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Trail Of Blood By Lisa Black Trail Of Blood Seventy five years ago the Torso Killer terrorized a city with a horrific spree of murder dismemberments He was never caught It would be impossible for the maniac to still be at large and active toda

  • Title: Trail Of Blood
  • Author: Lisa Black
  • ISBN: 9780061989339
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Trail Of Blood By Lisa Black Seventy five years ago, the Torso Killer terrorized a city with a horrific spree of murder dismemberments He was never caught It would be impossible for the maniac to still be at large and active today A decapitated body has been found in a sealed room in an abandoned building and forensic scientist Theresa MacLean believes the decades old corpse is a previous Seventy five years ago, the Torso Killer terrorized a city with a horrific spree of murder dismemberments He was never caught It would be impossible for the maniac to still be at large and active today A decapitated body has been found in a sealed room in an abandoned building and forensic scientist Theresa MacLean believes the decades old corpse is a previously unaccounted for victim of the legendary psychopath But the discovery of a second body newly slain and bearing the unmistakable signature of the Torso Killer suggests the unthinkable that a copycat serial killer is following in a madman s bloody footprints A long dormant nightmare has been reawakened as a dark history repeats itself Theresa MacLean s forensic investigation has opened a door into a terrifying past a door someone desperately wants to keep closed and will keep killing to make it so.
    Trail Of Blood By Lisa Black

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      387 Lisa Black
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    One thought on “Trail Of Blood

    1. Lindig on said:

      I like forensic scientists, I do But in all the books when they venture out of their labs, they all seem to be idiots They rush off after mad killers they wander rough areas in the dead of night they don t tell people where they re going they conduct their own investigations and the police are forgiving Right.Same with Lisa Black s heroine, Theresa Now, Black really is a forensic scientist and CSI unlike some writers, such as Cornwell , but her heroine is an idiot like Kathy Reichs character.Ann [...]

    2. Robert Beveridge on said:

      Lisa Black, Trail of Blood Morrow, 2010 Full disclosure this book was provided me free of charge by Vine.The whole time I was reading Trail of Blood, aside from being annoyed with myself that I hadn t done my research and didn t realize I was dropping into a series with book three, I kept pointing out things to myself and saying you really shouldn t like this book Look at what Lisa Black is doing here And there wasn t a point where I was ever actually able to refute any of those things I was poi [...]

    3. Magpie67 on said:

      A story in the present with a body discovery that takes everyone back to 1935 in Cleveland Depression, Trains, Hobos, mob, dirty cops and Eliot Ness Did the detective they found 75 years later stumble onto the serial Torso killer in 1936 Did his gumshoe detective ways get himself killed His family thought he was a deserter and thus a hard life they had to live Is the old body giving new light to an old killer Who has read all the details and decided to bring back the Torso killer Theresa spends [...]

    4. Melissa on said:

      I was excited to find this book on my doorstep I love mysteries and am generally fascinated with forensic science However, this book never grabbed my attention I am the type of reader that loves a book that coaxes me to stay up all night just until the next chapter Unfortunately, with this novel I would read a few pages and put it down until I happen to run across it again while cleaning up the house, with no sense of urgency to get back to the story.The idea for the dual plots across time was i [...]

    5. Cheryl on said:

      I liked this book The mystery surrounding the killings was nice the way that Theresa s mind works and the way she looks at a case is impressive She is not easily shoken up by anything This I liked She made for a strong female lead Yet despite the strong presense of Theresa and the grusome killings of the Torso Killer, which were not really that gory, I found the story just alright I was only after I had gotten almost all the way done and had a third of the story left that I was like what just ha [...]

    6. Donna on said:

      Okay, no excuses I love this series, but it took me almost four months to finish this book Not sure exactly why My only answer was that it was slow going and didn t really pick up till the middle end of the book I love the character of Theresa and I love the fact that she gets to solve a 50 year old murder, as well as new ones But all the technical mumbo jumbo, just weighs it down To me it wasn t as good as the first two books But it wasn t bad Might have to wait a few months before I read the [...]

    7. Mary on said:

      I m still reading this book but it seems like I ve been reading it forever It s such a slow read, I don t know if I m going to finish it It s a good story but unlike the other reviews, I feel there s something wrong here but I can t put my finger on it Perhaps it s because it doesn t flow for me I like the story but I m just not engaged.

