Alice: Princess Andrew of Greece

Hugo Vickers

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Alice: Princess Andrew of Greece

Alice: Princess Andrew of Greece By Hugo Vickers Alice Princess Andrew of Greece In at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II Princess Alice was dressed from head to foot in a long gray dress and a gray cloak and a nun s veil Amidst all the jewels and velvet and coronets a

  • Title: Alice: Princess Andrew of Greece
  • Author: Hugo Vickers
  • ISBN: 9780312302399
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alice: Princess Andrew of Greece By Hugo Vickers In 1953, at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Alice was dressed from head to foot in a long gray dress and a gray cloak, and a nun s veil Amidst all the jewels, and velvet and coronets, and the fine uniforms, she exuded an unworldly simplicity Seated with the royal family, she was a part of them, yet somehow distanced from them Inasmuch as she is remembere In 1953, at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Alice was dressed from head to foot in a long gray dress and a gray cloak, and a nun s veil Amidst all the jewels, and velvet and coronets, and the fine uniforms, she exuded an unworldly simplicity Seated with the royal family, she was a part of them, yet somehow distanced from them Inasmuch as she is remembered at all today, it is as this shadowy figure in gray nun s clothes Princess Alice, mother of Prince Phillip, was something of a mystery figure even within her own family She was born deaf, at Windsor Castle, in the presence of her grandmother, Queen Victoria, and brought up in England, Darmstadt, and Malta.In 1903 she married Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, and from then on her life was overshadowed by wars, revolutions, and enforced periods of exile By the time she was thirty five, virtually every point of stability was overthrown Though the British royal family remained in the ascendant, her German family ceased to be ruling princes, her two aunts who had married Russian royalty had come to savage ends, and soon afterwards Alice s own husband was nearly executed as a political scapegoat.The middle years of her life, which should have followed a conventional and fulfilling path, did the opposite She suffered from a serious religious crisis and at the age of forty five was removed from her family and placed in a sanitarium in Switzerland, where she was pronounced a paranoid schizophrenic As her stay in the clinic became prolonged, there was a time where it seemed she might never walk free again How she achieved her recovery is just one of the remarkable aspects of her story.
    Alice: Princess Andrew of Greece By Hugo Vickers

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    One thought on “Alice: Princess Andrew of Greece

    1. ^ on said:

      What a very challenging biography this must have been to write, yet how very interesting and rewarding it must have been to research Alice, Princess Andrew of Greece was both a beautiful young lady, and a truly remarkable woman I repeatedly found myself asking the question, Could I have coped cope with as much change in my life as she experienced in hers Having to date lived a largely straightforward and settled life, that question becomes absurd and perfectly impossible to answer.The four famil [...]

    2. Richard Bartholomew on said:

      Remembered today as Prince Philip s mother if at all , Alice was born in Windsor Castle and died in Buckingham Palace although she lived for much of her life in Greece and for a few years as a prisoner in European mental institutions Her final resting place is Jerusalem.Vickers comfortably guides us through the various factors in Alice s life her many royal and aristocratic relations, ranging in time from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth and crossing the whole of Europe one needs to consult fre [...]

    3. Karyl on said:

      Sometimes I rate books by how quickly I read them Granted, I picked this up in Delaware while on vacation, but still, a 400 page book should not take me nine days to read The problem is that there are so many people to keep track of that are explained exactly once Royal families are usually quite large, and names are often reused, so it s almost impossible to keep various members straight I also found this biography rather tedious There is so much detail, regarding Alice s every single movement [...]

    4. Amy on said:

      This is a heavily annotated account of the life of Alice, Princess Andrew of Greece, Princess of Battenburg, and the mother of Prince Phillip I had never really heard much about her, but she really was a character It is a shame that so much time passed between her passing and this account of her life, which is based mostly on letters written by, to, or about her It is not at all novelistic, nothing is made up, and apologies are made where gaps occur Nevertheless, I found it an interesting read I [...]

