Gotrek & Felix: The Second Omnibus

William King

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Gotrek & Felix: The Second Omnibus

Gotrek & Felix: The Second Omnibus By William King Gotrek Felix The Second Omnibus With his companion Felix Gotrek the dwarf trollslayer roams the wild dark places of the Warhammer world seeking a glorious death in battle The second omnibus edition of their adventures will comple

  • Title: Gotrek & Felix: The Second Omnibus
  • Author: William King
  • ISBN: 9781844164172
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gotrek & Felix: The Second Omnibus By William King With his companion Felix, Gotrek the dwarf trollslayer roams the wild, dark places of the Warhammer world, seeking a glorious death in battle The second omnibus edition of their adventures will complement the book collection of any fantasy fan This volume includes the books Dragonslayer , Beastslayer and Vampireslayer
    Gotrek & Felix: The Second Omnibus By William King

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    One thought on “Gotrek & Felix: The Second Omnibus

    1. Dan Schwent on said:

      Dragonslayer Upon leaving the Chaos Wastes for Middenheim, The Spirit of Grungni is attacked by a dragon and heavily damaged The only place to put in for repairs is Slayerkeep, the city of Slayers Gotrek and six other Slayers swear vengeance on the dragon and brave the Big Mountains, as well as a horde of orcs and an army of bandits, to kill the dragon and take his treasure Has the doom Felix has sworn to record finally come Dragonslayer was action packed The Slayers, though by definition fairly [...]

    2. Dirk Grobbelaar on said:

      I reviewed each novel in this omnibus individually, so I won t be adding anything to that All I ll say here is that these Black Library omnibus editions are very good value for money and an excellent introduction to the Warhammer universe.

    3. Davek on said:

      Collecting books 4 6 in the Saga of Gotrek the doom seeking dwarven Slayer and his Human companion and chronicler Felix.Continuing on the arc Started in DemonSlayer the continuing journey of the pair accompanied by mad dwarven inventors, sorcerors, lovers and fellow slayers.The distinguishing feature of the second omnibus is that though it collects 3 books together the narrative arc is at this point far better developed than in the first series The books flow naturally from one to the other and [...]

    4. Ezra Klimchock on said:

      William King s Gotrek and Felix The Second Omnibus is the second journey into the story of Felix Jaeger and Gotrek Gurnisson Accounting for three books, Dragon slayer, Beast slayer, and Vampire slayer, William King manages to have all of the adventure, action, and drama that readers have come to love.Felix Jaeger is a poet, following the dwarf Gotrek Gurnisson after a drunken promise to follow him and record his doom in an epic saga so his name will not be forgotten Gotrek is a slayer, a dwarf w [...]

    5. Ed C on said:

      I think Bill King s Slayer series is a great epic Even if you know nothing about the Warhammer World, I think King paints a great picture of it for you, and you tend to learn as you go along, sometimes with the characters themselves.The two main characters work excellently together, and across the series Felix the young idealist ages and hardens to the world as he is dragged along behind Gotrek the dour dwarven warrior who remains as craggy and hardened as he was on the first page, in increasing [...]

    6. Mike on said:

      This is an omnibus of three full novels so it took me a while to finish The adventures of Felix, an outlaw university student and poet, and his companion Gotrek, a dwarf who has taken an oath to seek death in battle to expiate his shame for a still unrevealed trespass, continue across the Old World, a setting that is like medieval Europe, if Bosch and Brueghel were painting exactly what they saw I wasn t sure the characters could maintain my interest after the first omnibus, as fun as it was, bu [...]

    7. Marty on said:

      In the continuing adventures of Gotrek and Felix, the bar is raised on the action level as the heroes team up with a squad of dwarven slayers like Gotrek, Felix has a romantic love interest and they are plagued by a nemesis throughout the book that they are unaware is even out to get them This volume is alternately funny, tense, pensive, hopeful and inspiring There is magic and mayhem in this one, quit a few monsters again, including a dragon and a vampire, but between a small army of Dwarven [...]

    8. Nonethousand Oberrhein on said:

      Dragons and Warlords and Vampires Oh my Three new adventures await our improbable duo after the events of Daemonslayer In Dragonslayer, helped by other Slayers, they will confront a fire breathing dragon in Beastslayer they will endure a siege against an army of Chaos, and in Vampireslayer they will be dragged in a feud between two Nosferatus all this while the Grey Seer Thanquol plots and schemes their downfall and his rise to the top ranks of all Skavendom.Maybe not very deep , but certainly a [...]

    9. Christopher on said:

      Enjoyed this mighty collection of stories as much as the first one Gotrek Felix are highly likable characters, and the same can easily be said for the supporting cast even the villains for the most part Going from the Worlds Edge Mountains to Praag to Sylvania, our heroes travel the world in search for a mighty doom where the poet Felix is sworn to record it for all time Through this they manage to be at the right place to slay a dragon, stop a Chaos horde and thwart an evil vampire So the actio [...]

    10. John on said:

      This omnibus edition comprises the novels Dragonslayer, Beastslayer, Vampireslayer, and a handful of short stories After a slow first novel which I reviewed separately , the latter two novels were much fun to read Again, the real star of the books is the fantasy setting of the Old World While Gotrek and Felix are well portrayed, they are little than vehicles for writing about the campaign world Each subsequent book is wisely set in a new city or land This series will never be my favorite fanta [...]

    11. Rik on said:

      Another good Gotrex Felix collection Dragonslayer builds slowly with an inevitable but still enjoyable end, Beastslayer I found to be a little less interesting a bit like a warhammer game with better commentary I haven t read any other vampire books, so I found the vampire slayer particularly enjoyable sinister and for me by far the best of the stories so far

    12. GUS BUS! on said:

      This book was better than the first It was just as gory and bloody and just as well done This book had a little structure than the last its chapters were all part of the same story and not seperate ones.Overall i loved it.

    13. Christian on said:

      Solid fantasy stuff I m really pleased to read about how introspective the characters are about life and death and love It s also funny how they come close to breaking the fourth wall and lampoon the fantasy genre.

    14. Daniel on said:

      As long as you see William king as the author, The Gotrek and Felix are just fun books.

    15. Dale MIllard on said:

      Gotrek and Felix s adventures continue Stories keep getting stronger as Felix becomes and three demensional Once again an awesome look into the WarHammer Universe.

    16. Rsoeffker on said:

      Great second omnibus about 2 of the most badass heros of all time Action packed, great plot, pure quality HOWEVER, It wasnt as good as the first one, so I gave it 4 stars.

    17. Fredrik Bergqvist on said:

      Better then the first three books omnibus 1 but still lacking depth.

    18. Christoph Weber on said:

      Gotrek und Felix sind zur ck mit einem zweiten Omnibus es geht in en Kampf gegen Drachen, Beastmen und Vampireweberseite buecher gotr

    19. John on said:

      More the same of the firstIt was the same 50 pages over and over again.

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