclopedia of images, power sets and plot histories that Sir Stan convinced us collectors we had to have as loyal Marvel Zombies This book feels like an appendix chapter I feel like I ve been through a remedial class in Inhumans, disguised as a story with a plot.The book is both frustrating and satisfying It takes forever to get to the point of his story , which is to say I think Jenkins is uninterested in dramatics [...]

    5. Sophie on said:

      Do you know that feeling when you pick up a new book and you read the first page and you get goosebumps all over because this is better than you thought it might be And then you read the whole book and you re NOT disappointed It s an all too rare feeling, but that s definitely the case with me and this book.After reading some comics where the Inhumans appeared mostly in the background, and especially after seeing some posts on tumblr, I decided to give this book a try And boy, am I glad I did, b [...]

    6. Rory Wilding on said:

      When it comes to Marvel superheroes, most of them are flawed outcasts whether it is the X Men as mutants are often victims of prejudice or even Spider Man who is seen as a public menace whilst his alter ego is a nerd targeted by bullies In the case of the Inhumans, who made their introduction in the pages of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby s Fantastic Four, they are a race of superhumans, conceived by the Kree empire, who primarily and deliberately distance themselves from the horrors of humanity, whils [...]

    7. Anthony on said:

      Jenkins and Lee together craft a story of family, monarchy and betrayal, while also establishing a status quo for the Inhumans that would see them through the next decade of Marvel Comics.Maximus, brother of Black Bolt, betrays his kind in order to take his brothers throne It s a plot that s played out slowly by Jenkins, taking a few issues to come to fruition Jenkins has 12 issues in total to play with here, but he still doesn t rush into anything First he establishes his concept for the Inhuma [...]

    8. Becky on said:

      I feel like I m Jack Donaghy Because this was boring I m bored now The plot was entirely meh, the art was visually unappealing to me and seemed dated Oooo shadows oooo shiny female appendagesblahhhhh I couldve gotten over the art honestly if the story was compelling, but it was lackluster Only at one point did I care what was happening and that was when Triton was flashing back to watching a ship sink The was some deep stuff The rest was just sort of emo ish and convoluted.

    9. Dan on said:

      I thought I would like this because it is Marvel s mature line Marvel Knights but it was so underwhelming and lost my interest.

    10. Nicholas on said:

      So spurred by the success and general likability of Marvel s phase two slate of films with the promise of even better things to come, I ve finally decided to go directly to the sources A caveat for all the reviews to follow on this shelf I m a lifelong, die hard DC fan who s had little or no interest in any of the Marvel titles beyond the occasional Spider Man story here or there I m woefully ignorant of the company s major events and figures and this is my attempt to rectify things I got myself [...]

    11. Kurt on said:

      I had high hopes for this series because of all the positive reviews, and it met them all Jae Lee s art is beautiful, as usual, especially with the bizarrely shaped characters, and I love the way he puts so much emotion into Lockjaw s face Lee keeps things visually moody and atmospheric in a perfect complement to the written story Jenkins tells The simple story is that humans attack the protected city of Attilan, and nasty things go on during the siege It could have been efficiently told in fou [...]

    12. Travis Duke on said:

      12 issues of some serious story telling Dont expect to laugh or smile during this pretty dark book, its a heavy story in a watchmen sort of way The inhumans are on earth in a protective bubble that has been revealed to the world Its your classic are they friend of enemy story that revolves around black bolts decision to act against the humans Maximus, black bolt s brother is imprisoned and is not to happy with his position All hell breaks loose as the humans take action against the inhumans and [...]

    13. Natalie on said:

      Another reread for me There s nothing about this story that I don t like It s one of those great instances where story and art mesh together amazingly well I also have the motion comic for this, that I also recommend.

    14. Matthew on said:

      To check out my reviews dancinginth3darkI love superheroes Ever since I discovered Superman, Batman, X Men, and Spider Man as a child, I ve always wonder how cool it was to have special abilities and fighting villains in order to protect the Earth As a child I never knew the difference between DC and Marvel and at first hand I haven t seen the supposed feud between these two rivals but my interest around comics grew once Marvel made the Iron Man film with the talented Robert Downey Jr.For years [...]

    15. Paul on said:

      I went into this thinking I wouldn t really care for it, but somehow I got hooked quickly The art really set the tone for this story it was my first real read based on the Inhumans, a set of characters I never really cared about until now I wanted to read this ahead of the War of Kings storyline as I ll finally be reading the entirety of the DnA cosmic saga starting with Annihilation soon Back to this story I found the interactions between the royal family to be quite interestingtense at times, [...]