    5. Heather on said:

      Some of the politics were confusing, as was the abundance of names the editor even said there were too many Georges , and the massive amount of detail sometimes slipped into minutiae BUT Alice herself is fascinating at every turn, and I never tired of seeing what she would do next The mind reels to imagine what she might have achieved in a less restrictive time, with her keen and creative mind, her drive and independence, her compassion, and utter devotion to serving others Alice was her own won [...]

    6. Flewts on said:

      I debated whether to give this 3 stars or 4 It is not easy reading, and is clearly intended for people who have a serious interest in history The book is well researched and documented, and since the author had the permission of Alice s family indeed wrote at their request he had access to interviews and documents not available to just anyone.There is a a lot of detail in the book, much footnoted There s a lot of people Queen Victoria had 9 children, and her descendants intermarried with the roy [...]

    7. Karen on said:

      A fabulously interesting biography of Princess Alice mother of Prince Philip, granddaughter of Queen Victoria What an incredible time she lived in and how many tragedies she endured.Didn t realize there were family trees in the back until I finished The entire time I was reading I was wishing for those because Victoria and Albert s descendants are occasionally hard to keep straight SO MANY VICTORIAS.This is one of those biographies with copious gossipy footnotes and honestly, each footnote could [...]

    8. Kimberly Krauch on said:

      Princess Andrew of Greece Princess Alice of Battenberg I found Princess Alice to be a fascinating woman Her mental illness in my opinion was not mental illness at all but the thoughts of a woman born before her time She wanted to be allowed to have her faith, she wanted a better world for women Her son HRH Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh should be proud of his mother.

    9. Lindsay on said:

      Princess Alice of Greece was a fascinating woman This is the only book that I know of about her This book was very well researched It could be dry at times and the family trees were all over the place but overall very interesting

    10. Charliee Keely Warmer on said:

      Loved this a great book if u want to know prince Phillips mother Alice of battenberg

    11. Alison C on said:

      Alice Princess Andrew of Greece is a biography by Hugo Vickers concerning Alice of Battenberg, one of Queen Victoria s numerous great grandchildren, part of the German nobility and, most importantly for history, the mother of Philip, Consort to Elizabeth II She lived an interesting life, starting with near total deafness from birth, which she overcame through lip reading She grew up in England, Germany and Malta, and eventually married Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, whose elder brother eve [...]

    12. Elisabeth on said:

      I am certain that this biography was written only because Alice s last child happens to be Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and consort to Elizabeth II in fact, the prologue implies as much I don t feel that Alice s impact on the world was significant enough to warrant a biography outside of that context Her story wasn t uninteresting, but the interest lies in the drama of her private life, especially in her struggle with mental illness and the connection between that struggle and her faith The erratic [...]

    13. Connie on said:

      I have been very interested in English history since spending quite a bit of time in England while living in Europe I came across this book because I saw a PBS program on Prince Phillip and his mother Alice The beginning of the book is a breakdown of the royal family and who is who, what their title is etc As the book progresses, Alice comes along, grows up, gets married, has children and does what royals do The most interesting part of the book to me was the slow breakdown that Alice had and ho [...]

    14. Kate on said:

      Did not finish As I started to read this, I discovered that this was a book I read when it was first published, and did not like very much at the time.About Alice Battenberg, the sister of Lord Dickie Mountbatten, which is the Anglicized version of the name and mother of Queen Elizabeth II s husband Prince Phillip.For me, the book bogs down in an obsession with recounting family connections In one way this reflects the extended family of the descendants of Queen Victoria, but in this book, it se [...]

    15. Shawn Thrasher on said:

      Alice, Princess of Greece Prince Philip s mother was an eccentric who seemed to be on the periphery of great events throughout the late 19th and 20th centuries the periphery of the British Royal Family Queen Victoria s great granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II s crazy mother in law , the periphery of the Greek Royal Family almost but never quite ruling Greece , the periphery of both World Wars and the Cold War Never a decision maker, never a mover and shaker, but always around for great events I t [...]