    8. *Avonna on said:

      Love this series and All Clevelanders who love mystery true crime have read about or taken the tour for the Cleveland Torso Murders This third installment of this series combines present and past with an entertaining solution Really worth following

    9. Kristin on said:

      Trail of Blood sees forensic investigator Theresa McLean trying to solve murders that occurred decades apart After discovering the skeleton of a police officer in an abandoned building about to be torn down, the Cleveland PD is tasked with investigating a bunch of recent deaths that mirror an unsolved series of deaths that occurred while James Martin, the skeleton from the building, was on the force, back in the 1930s I found the parallel plots to be a bit unrealistic, that these murders happen [...]

    10. Lauren Barth on said:

      Just your average serial killer murder mystery This wasn t the worst book I ve ever read, but it certainly didn t fully grab my attention It was entirely too drawn out and extremely predictable The characters were just ordinary and the novel s progression wasn t anything over the top This is another book that is actually part of a series book 3 , but I didn t know that until today I may or may not read the other books in the series I love murder mysteries, but there just wasn t much mystery for [...]

    11. Kathy on said:

      Basically not a bad story, but it s very frustrating when an extremely smart person, the protagonist, goes out on their own and does really stupid things and ends up in jeopardy I ve seen it in way too many books and it s kind of frustrating.

    12. Judy on said:

      Engaging mystery with balance between 75 year old serial killings and present murders in Cleveland Ohio area Good character depth.

    13. Johnna on said:

      This was my first intro to the Theresa MacLean series I couldnt put it down and WILL be getting the rest of this series to read.

    14. Juju on said:

      Als die Forensikerin Theresa MacLean in ein verlassenes Haus gerufen wird, findet sie eine 75 Jahre alte, gek pfte Leiche vor Der Mord deutet stark auf den Torso M rder aus den 30er Jahren, der ganz Cleveland in Angst und Schrecken versetzte, und weckt ihren Ermittlerinstinkt, denn der M rder wurde nie gefasst Nur kurze Zeit sp ter findet sich eine weitere Leiche, die zu dem Torso M rder passt, doch diese ist jung und frisch Eines ist Theresa sofort klar Sie m ssen ihn schnell fassen, denn der T [...]

    15. Debbie Oxier on said:

      Okay, normally I don t particularly care for books that basically tell two stories, bouncing back and forth from past to present In fact, most of the time I avoid them if at all possible However, when I bought this used copy I didn t realize this was the case until I started it I was riveted from the very first page and hated when I had to put it down It was also based on a true story about The Torso Killer who terrorized Cleveland back in the 30 s When forensic scientist, Theresa MacLean, is ca [...]

    16. Katharina on said:

      Zum Buch Flammenbraut von Lisa Black ist ein Thriller, der am 20.05.2013 bei Blanvalet erschienen ist Zu beziehen z.B hier o ASIN 344238079 Klappentext Die Ermittlerin Theresa MacLean wird in ein verlassenes Wohnhaus gerufen Bei Abbrucharbeiten ist man auf einen gek pften K rper gesto en Theresas Ermittlerinstinkt ist sofort geweckt, denn die Leiche tr gt die Handschrift eines ber chtigten M rders Jahrzehnte zuvor versetzte er ganz Cleveland in Angst und Schrecken, als er ein Dutzend Menschen e [...]

    17. Nicola Mansfield on said:

      Reason for Reading The publisher s summary grabbed me on this one and I just had to read it.This is a fantastic serial killer thriller What makes it even thrilling is that is combines a true unsolved case from the 1930 s, The Torso Killer, with a modern case of someone who is exactly duplicating that psycho s 12 proven murders consecutively over the next 12 days This was a fabulous read The narrative switches between the present case on which Theresa and her cousin Frank are working with the pa [...]

    18. Paul Pessolano on said:

      Trail of Blood is unusual in that it takes an actual serial murder and weaves these events to a fictitious modern day serial murder The actual serial murder took place in Cleveland, Ohio, New Castle, Pennsylvania, and Youngstown, Ohio These murders were known as the Murders of the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run The murderer was known as the Torso Killer The name was due to his decapitating his victims and dismembering them The Torso Killer terrorized the Cleveland area over a span of four years an [...]

    19. Shay on said:

      I picked this book up while on a cruise, not knowing it was book 3 That being said, I had very little problem jumping into the world of Theresa MacLean Theresa is investigating a set of present day murders that seem to copy cat the Torso Killer murders from the cleveland area in the 1930s This investigation leads her closer and closer to solving not only the present day murders, but also the cold case.What initially interested me about this book was the serial murder it covered Even as a bit of [...]

