Footprints Under the Window

Franklin W. Dixon

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Footprints Under the Window

Footprints Under the Window By Franklin W. Dixon Footprints Under the Window Footprints Under the Window Hardy Boys Book

  • Title: Footprints Under the Window
  • Author: Franklin W. Dixon
  • ISBN: 9780448089126
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Footprints Under the Window By Franklin W. Dixon Footprints Under the Window Hardy Boys, Book 12
    Footprints Under the Window By Franklin W. Dixon

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      495 Franklin W. Dixon
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    One thought on “Footprints Under the Window

    1. Michael Finocchiaro on said:

      Working out way chronologically through the Hardy Boys books with my son, we were a little disappoint on how Footprints started but we loved where the story took us This time it is primarily Frank, Joe, and Chet working together in Bayport and travelling to Guyane to bust a spy ring It is especially fast paced towards the end with lots of gripping twists and turns and the inevitable teaser for the next book On to 13

    2. bup on said:

      I read the 1933 edition, which is very different from the revised 1965 edition In fact, the cover of the book shown is wrong There are not tropical settings and no army guys in the book I read.But there sure are cringingly terrible racist stereotypes about Chinese people If you want to read a novel for kids that literally has phrases like diabolical, yellow face, have I got a book for you The mystery begins with the boys needing to get laundry done in a hurry, because Aunt Gertrude is coming So [...]

    3. Edward Davies on said:

      The Hardy s seem to have a problem with gentlemen who would be described as swarthy , aka foreign Apparently all foreigners are criminals in their eyes, and it s sad to say that the books do tend to reflect that They are definitely of their time, but their still mildly entertaining in a comical way.

    4. Jerry on said:

      More excitement, adventure, and mystery from this beloved series.

    5. Jackson on said:

      this hardy boys was a different one the title for a start is very misleading for the point that is no beach or people jumping off a board for what i can remember also the title footprints under the window is odd because there is no window in the cover pic all in all this is a very fast paced book.

    6. Karawan on said:

      Holy racism, Batman This is the original edition published in the early 1930s and it hasn t aged well There s quite a bit that readers today will find jarring at best, and really offensive at worst Here are some examples many of the characters are Chinese and are constantly referred to as Chinamen and Orientals, which may perhaps have been accepted in 1933 but is definitely not now the Chinese characters speak over the top broken English with every r replaced by an l and this speech is mocked in [...]

    7. Catherine Woodman on said:

      The classic boy detectives by Frank Dixon I read ALL of them in my younger years, one I ran out of Nancy Drew books The Hardy Boys are brother amateur detectives, aspiring to follow in their famous father s footsteps Frank Hardy is the elder of the two and has dark hair Joe Hardy is the younger brother, and has blond hair and blue eyes The stories are an unaging series, in which Frank and Joe are always 18 and 17 years of age, respectively In the original series the brothers were a younger 16 an [...]

    8. Colton on said:

      Holy racism, Batman Which Asian stereotype would you like to see today The evil, mustachioed villain The feminine young boy The wise old laundrymanAll of them are here, plus endless Pidgin English speak and even a scene where Frank Hardy does yellowface Can you tell this book was written in the 1930s When the HB series was updated in the 60s, this story was completely scrapped and re written, and it s not hard to see why When I read this as a kid, I didn t really notice any of these unfortunate [...]

    9. Samir on said:

      Has your father ever gone missing If so then you should read this book It s about a company that builds the world s best telescope and a group of criminals tries to steal the designs In the process the boy s dad disappears while trying to stop them It s exciting.

    10. Elizabeth Castro on said:

      What should have been a fun mystery for Frank and Joe Hardy to solve became an unreadable mess for me It feels like Footprints Under the Window has less of a story line than the other books, and Franklin W Dixon spends at least half of the book bashing Chinese people.After slogging my way through the first half of the book, I wondered if the author had even met any people of Chinese descent The annoying speech patterns he gave each and every Chinese person became unbearable Lookee heree Allee se [...]

