Dagboek van een Chinees meisje

Ma Yan Pierre Haski Nini Wielink

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Dagboek van een Chinees meisje

Dagboek van een Chinees meisje By Ma Yan Pierre Haski Nini Wielink Dagboek van een Chinees meisje Wanneer de Franse journalist Pierre Haski tijdens zijn reis door China het dorpje Zhang Jia Shu bezoekt krijgt hij van een vrouw een bundeltje papieren in handen gedrukt Het zijn de dagboekaantekenin

  • Title: Dagboek van een Chinees meisje
  • Author: Ma Yan Pierre Haski Nini Wielink
  • ISBN: 9789069745152
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dagboek van een Chinees meisje By Ma Yan Pierre Haski Nini Wielink Wanneer de Franse journalist Pierre Haski tijdens zijn reis door China het dorpje Zhang Jia Shu bezoekt, krijgt hij van een vrouw een bundeltje papieren in handen gedrukt Het zijn de dagboekaantekeningen van de dertienjarige Ma Yan, waarin zij schrijft dat ze niet meer naar school kan omdat haar ouders het schoolgeld niet meer kunnen opbrengen Ma Yan heeft zelfs vijftienWanneer de Franse journalist Pierre Haski tijdens zijn reis door China het dorpje Zhang Jia Shu bezoekt, krijgt hij van een vrouw een bundeltje papieren in handen gedrukt Het zijn de dagboekaantekeningen van de dertienjarige Ma Yan, waarin zij schrijft dat ze niet meer naar school kan omdat haar ouders het schoolgeld niet meer kunnen opbrengen Ma Yan heeft zelfs vijftien dagen niet gegeten om van het geld dat ze op deze manier spaarde een pen te kopen en zo haar noodkreet op papier te kunnen zetten Haski, die diep geraakt wordt door het verhaal van dit jonge meisje, besluit zich het lot van Ma Yan aan te trekken Ma Yans dagboek schetst een ontroerend beeld van het leven van een Chinees meisje dat wordt beheerst door verdriet, hoop en vreugde, maar vooral honger.
    Dagboek van een Chinees meisje By Ma Yan Pierre Haski Nini Wielink

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      471 Ma Yan Pierre Haski Nini Wielink
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    One thought on “Dagboek van een Chinees meisje

    1. Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) on said:

      For most in the first world it s hard to remember or even realise that for an enormous proportion of the world s children, even a basic education is a privilege or indeed an impossible dream Ma Yan s diary is a testament to this given the most basic education in a school without even a library, she dreams of an ideal job in her future that will release her parents from grinding poverty and back breaking labour The Communist training shows through in her constant self criticism, making her believ [...]

    2. Meg on said:

      This is one of those cases where the story is AMAZING, the book itself is decent Ma Yan s STORY is inspiring, heartbreaking, and in many ways unbelievable to us pampered ones We just can t fathom surviving on a single bowl of rice a day, owning only one change of clothes, spending months at a time without parents while they travel far away in search of work, suffering merciless beatings at the hands of teachers, walking five hours to school in the snow, of course , living in a one room house in [...]

    3. Kenneth Zhu on said:

      I decided to read this book because I thought this book will be interesting for me to read Also, this book looks so attracting to me that I want to read it I think this book will let me write a good review and use the time precisely without wasting the time and it will let me finish the book as soon as possible.This book will fit the category of A diary, autobiography or biography because this book is a diary book This book will tell us what is happening in their lifetime as they are living in t [...]

    4. Krista the Krazy Kataloguer on said:

      Every teacher should read this and share it with their students We take education here for granted, but in some countries it s something you have to work hard for This is an inspiring story I couldn t put it down.

    5. Jenn on said:

      I couldn t imagine being that poor Or being that hungry Or having to endure physical abuse from the teachers and mental abuse from my mother Yet still feel the need to be top of the class and prove that mother and father s hard work is not in vain I m glad she made a large amount of money off the book, transitioned the lives of her family and is able to help other Chinese girls attend school when they otherwise would have been left to work the lands.