    20. Dianna Shimizu on said:

      I loved this book and need to look for the first two to read It was like reading one of my favorite old TV shows Cold Case The story toggles back and forth between the 1930 s and the present day, letting us know what really happened 75 years ago.

    21. Sandie on said:

      Whether your forte is historical fiction or the true crime genre, TRAIL OF BLOOD by Lisa Black should appeal to you Ms Black has assiduously researched actual murders committed in the Cleveland area during the 1920 s and 30 s by a perpetrator known as THE TORSO KILLER, a madman who decapitated and mutilated his victims before dumping their bodies, and has inter woven those unsolved crimes into her tale of a grisly modern day serial killer Our modern day culprit appears to be mirroring the 70 yea [...]

    22. Lee Ann on said:

      This one is particularly good because it uses an actual unsolved case of an historical serial killer the Torso killer as background Chilling and especially moving when we get some backstory on the person whose body is found at the beginning of the case But this one is also filled with oh no, she didn t moments when Theresa does things that the reader screams at her fore really needs a watchdog for her own protection I m just looking out for you, girlfriend London had Jack the Ripper in the 1890s [...]

    23. Linda on said:

      Maybe this author and I are only going to be on the same page every other book Like her first book this has some incredulous moments that include a drugged heroine saving herself and dashing after her killer while still clearing her head and injured from being a building as it was demolished.She also is attractive to most of the men she comes in contact with including a recurring character who is age appropriate, a younger man and an older man even though she s turning 40 Yes, this is definitely [...]

    24. Min on said:

      Part true crime and part fiction, this book was drew from two genres that I generally enjoy.The true crime part came in as the author drew from the Torso Killer crimes that took place largely in the Cleveland area in the 1930s The serial killer was never caught, and the killings took place amidst a backdrop of police corruption.In modern times, our protagonist Theresa MacLean, a forensic scientist, gets called to a crime scene in which she examines a decapitated body The police officers at the s [...]

    25. Sandy on said:

      It s a trip back in time to solve a murder only now that the case has come to light there is a copy cat murderer who has decided that they would like a piece of the action As the story unfolds, a string of murders are now being committed around town and is this the same killer who has killed before or is it someone else who is striving for attention Theresa must piece together a murder which occurred in 1935 by using her forensic methods while at the same time find any ties to the murders, if an [...]

    26. Jennifer Jowsey on said:

      2.5 stars maybe, but not good enough to push it to 3 The middle of this book really dragged It s my second Lisa Black novel, and I guess I ended up disappointed, just like the last one The main character is kind of annoying, kind of bland, and the descriptions of the forensics are just a few equipment words than something interesting Unless I missed something which I just may have, as I got to the point of just wanting to get this book over with , there is a big plot hole that the author makes [...]

    27. Jan on said:

      Lisa Black and Elizabeth Becka are one and same author and in both of the series written, the heroines are trace elements scientists This particular one had the added element that is my personal hook some historical basis 75 years ago in Cleveland, during the Depression, many bodies of men and women were found periodically in various parts of the city Many were headless Some suffered other mutilations Many were unidentified because it was a time of few jobs or no money and broken social conventi [...]

    28. Sally on said:

      I had several problems with this book First, the author seems to think that 40 is old Second, everyone in this book seems to be a misogynist, including Theresa MacLean, which I don t quite understand Third, the author seems to resort to stock phrases and words quite often Like frisson I don t know, it irritated me There was also not one character that I liked or felt sympathy for That being said, this was a fairly good story, and that s why I stuck with the book I wanted to find out how it ended [...]

    29. Maddy on said:

      PROTAGONIST Theresa MacLean, forensic scientistSETTING Cleveland, Ohio SERIES 3 of 3RATING 2.5WHY I fail to understand authors who write books with completely unoriginal premises This one involves a serial killer Torso Killer who last killed 75 years ago and now has a copycat recreating his crimes Ho hum My real issue had to do with the protagonist, who is a forensic scientist who thinks she s a cop and surveils crime scenes in hopes of catching the killer She also has a stupid gene going down i [...]

    30. Teresa in Ohio on said:

      If not for a stupid move by the main character I would give it 5 stars This is set in my hometown and the author stays very true to the setting of the city and the mystery is very detailed in history of this town and the current killings are very realistic During the demoliton of an abandoned building a body is found in the walls and reopens a cold case from 75 yrs ago It also has current day murders occuring and shows how busy a medical office can be instead of just dealing with one case at a t [...]

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