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Deadspawn By Brian Lumley Deadspawn This was the time of high tide in a sea of blood and for Harry Keogh Necroscope the tide has finally turned Always the champion of the living and the dead alike he is now shunned by all men Always

  • Title: Deadspawn
  • Author: Brian Lumley
  • ISBN: 9780586209059
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • Deadspawn By Brian Lumley This was the time of high tide in a sea of blood and for Harry Keogh, Necroscope, the tide has finally turned Always the champion of the living and the dead alike, he is now shunned by all men Always the hero, now he is the plague bearer a vampire
    Deadspawn By Brian Lumley

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    One thought on “Deadspawn

    1. JP on said:

      I think I m done with the Necroscope series, at least for the time being And hey, technically this is the end of the first Necroscope series On the negative side This feels like 2 or 3 novels shoved together There s the parts on Earth where Harry tracks down a serial killer Then there are the Wamphyri in exile in the Icelands and what they find there Then finally, there s Harry in the Vampire world and the final showdown It all or less comes together at the end, but switching back and forth was [...]

    2. Dollie on said:

      I am whipping through this Necroscope books I just can t stop reading them I can t write a review here, because to do so would involve spoilers, so I ll just say I love Harry and love these books It amazes me that I would love books that involve great mathematicians LOL

    3. Khanada on said:

      The Necroscope series is one of my favorite series of all time This particular book ranks as a favorite of that series It s brilliantly dark, deep, moving, and thoroughly enjoyable.

    4. Bill on said:

      OK, time for the Spoiler Alert warning This being the fifth installment of a series,I can t really write about this one without giving anything away from the previous books.Consider yourself warned, and don t read this if you haven t read any of this series yett major spoilers but definitely some key developments.Here we go Brian Lumley continues yet again to advance this series without getting stale The first part of the novel opens up with Harry Keogh being approached by his former E Branch co [...]

    5. Andy Strutt on said:

      Necroscope Series by Brian LumleyReview by Andy Strutt author of The Afflicted I first discovered this series by receiving Necroscope III The Source as a Christmas present I had never heard of Brian Lumley but I was instantly infatuated with his work as soon as I had read the first few pages Obviously, the first thing I did was go out and find the rest of the Necroscope series.Harry Keogh is a very strange character with morbid supernatural powers that allow him to speak to the dead That is enou [...]

    6. Michelleandderek Nakagawa on said:

      The 5th in the Necroscope series and, oh boy, is it a good one If you haven t enjoyed this vampire saga, I urge you to pick it up as soon as possible This is not your typical vampire and it is scary and bloody and extremely addicting to read.Harry Keogh is the main character and he speaks to the dead and they speak back, in fact they are his friends In this installment, however, that all changes because he changes.This is probably the most philosophical one so far and I enjoyed it very much beca [...]

    7. Johnnie Howze on said:

      The NecroscopeAfter first reading this series about 20 years ago, ample time to forget, I m reading it again for the second time and enjoying out immensely Just finished Deadspawn After a short break and breakfast, I m on to the next book in the series.

    8. Scott Klusty on said:

      A good series and I think a good ending point I enjoyed the first three books much than the last two, however, the imagination of the author to create the worlds and the stories within are brilliant If you can get past the cold war part of the story you will enjoy the series.

    9. Molly on said:

      Probably one of the most poorly edited books I have ever read, haha but an interesting end to the Necroscope series I still plan to read Blood Brothers and The Last Aerie.

    10. Maria on said:

      Lots of strange scenes in this one, which is saying something because Lumley is a clear weirdo Seems like there were a lot of unnecessary parts still trying to figure out what the point of the dead guy with the Harley was feel free to fill me in

    11. Jerry Kimbro on said:

      I really do love Brian Lumley not the least reason is that he was a small part of the Lovecraft circle and appeared in the now classic and out of print Ballantine book edition of Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos So I have been reading his horror fiction for decades I love his Necroscope series But they are hard to find and I have had to read them out of order So i was excited to find a hard cover editon of Deadspawn for only 4 at a local goodwill bookstore.This story continues the strange saga of Har [...]

    12. Jak on said:

      Deadspawn is the last of the Harry Keogh Necroscope Series, bringing to a close this five book series It s certainly been an interesting journey with some pretty well thought out concepts and a merging of sci fi, fantasy and horror The final book is essentially three stories in one The first concerns Harry as he struggles to deal with the growing vampire within as he investigates one last murder case for E Branch However, after a change at the top, E Branch decides the vampire in Harry is too gr [...]

    13. Slobodan on said:

      Harry Keogh has been waging war on vampires most of his adult life A guardian on Earth from an evil which originated from a far, distant world, where the blood is the life.In Deadspawn, Brian Lumley has damned his character with the curse of that which he has so long battled against Harry Keogh is infected Hunting down a madman necromancer, and shunned now by the teeming dead that once loved him, former colleagues that fear what he might become when he ascends to a full fledged vampire, Harry ba [...]

    14. Jason Gusman on said:

      In the last book, Harry had a vampire seed planted in him when he visited Faethor Ferenczy s grave E Branch suspects that something awful is happening to Harry, but calls him in anyway to help find serial killer Johnny Found, whose methods tend to be indicative of a wamphyyri than a person Harry uses Janos from the end of the last book methods of raising the dead to bring back one of Johnny s victims named Penny After dealing with Johnny, E Branch steers Harry and Penny out of town They head to [...]