    6. TheLibraryOfSarah on said:

      I admire Ma Yan as a person so much Through her true diary entries she reveals her dreams of making it through her education and getting a good career to get her family out of poverty You can t help but love and root for this girl She has such determination, she s constantly saying how she must continue to work harder and harder in her studies She s not the best in her class, but she has SUCH a strong work ethic.Ma Yan is so selfless, she wants than anything to ease the suffering of her poverty [...]

    7. Rana Ansari on said:

      While fiction is fabricated from beginning to end, and nonfiction is generally sensationalized, this is the raw and unedited diary of a thirteen year old Chinese girl revealing her constant struggle to get an education despite the minimal resources, harsh conditions, and grinding poverty Her everyday life no matter how sad and trying, her inscribes in the diary are invariably filled with hope, zeal, and determination.

    8. Stephanie on said:

      Reading this in preparation for a regional summit in which my students are participating The book is a little boring, but the issues it raises are good and will hopefully compel my students to appreciate their own eduction.

    9. Anne Marshall on said:

      Heartbreaking and yet hopeful Really well written and the results of her book sale are wonderful

    10. Megan Anderson on said:

      This is one of those stories where you wonder if serendipity really does exist Pierre Haski, the man who originally translated and published Ma Yan s diaries in a newspaper, was really just there to take some photos of backwater China, which in 2002 had barely changed in hundreds of years Ma Yan s mother was the one who actually gave him the diaries, and he said when he read them, he knew he had to do something to help the teenager achieve her dreams.The diaries cover only a few months of two di [...]

    11. Andy Raptis on said:

      Nothing really great in literary terms, but what do you expect from a thirteen year old girl There are also some annoying inserts by the French editor which interrupt the flow of the main story.There is also a very good film adaption which didn t do well in terms of distribution It seems that the makers of the film forgot to secure the copyrights that s why the plot is much different from that of the book As a matter of fact its a much accomplished work than the published diary Definitely worth [...]

    12. Biow Tout cho on said:

      Une immersion dans les steppes chinoises la fa on d un rendez vous en terre inconnue On S y plonge volontiers avec Ma Yan m me si son quotidien extr mement dur donne parfois envie de laisser le livre de c t pour retourner a ses occupations confortables La vie devient simple et rudimentaire, et une fois fini notre quotidien nous appara t chatoyant et plein de douceur c t d une vie chinoise bien rude la campagne.

    13. Lisa on said:

      Very good Hand this book to your kids when they start complaining about anything.

    14. Ellie on said:

      It was a very informative book that helped me understand how good I have it It taught me to appreciate and to spend less on pointless things.

    15. acuriouslibrarian on said:

      An insightful and at times heartbreaking look into the realities of growing up in rural China.

    16. Brian on said:

      Short, quick easy read.Amazing how much struggle this girl and her family endured for her to have an education.Very eye opening as to how life is for people in this remote, rural part of China.

    17. Kim on said:

      De Franse journalist Pierre krijgt tijdens een bezoek aan een Chinees plattelandsdorpje een brief en bladzijden uit een dagboek in zijn handen geduwd Later blijkt dat de 13 jarige Ma Yan de schrijfster hiervan is Via haar dagboekaantekeningen komen we meer te weten over haar leven op het Chinese platteland en hoe moeilijk dit vaak is De burgers van het platteland zijn een beetje de vergeten groep De woon en werkomstandigheden zijn slecht, net als het onderwijs en de gezondheidszorg Ook is er vee [...]

    18. Elizabeth on said:

      The Diary of Ma Yan, by Ma Yan and Pierre Haski, is the story of a teenage girl living in a remote area of China Her diaries were given to a French journalist as he traveled through her remote village in northern China In her journal, which was translated from its original Mandarin, into French, and later English, Yan tells of her quest for an education Her Muslim family is desperately poor and raising the funds to attend school requires extreme sacrifice for her parents If Ma Yan quits school, [...]

    19. Jonathan H on said:

      I believe Ma Yan s message in The Diary of Ma Yan is that education and a hard ethic work is the only way out of poverty and starvation This novel takes place in the rural area of Ningxia China during the early 2000s Ningxia is home to the Hui people, a minority in China The Hui people are Chinese Muslim opposed to the other religions in China The Diary of Ma Yan is told through the eyes of the ambitious young schoolgirl, Ma Yan Ma Yan s family is extremely poor and don t have regular meals Her [...]

