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Gigi Levangie Grazer

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Queen Takes King

Queen Takes King By Gigi Levangie Grazer Queen Takes King Jackson Power A name like the man himself aggressive ambitious bullish The prodigal son heir to millions built his own Manhattan real estate empire and revels in seeing his moniker Power on glitte

  • Title: Queen Takes King
  • Author: Gigi Levangie Grazer
  • ISBN: 9780743291996
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Queen Takes King By Gigi Levangie Grazer Jackson Power A name like the man himself aggressive, ambitious, bullish The prodigal son, heir to millions, built his own Manhattan real estate empire and revels in seeing his moniker Power on glittering skyscrapers around the city that never sleeps Beneath his desk in the towering Power headquarters, Jacks has a stack of newspapers and photographs of himself,Jackson Power A name like the man himself aggressive, ambitious, bullish The prodigal son, heir to millions, built his own Manhattan real estate empire and revels in seeing his moniker Power on glittering skyscrapers around the city that never sleeps Beneath his desk in the towering Power headquarters, Jacks has a stack of newspapers and photographs of himself, shaking hands with the most famous men and women of his generation Here s a man who s always loved to see his name in ink Until now Cynthia Hunsaker Power She is the epitome of elegance and society The perfect foil for a man of Jacks s stature his first and only wife, he d proudly tell any of his Master of the Universe read Gargoyle friends The former prima ballerina arrived in New York at eighteen, off the bus from Missouri, brimming with talent, beauty, and drive She met a struggling painter, fell in love, and only later learned she d won the Power lottery Now she sits on the New York Ballet Theater board, effortlessly outdoing herself with one gala after another But the press coverage of the Power silver anniversary party at the Waldorf takes the cake.Jacks Power appears twice in the New York Post the next morning once gallantly dancing with his wife of twenty five years, Cynthia and once hand in hand with Lara Size, morning television star, exiting her Upper West Side apartment building that very same night.To Jackson Power, Lara is ever ything his wife Cynthia is not wild, voluptuous, mysterious, and selfsustaining A new passion has swept Jacks off his well shod feet and she is Lara Size He is ready for the divorce, ready to marry his mistress, America s Sweetheart But Cynthia isn t ready to be swept out of the picture quite so easily.Let the Divorce Games begin.Whether they re changing the locks on each other in their Park Avenue triplex or sabotaging each other s dinner parties, it s The People s Billionaire vs The Ballerina, in a split up that will trump the most scandalous divorces known to polite New York society Cynthia s got their twenty five year old artist daughter, Vivienne, in her camp Jacks has the young bartending playwright Adrian, whom he intends to pay to seduce Cynthia into an easy split But Cynthia might have a few tricks up her well tailored Chanel sleeve, and she like Jacks is prepared to use every weapon in her divorce arsenal to win the game It s a battle of wits, of charm, of two of the biggest egos and personalities and bank accounts in Manhattan, and neither side will go down without a fight.From beloved and best selling author Gigi Levangie Grazer comes a sexy, sassy, smart new novel, Queen Takes King.
    Queen Takes King By Gigi Levangie Grazer

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      396 Gigi Levangie Grazer
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    One thought on “Queen Takes King

    1. Mommalovesbaby on said:

      I was surprised by the lower score reviews on this book as I was reading it However, by the time that I finished reading the book, I could see exactly why this book had lower scores than some of her other books.It just felt like the ending was hurried and contrived None of the characters seemed to come to the end that Ms Grazer had been leading up to The daughter Vivi and the bartender Adrian, their hint of romance fizzling and dying with no real explanation other than he slept with her mother Y [...]

    2. Sara Poole on said:

      Do I feel guilty for enjoying this frothy read when I could have been reading for research, aka work Of course I do and that s part of the fun If anyone told me back when that I d enjoy a fictionalized reprise of the interminable Trump Divorce the first one , I d have backed out of the room and run like hell Imagine my surprise to discover that guilty pleasure is mostly just pleasure Make no mistake, that s thanks to Grazer s skill in making the story zip along and the characters come alive, hal [...]

    3. Elixxir on said:

      It wasn t poorly written, it didn t make me want to gauge out my eyes or yank hair out in fistfuls But it also didn t have a single original thought, character or plot twist I may just be burnt out on the genre but I could cry from The Boredom Does chick lit and or trashy fiction have nothing new to offer any

    4. Sydna on said:

      Her writing style annoys me The style is merely a continuous stream of conversation back and forth, which is short, choppy, and irritating to read This book, much like her other one I think, would make a better movie Just not motivated to finish it.