    15. Thompson on said:

      Strange book Book was like a compilation of three novellas The protagonist, Harry, has godlike powers of being able to travel instantly anywhere He can also travel in such a way that he can see shadows of the future Oh, just to reinforce the Christ images later he is crucified at the new Golgatha by S h aitin s scion Harry can resurrect the dead Despite Harry s powers he has a problem He was infected by vampirism Harry struggles with the ascending vampire while trying to find and stop an especi [...]

    16. Michael Daniel on said:

      Very good series Imagine any knowledge that you needed at the ready for your asking Enter Harry Very well designed story, with a main character that is easily identified with, Harry Koegh The imagination that came up with these characters must have experienced some truly awful things Lumley, being an ex SAS officer, surely did The vampires in this series are not nice They are not warm and fuzzy They re not cute well, the women can be and they know one primal rule Anything to remain alive so to s [...]

    17. Lisa Cleveland on said:

      So, the time has finally come to bid a fond farewell to one of my favorite characters of all time, Harry Keogh Human, innocent , necroscope, tighter of wrongs, and finally Wamphyri Sad to say goodbye, but those death life darts of his will get around I enjoyed everything about this book, and I thought it had one of the best endings ever I am however happy to be moving on to Lumleys next three books The Blood Brothers trilogy Harry s sons Nathan and Lester were always my favorites, and Nathan is [...]

    18. KK on said:

      Harry Keogh, vampires, Necro evil, Darcey Clarke, E branch, the Perchorsk Projekt, Starside and Sunside Deadspawn has all the horrific aspects of the Necroscope series and .It s just an awesome addition to the series I loved the Crime style element with a Necrotwist, Harry s battle to REMAIN Harry, all the shifts and turns, and the ending was out of this world.I ve wanted to read these books in order for 20 years but they have been extremely hard to find, so I was very pleased to discover them a [...]

    19. Jim Spencer on said:

      Another brilliant book in the saga This is especially good as it is the last one with Harry as the main character He does make odd appearances after this one in some way or another but here we get to see his true fall into essentially craziness you get all the expected tropes by this point and there is a certain kinetic energy to this one and the ending is quite a revelation I won t spoil it This ends the Necroscope sage and after this we go into the Spin off s, which I ll go into later but it s [...]

    20. S.J.A. Turney on said:

      A fitting crescendo for the series, this book ends what I consider to be the classic series of Necroscope books It is filled with wonder, pathos, wickedness and twists that play on everything we ve learned from the previous four.The book should make you sad and thrilled in equal measures as it draws to a close.Cannot give too detailed a reviews without spoiling things, but simply, if you enjoyed the original Necroscope book, read at least to this book and your time has been very well spent.

    21. Daniel on said:

      Again, Lumley has a beautifully written novel, that is unlike any vampire novel This is a great book combining elements, of Judeo Christian aspects, with science fiction, horror, and Lovecraftian weirdness Even the vampire on vampire, sex is so bizarre, that it doesn t titilate the reader at all Which makes sense, since Aliens, shouldn t be anthropomorphised The books have just been getting better with each nove.

    22. Taft Babbitt on said:

      So my buddy in college came to me with the first book in this series demanding that I read it I told him I wasn t into Vampires He insisted, demanded So I read it and it with it s following books was one of the great adventures I have been on while reading I loved these books You learn so much about Vampires and their history according to the author of course and the hero feels like a good friend.

    23. Stacy Croushorn on said:

      Really good book The part about the Ice lands seemed to drone on for a while, but it was necessary to set up the ending Not sure if I liked the ending And it never explained why Harry was so special Yeah, it said his maternal line had special telepathic powers, but Harry s powers went way beyond that However, this part of the series ended on a good note.

    24. Jenn on said:

      The Necroscope series is not your typical vampire novel series I loved the political side to these books and the ideas were so original that they kept my reading one page after another If you enjoy supernatural stories with a little bet than the average typical storyline you ll love these.

    25. Kissu on said:

      Es un libro muy completo, hasta parece que abarca varios libros por las historias No esperaba el final pero aun as , y a pesar de que no soy muy fan de dios y esas cosas, me gust Me alegra mucho que Harry haya sido capaz de dominar su vampiro algo as.

    26. Kenny Oswald on said:

      The 5th book in the series, this book is great Easily comparable to the 1st and 3rd These first five books complete the original story arc, and what a finale it is If you liked the others, you are in for a shock and awe thrill Beware this is by far the most graphic yet

    27. Charity on said:

      The serial killings are explained in detail and the book is very gruesome So far, the Necroscope series has been ended leaving very few questions to be answered, however, Deadspawn leaves many questions to be answered and there is a lot of confussion towards the end of the book.

    28. Erinn on said:

      While I hated this whole series I almost liked this one I think this an author that guys would like than girls though That might be one of the reasons that I didn t care for the author s writing.

    29. Robert on said:

      This one was the completion of the Necroscope series I remember I had to search to collect all of them before I was going to sit down and open the first one A great series of books for vampire book fans.

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