    16. Anıl Serif on said:

      Paul Jenkins n yazar, Jae Lee nin izer olarak kar m za kt seri olan Inhuman Marvel Knights 12 say l k s ren bir seri ve ger ekten Marvel n okunmas gereken serilerinden biri bence 12 say boyunca terrigen olay n , nhuman toplum yap s n , d nyan n onlara duydu u endi e ve tepki, k k solo hikayesi ile s kmayan bir 12 say l k macera K saca Inhuman nedir,kimdir diyen arkada lara bu seriyi tavsiye ederim.

    17. Andy Zell on said:

      It was pretty good, about characters I don t know well at all I mostly read it as background info for Saladin Ahmed s Black Bolt series which I plan to read soon.

    18. Matthew Quann on said:

      In order to get ready for the oncoming Inhumans movie from Marvel Studios though the inhumans look like they will be making an appearance on Agents of SHIELD first , I decided to give this rendition of the quirky Marvel heroes a shot Inhumans mostly feature as supporting characters in some great Avengers, FF and X men stories, but the push to popularize them now doesn t bother me at all, in fact, I think it is time for the Inhumans, in all their weirdness, to take the comic world by storm But ba [...]

    19. Fernando Gálvez on said:

      Una bomba que se contiene en su explosi n la cual llega muy suave al final A pesar de presentar una estructura que permite conocer otros matices emocionales de la familia real de Attilan la historia se vuelve anticlim tica N mero a n mero la tensi n aumenta prometiendo un desenlace cuyas consecuencias debieran ser devastadoras mas solo deja claro que la confianza, pilar fundamental de cualquier tipo de relaci n, es la nica que sufre da os severos quedando la duda en el aire si, con el tiempo, po [...]

    20. guanaeps on said:

      A heralded run that is worthy of its praise Paul Jenkins creates this deep, dank, grimy, multi layered narrative that stares deep into the soul of humanity through inhumanity Lee s moody, freaky artwork creates this alien feel to the book, his midnight inks painting everything in shadow The story revolves around the idea of a mirror, looking into ourselves mental inquiries, unanswerable questions that we ve all found ourselves asking Jenkins sows this deep within many threads, fleshing out the w [...]

    21. Noetic_Hatter on said:

      It s really a fantastic tale about politics and betrayal Family and trust Tradition and modernity Love and loneliness It s a story that might have been an issue or two too long, but it kind of builds suspense in the same way the characters experience it I have never cared about the Inhumans before, apart from a cool issue of Dazzler where she absorbs Blackbolt s sound to be able to stop Absorbing Man But that was just cool This book made me interested enough in these people to consider ordering [...]

    22. Paul on said:

      I read the Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee Inhumans run from 1998 1999 on Marvel Unlimited This is the start of my Marvel read through as this is a good place to start for the modern Marvel storylines I enjoyed this and knowing nothing about Inhumans was perfectly fine, I caught on rather quickly Humans are attacking the Inhuman city known as Attilan Inhumans are individuals that evolve from the terrigen mist into diversely different creatures with strong powers They are basically what the ancient worl [...]

    23. Jennifer on said:

      Although this tries too hard at times to be deep and gritty, and I m not a huge fan of the pencils appreciate the layouts and visual storytelling, though , I yhought that this was good I had empathy for the characters as they were experiencing the hardships of facing the threat of extinction, yet still trying to do the right thing While it seems there are sometimes too many dystopian themes thrown together, and they don t seem as fresh as they probably did during the original run, I appreciated [...]

    24. Praxedes on said:

      This captivating graphic novel exposes one of the most enigmatic families of the Marvel Universe, the Inhumans The plot chronicles their elaborate response to an unprovoked human attack on their city island what I liked best was the in depth look into the main characters, some of the obscure in Marvel The novel touches upon several societal issues, such as isolationism, slavery, and the rights of rulers who are answerable to no one Filled with theatrics and action, this is a terrific book Highl [...]

    25. Feather Mista on said:

      La idea, ambientaci n general y dibujo son buen simas, pero el tomo en s se me hizo muy leeeento, y aunque la pas bien ley ndolo, no se me fue la sensaci n de que alg n que otro cap tulo estaba de m s Adem s, la resoluci n del plot se da gracias a un elaborado plan por parte de los Inhumanos ep nimos que no tiene demasiado sentido que digamos Pero, tecnicismos al margen, no hay duda de que Jenkins y Lee forman una gran dupla, que espero poder reencontrarme en El Vig a, si es que me cruzo con el [...]

    26. Nitasha on said:

      I ve never read anything with Black Bolt before this, but the complexity of his character really makes me want to read Also, the art is just perfect Ugh, the way Medusa s hair was illustrated though I can t with my admiration.

    27. Mike on said:

      Well thought out, avoiding many of the cliches of comics where the hero talks peace but has to resort to strength of arms to solve every problem.I ll be re reading this soon I think

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