    5. Ghira on said:

      I like a good beach read, but this book did not measure up to those meager standards I felt cheated reading about the Jackson Power character Why Because it seemed the author gathered tabloid articles from the 80s 90s TMZ about Donald Trump, changed the name to Jackson Power in MS Word, and fashioned a story around these press clippings Secondly, Jacks admin spoke in pidgen english and was a Jamacian stereotype ARGH I think this pissed me off the most about this book I mean really, how many c su [...]

    6. Sophie on said:

      This is a guilty pleasure read It was amusing to see the rich and famous messing up their lives so completely None of the characters was particularly likeable although I sympathized with Cynthia the most but the book was certainly never boring And all the great Zorba quotes When everything goes wrong, what a joy to test your soul and see if it has endurance and courage made me want to read Zorba the Greek.

    7. Jessi on said:

      I grabbed this on my way out of town because the cover was sparkly , and it beat my expectations I thought her first book was decent Starter Wife but the show wasn t great, so I didn t have high hopes for this one It proved me wrong, and kept me turning the pages Cute characters, good storyline that didn t have me in a lull in the middle of it A nice quick read

    8. Caroline on said:

      I ve read her stuff before and never liked it so I dont know why I thought this one would be different Her writing is kind of stilted and doesn t flow smoothly, which throws me off when I get into a rhytmn I was looking for some good brain candy reading and this wasn t it Ugh And now I m mad at myself for even finishing it.

    9. Cathy on said:

      I just can t seem to get into any of Ms Grazer s books What do you like about that I m missing I saw that it s getting re released as another title, Fairytale Ending later this year.

    10. Laureen on said:

      I think this book could have done the job without the constant f bombs I m no prude, but come on These weren t socialites, they were truckers Other than that, pretty predictable.

    11. Jyoti Singh on said:

      Queen Takes King Review Book by Gigi Levangie Grazer Queen Takes King , with a title like that, you expect a thrilling and fast paced battle between the sexes Alas, this book has failed on so many levels.This one was also my unplanned venture into reading a book without any prior knowledge Sometimes I like to randomly pick a book and look for anything interesting in it This time it was the cover page and title of the book that did the trick Whoever has said Don t judge a book by its cover , must [...]

    12. Tiffany on said:

      I really wanted to love this one but it felt so forced and certain characters were really one dimensional, like daughter Vivi, lesbian frumpy She could have been a much greater attribute to the story The ending was just abysmal.

    13. Sandie on said:

      The characters and circumstances in Gigi Levangie Grazer s latest book QUEEN TAKES KING , could have been taken directly from the pages of your favorite supermarket tabloid.or perhaps The New York Post s PAGE SIX Jackson Jacks Power wants a divorce from Cynthia, his wife of 25 years, in order to marry Lara, a potential trophy wife Jacks, being Jacks, doesn t want to face the possibility of losing his tri plex at 740 Park Avenue in the divorce so he devises a plan to ensure he retains possession [...]

    14. Denise on said:

      Nothing new here The title pretty much explains the entire plot of the book I was hoping for a new twist to the old War of the Roses story, but there s not a character or a subplot that is refreshing or originial You ve already read this book under another title The Power couple, Jacks and Cynthia are stereotypes and caricatures of the rich and famous who think that money and looks can buy anything and that youth lasts forever Their answer when the divorce battle begins get what they want throug [...]

    15. Liz on said:

      What happens when the People s Billionaire cheats on his wife one two many times and is caught by the press prior to their 25th anniversary partyThe Queen decides on divorce Cynthia ex ballerina ever the society just had enough and finds out who she really is, whom she lost long ago She decides to drag out the divorce for a year or two to make her husband suffer Jacks decides to hire a lonely bartender at 100,000 to seduce his ex wife to be into a faster divorce His hire comes up with numerous q [...]

    16. Westy on said:

      If I read two other books while trying to finish this thing it must be because this book was BORING It drags on about two main characters that are so full of themselves I can t tell if she actually wants you to feel sorry for Jacks Powers the most powerful man in NY and his cheating that lead him to his one true love who holds his heart Or his soon to be ex wife Cynthia the beautiful former ballerina who is just dull and boring I wasn t turning the pages to see what happens next I was trying to [...]

    17. Rebecca on said:

      Why do I keep picking up books from this author For chick lit, she totally pisses me off This book was essentially about a man and a women who are divorcing because he cheated on her and she found out on their 25th wedding anniversary She doesn t give up easily, even though it s his money He tries to set her up to cheat on him with some bar tender, but his gay daughter ends up falling for him Also, the women he has cheated on his wife with drops him like the second the media finds out because sh [...]