    11. Aaron White on said:

      It was fine, but though all Hardy Boys books do this this volume seemed to specifically and constantly rely on the boys just happening to be someplace which they hadn t traveled to to search for clues at the exact right time for something to happen to give them the clues they needed There were all 3 other adults working full time to solve the case and came up with nothing throughout the entire book Not as good as some of the others.

    12. Ethan Hulbert on said:

      Footprints Under the Window, uh wow Did not age well There s a reason the revised version of this story is a totally different story The original is all about Chinese stereotypes and it s pretty bad now Otherwise not a bad mystery or anything, but ehhhhh.

    13. Peter on said:

      The Hardy Boys unwittingly stumble upon freedom fighters fighting an repressive regime off the coast of Latin America, and a treasonable capitalist ratchets up the suspense in this rip roaring tale of international intrigue and espionage.

    14. Jane Irish Nelson on said:

      This is a review of the original 1933 story, not the later revision See below for a review of the revision.The mystery begins when Frank and Joe head to the docks to meet their Aunt Gertrude, who is arriving by boat Mr and Mrs Hardy are away, and the boys had had to hurriedly clean the house before their aunt s arrival But they are surprised when she does not appear Their interest is piqued by a young man looking for the phone booth especially when he dials their number But nothing is quite what [...]

    15. Frank on said:

      I sat down and reread the OT version of Footprints today and I must say that I really enjoyed it The copy I read has the Gretta dust jacket which lists to Lost Tunnel so I would guess this is about a 1950 edition the year I was born I know I read this book as a kid but I don t remember anything about it My older brother had a near complete set of Hardy books and I devoured these in the early 60s I think I acquired my current copy through ebay or from a used book store Anyway, as I said, I really [...]

    16. Laura Verret on said:

      Footprints under a window SOUNDS DANGEROUS.The Story When Frank and Joe head down to the Bayport docks to pick up their Aunt Gertrude from her extended vacation, they are shocked to see a man dive overboard from the Northerly, and even surprised when he runs away frightened from their help leaving behind him only the mysterious words, Footprints will get What is the story behind the man and why was he so terrified And does his disappearance have anything to do with the security leaks at the top [...]

    17. Jeremiah on said:

      Entry 1 The protagonists are the Hardy s and Chet The antagonists are Posada, Mr Ricardo aka Manuel Bedoya, Posada s head spy, Rodriguez, Walton,Greber, and Decker Entry 2 The setting is where t he case leads the sleuths The point of view is third person The the,me is always suspect the worse.Entry 3 When Micro Eye Has an internal security leak Frank and Joe pitch in on the mystery They succeed in stopping Posada from getting the top secret American satellite camera.

    18. Mary Lou Hoffman on said:

      When I was about 10 or 11, my mother signed me up for a book of the month club Every month, I received two Nancy Drew or two Hardy Boys books Every month, they were both read in a week and I was asking when the next book would be there I thank my mother for recognizing and encouraging my love of reading.

    19. Kristofer on said:

      or, The Hardy Boys vs Fidel Castro , in which the people of Bayport are bad at geography, even worse at Spanish, Aunt Gertrude gets jungle fever and Mr and Mrs Hardy still aren t home.Theory Fenton and Laura Hardy are, in fact, Lamont Cranston and Margot Lane I d dig that morally fraught crossover.

    20. Meadow Frisbie on said:

      When the Micro Eye works on a special prodject that could benifit the whole country There is a secrutiy leak and planed attacks on the organazation THe Hardy boys jump on the case and even get to go to a small bunch of islands of the coast of South America.

    21. Caryn on said:

      Not my favorite Hardy Boys book I couldn t really get into it Oh well, theres about a hundred or so of them that I may like

    22. Sharon on said:

      I don t specifically remember many of the Hardy Boys books, Ijust know that I loved to read them as a kid.

    23. Jonathan on said:

      My favortie of all the Hardy Boys books Frank and Joe are on yet another case and the mystery is wilder than ever

    24. Tracey L.H. on said:

      Of course I read this as a kid I just list the books because it provided me a badly needed outlet Besides, I loved to figure out the mysteries

    25. Fredrick Danysh on said:

      When Frank and Joe Hardy s detective father disappears, they investigate a plot to steal a secret instrument intended for the US space program.

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