    16. Jessica on said:

      Alice lived an extraordinary life during a turbulent time Born at Windsor Castle, great granddaughter of Queen Victoria who at birth was a German Princess, married to become a Greek Princess and died at Buckingham Palace as the mother in law of the current Queen Buried in Jerusalem Between all of this she escaped the several times the Greek royal family was thrown out and some time in mental institution, made promises to herself to devout her life to God and was often found in a nun habit Ran se [...]

    17. Rebecca on said:

      This si a good outline of a great granddaughter of Queen Victoria I found it a bit hard to read at times, but this was because I didn t know too much about the Greek Royal family It shows how Princess Alice of Greece lived and how she adapted to life in the Greek Royal Family.I found some places in the book focused on others, whereas some focused on her relationships with the very large family which she was a part of Still, this does give a good idea of what her life was like It also gives a in [...]

    18. Dianne Landry on said:

      Prince Philip s mother was a fascinating lady Grandaughter to Queen Victoria, cousin to numerous royals across Europe, she was always a little different due to her deafness She spent years in a Sanitarium being treated for a mental disorder, lost her daughter and her family in a horrific plane crash, sheltered a jewish family in Nazi occupied Greece and became a nun, founding one of the first orders dedicated to social work rather than contemplation.She was a fascinating lady and this was a wond [...]

    19. Rebecca Huston on said:

      A very good biography about the mother in law of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Alice of Battenberg Fascinating story about a woman who was mostly deaf, had mental illness and who led a life full of events that would have broken many lesser souls the loss of a daughter and her family in a plane crash, exile, living in Athens during Nazi occupation and having the daring to shelter Jews, and other tribulations Very well written and very readable.

    20. Liz on said:

      A very interesting biography of Alice, Princess Andrew of Greece mother of Prince Philip It s fascinating how the descendants of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are intertwined Alice was born with almost no hearing but did not let that deter her from living a very full life In middle age she suffered a religious crisis and was in a sanitarium for several years but eventually resumed her life and lived to age 84.

    21. Sue on said:

      I read this after reading Victoria s Daughters which I thought was a better book This is about Princess Alice of Greece a great grand daughter of Victoria The book was well researched and interesting, however it was often difficult to keep the players straight I enjoyed the look at European Royal families in the early years of the 20th Century I purchased the book based on the description in the Bas Bleu catalog.

    22. Whimsical on said:

      I really enjoyed reading this book It is always wonderful to read about the life of this most interesting princess, after reading bits and pieces about her life here and there I found it quite interesting that being born deaf did not in anyway inhibit her living a life of service, especially during wartime, and also overcoming serious mental health issues I love the writing this being my first reading of a book by Mr Hugo Vickers and will surely not be the last.

    23. Luana on said:

      If you like biographies and late 19th century and 20th century European history, as well as reading about the earlier British Royal family, this book is a good read Enjoyed all the history tied to the world wars The author did amazing research, citing personal letters which provide interesting insights into some historical figures.

    24. Ruth Ellen on said:

      this is a very insightful look at Prince Phillip s Mother She was a very interesting lady who kept to herself with family in some respects but rose above any disability to live a full life of service to Greece and Britain I really enjoyed reading about her life.

    25. Nate on said:

      Extremely well researched book about an enigma within the royal world Kept my interest and didn t dwell on every single charity she helped Gave good looks into the lives of those close to her Interesting to find out about her mental problems, which I had never heard about before

    26. Nancy Brandon on said:

      Very thorough and sensitive to family The lineage charts at back are a must Knew royals were intertwined but not to this extent Bravo for Prince William for bring in fresh bloodline, and non German, to England.

    27. LadySlippersAndLoons on said:

      This book is what a biography should be Wow Very well researched and thoughtfully written Alice was a very tough subject, while at the same time, fascinating Gives a lot of insight into her most famous child, Philip.

    28. Ruth on said:

      Well done, biography of Princess Alice of Greece, Prince Philip s mother Also, the author includes several very well done genealogies, that really help to locate the various many ancestors relatives in this highly complicated family tree Highly recommended.

    29. Jane Griffiths on said:

      how very interesting her life was Would make a great film Pity he only had letters to go on.

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