    20. Dewiyani on said:

      Buku ini ditransformasikan dari buku harian seorang gadis kecil bernama Ma Yan Sayang ada bagian yg hilang dari buku harian tersebut karena telah berubah menjadi asap Yeah menjadi asap karena Ma Dongji, ayah Ma Yan, mempunyai kebiasaan membuat rokok lintingan dari buku buku anaknya yg sudah tidak terpakai.Ma Yan tinggal di desa terpencil di negri Cina Setiap minggu Ma Yan dan saudara laki lakinya harus menempuh jarak sejauh 7 mil dengan berjalan kaki menuju sekolah mereka dimana mereka tinggal d [...]

    21. Amber Garabrandt on said:

      Minor spoiler alert I honestly can t say what made me pick up The Diary or Ma Yan, but I am so glad I did It really illuminates the differences in culture what we take for granted here in America is what they dream of An education, in her small village in China Zhangjuashu , can very much be the difference between starvation and hope for a happy life Coming from a peasant upbringing, she sees her parents and grandparents working constantly, back breaking work in the fields Throughout the diary i [...]

    22. Linnea McGowan on said:

      Miss Heather suggested I read this book because she loved it but I must admit that it didn t touch me the same way I can see how this would be very powerful for people who have not been exposed to it, but sadly, I have been I am very familiar with the give and take of the Chinese parents and students, and how much pressure the students put of themselves to be the best I am very familiar with telling my former students that I m so proud of how much they have been learning, that the grade doesn t [...]

    23. Harun Harahap on said:

      Buku Harian Ma Yan ini ditulis oleh Pierre HaskiPierre Haski menerima buku ni dari Bai Juhua, Ibunda Ma Yan, saat ia mengunjungi ningxiabuku ini tentang perjuangan Keluarga Ma Yanuntuk bertahan hidup dan melanjutkan sekolah.rka sangatlah miskin namun mereka mempunyai keyakinan kalau pendidikan adalah sesuatu hal yang sangat penting.ka berkat kerja keras sang ayah, Ma Dongshi, dan ibunya, Bai JuhuaMa yan bisa terus bersekolahka mencari Fa Caian cara ilegal dan mesti pergi berminggu2 dan tidur di [...]

    24. Hayley on said:

      WHAT THE BOOK WAS ABOUT It was Ma Yan s diary so it was pretty much just about her life Several times she was concerned she wouldn t be able to ever go to school again, several times she s starving of hunger, and her mother is sick The book is really cool and it s really neat how it teaches you a lot about China.WHAT I LIKED ABOUT THE BOOK I liked that it was real and how it taught me about China, mostly Chinese currency The publishers also stopped the diary every once in a while to explain some [...]

    25. Sara on said:

      Breve, ma toccante, con tanto di risvolto finale lieto e in bocca al lupo per il tuo futuro, Ma Yan Il diario la segue per un breve periodo, ma rende perfettamente l idea della povert , delle condizioni di vita a casa e a scuola e dei rapporti familiari e sociali Domina un gran senso del dovere ed un profondo rispetto nei confronti dei genitori, la madre in particolare Verso di lei Ma Yan prova un affetto struggente, la pensa in continuazione e desidererebbe con tutto il cuore ricevere un compli [...]

    26. Tasia on said:

      The Diary of Ma Yan is a very insightful, beautiful read Fighting against hunger and poverty, along with traditional mindsets and the discouraging opinions of family members, Ma Yan successfully rises above her adversity to achieve her dream of furthering her education and providing for her family.However, now, we need to take this with a grain of salt.According to those running the organization for the children of Ningxia, China has changed since this book was published Though Ma Yan became a p [...]

    27. Dina P. on said:

      Buku ini bercerita tentang kisah nyata Ma Yan, seorang anak perempuan petani penggarap yang sangat miskin di sebuah desa yang juga sangat miskin di pelosok Cina Dan di Cina yang budaya patriarkinya masih tinggi, Ma Yan yang merupakan anak perempuan satu satunya harus terus menerus dihantui ancaman berhenti sekolah karena biayanya terlalu tinggi.Tapi Ma Yan dan orang tuanya, terutama ibunya, tidak pernah menyerah Mereka terus bekerja keras di ladang sampai berminggu minggu demi mendapatkan uang u [...]

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