    18. Nora Vickery on said:

      Sometimes you need something quick, easy and doesn t require you to think That is this book Overall, I enjoyed it because that is what I was in the mood for However, it is uneven Some parts seemed to be a cut above the average chick lit Cynthia is a complicated heroine than many other chick lit heroines I related and sympathized with her On the other hand, I could have gone with less Jackson Power I get it, he s incredibly self absorbed Vivi and Goldie are so flat, they might as well be cardboa [...]

    19. Rachel Swords on said:

      This book is screaming for a movie or tv film, and not in a good way The characters are all cardboard cut outs Jackson Power is a caricature of Donald Trump and a clueless idiot Cynthia fills the bitchy, fem Nazi wife their daughter is a lesbian, but there s nothing interesting about her in the slightest Add in a mistress who doesn t seem like much of a mistress, and a reluctant gigolo, and you ve got this book The events that occur throughout the book are ridiculous and stupid, as are the react [...]

    20. Elizabeth on said:

      Am I the only one that really felt like I was reading an Olivia Goldsmith, specifically Marrying Mom It wasn t a bad book, but after a book like Man Eater where the charachters were drawn with life and vigor, I guess I expected This seemed, I don t know, flat and forced NYC seems like Candace Bushnell s territory she always writes a love letter to the city, whereas this felt like it was plopped in with no identifiable neighborhood feel I think she has a stronger attachment and love for LA, whic [...]

    21. Leslie on said:

      So you loved Maneater and Starter Wife and you think hey it s Gigi Well think again This book is set in New York, starring the Powers think Trumps It is reminiscent of reading Vanity Fair back in the 80 s when NY was happening and Cornelia Guest was a deb I can t explain why but it is harder to get interested in the marital breakdown of an Uber rich NYC couple verses an Uber rich LA couple Maybe it is because the lifestyles in LA seem so superficial and silly while in NYC they seem depressing.No [...]

    22. Mary (BookHounds) on said:

      This is the perfect book to sit in the shade and read this summer Juicy NYC rich elite lifestyle tidbits are mixed in with a nice rich character for a change Queen Takes King was such a nice change of pace that stories are now geared toward older chick lit lovers like me I thought a lot of the plot seemed to reflect the Trump divorce but maybe that is because I am on the west coast and don t hear much about the high profile divorce cases that go on there I am sure there is a lot of dirt to go ar [...]

    23. Janette Ramos on said:

      This was a story of what happens when two rich people decide to get a divorce Jacks and Cynthia Power have been married for 25 years when Cynthia decides to get a divorce This book was good with a lot of funny moments Mainly from the supporting characters I liked all the characters and that s rare for me The pace of the book was steady, and towards the end sped up making the book enjoyable I liked the ending I also liked the fact that I didn t predict the ending The score I would give this book [...]

    24. Jennifer on said:

      This book was terrible I mean, I didn t have high expectations for it or anything, but I am actually embarrassed that I a bought it and b read the entire thing The characters are one dimensional, the plot lines are completely unbelievable, and the timing of a book about the trials and tribulations about over the top rich people in Manhattan couldn t have been off If you re looking for some fluffy reading for the summer, I d suggest that you skip this one and pick up Commencement or Perfection i [...]

    25. Donna on said:

      Talk about a light read I did not like this book much I tend to like books where I can learn something and it did not happen with this read.eve me not worth the time to pick up I finished because I put too much time into it to stop and no other reason The ending was terrible Overall, the characters and plot was not developed2 dimensional at bestThe only time this book may be good is if you are on vaca and want something to read that requires no thought process so you can get rr.

    26. Tiina on said:

      Everything about the exterior of this book cried light weight chick lit and even the beginning of it seemed in line However, as the story progressed, the characters and their actions turned out not completely stereotype, which came as a nice surprise.This was almost like a subtle parody of a chick book I m not sure though that it was But this was an easy read and it stood out from the crowd.

    27. Mandy on said:

      Now having read 2 of her books, this woman has a knack for writing exactly what I want to read while I am sitting on the beach, or on the front porch at the beach house Not sure if would give this book 4 stars at any other time, but I give Gigi credit for writing perfect vacation literature Just intelligent enough to make me feel like I am retaining some of my brain cells while reading such delicious drama.

    28. Hilary on said:

      Remember who you are, where you came from, and why you re here You are the embodiment of not only your childhood dreams but the dreams of so many others, including people in the audience Respect that Respect yourselves, not just tonight, but for the rest of your lives.And for GOd s sake, remember to have fun Celebrate It s all over before you know it And tis is your night No one can take that from you Caissa is the goddess of chess.

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