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Claudine à l'école

Claudine à l'école By Colette Claudine l cole Un titre bien sage pour un roman qui l est moins Claudine le reconna t Vrai cette cole n est pas banale Comment pourrait elle l tre Les l ves ont des personnalit s peu communes la grande Ana s que C

  • Title: Claudine à l'école
  • Author: Colette
  • ISBN: 9782253010487
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback
  • Claudine à l'école By Colette Un titre bien sage pour un roman qui l est moins Claudine le reconna t Vrai, cette cole n est pas banale Comment pourrait elle l tre Les l ves ont des personnalit s peu communes la grande Ana s, que Claudine qualifie de menteuse, filouteuse, flagorneuse, tra tresse, poss de en outre une v ritable science du comique les Jaubert sont aga antes force dUn titre bien sage pour un roman qui l est moins Claudine le reconna t Vrai, cette cole n est pas banale Comment pourrait elle l tre Les l ves ont des personnalit s peu communes la grande Ana s, que Claudine qualifie de menteuse, filouteuse, flagorneuse, tra tresse, poss de en outre une v ritable science du comique les Jaubert sont aga antes force de sagesse Marie Belhomme, b b te, mais si gaie Luce, charmeuse autant que sournoise et les autres, c est le vil peuple Quant aux ma tresses Mlle Sergent, la rousse bien faite , aussi intelligente que laide, est tout yeux pour son assistante, Mlle Aim e, la bien nomm e Ajoutez les instituteurs des gar ons, le p le Duplessis et le vaniteux Rabastens, le m decin scolaire, le Dr Dutertre, aux dents de loup, qui aime s attarder aupr s des grandes et vous obtenez un m lange d tonant Pour parfaire l ensemble, c est une Claudine d bordante de vitalit , excessive dans ses lans, qui m ne la ronde.
    Claudine à l'école By Colette

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    One thought on “Claudine à l'école

    1. Duane on said:

      Sidonie Gabrielle Colette 1873 1954 , was a French writer, best known for her novel Gigi, which has been adapted into a movie and several stage plays She also wrote a series of novels of her character Cheri that critics consider her masterpiece But she started out writing about Claudine The four Claudine novels are partly autobiographical and Claudine at School is the stoty of a precocious, 15 year old girl who delights in tormenting her headmistress and her fellow students Set in a small villag [...]

    2. Audra (Unabridged Chick) on said:

      This is the first of four novels tracking the life of winsome, clever Claudine The story opens with the famously familiar sentence My name is Claudine, I live in Montigny I was born there in 1884 I shall probably not die there Claudine s certitude and confidence propels her through her life, and in Colette s hands, tells her story with vivacious detail Claudine s school life is full of intrigues, and even the seemingly simple task of passing exams is lush with drama and excitement Speaking with [...]

    3. Vanessa Wu on said:

      I am going to cheat a bit because I m reading The Complete Claudine but I only want to review Claudine at School for now I dislike long reviews and most long books, so, whereas I have reservations about The Complete Claudine, I like Claudine at School.The first dozen pages are brilliant The description of Montigny is as good as anything I ve ever read Even in English the descriptions roll off the tongue and create luxuriant images in your mind s eye You can tell the author is very sensual and th [...]

    4. TheSkepticalReader on said:

      Claudine at School is a young adult, coming of age, LGBTQ novel Although Claudine is clearly an unlikable, spoiled character, she is an also extremely entertaining figure She is full of spirit and ideas which lead to one of the most interesting stories I read lately An added plus is Colette s wonderful writing style she s written this novel in a way that s just delightfully pleasant What s suspiring is that while it s a novel published in 1900, it s clearly far ahead of it s time and extremely [...]

    5. Michelle on said:

      I feel like I m missing somethingeverybody else loves these books from Colette, especially Claudine at School I felt Not astounded Not blown away Just And I didn t love Claudine Everybody else talks about how she s a fresh, feminine, feminist voice, and I felt a bit bored with her sometimes, sometimes annoyed, maybe just entertained by her a third of the time Claudine creates a lot of unnecessary drama, which I guess she needs to because her small town school is a bit dull I liked Claudine best [...]

    6. Iván Ramírez Osorio on said:

      Bello acercamiento a la literatura feminista de principios del siglo XX En este libro no solo se narra la vida, los problemas, los amor os y decepciones de una mujer joven, tambi n se narra el descontento con el rol que la sociedad machista ha dado a la mujer, se alza un grito de protesta contra lo que mal se ha entendido como natural o normal Un grito maravilloso en favor de la liberaci n, de la libertad y en contra de las estructuras machistas tan venenosas y nocivas que , lamentablemente, a n [...]

    7. Annie on said:

      Claudine nous fait partager sa vie dans son cole situ e dans l Yonne en 1900 Il s y passe beaucoup de choses et Claudine raconte les relations entre les enseignants, entre les l ves sans concession Claudine peut tre parfois cruelle mais elle est touchante.C est une poque o pour obtenir son certificat d tudes il fallait travailler dur La visite du ministre met tout ce petit monde en moi.Ce livre est une page d histoire de notre syst me scolaire.

    8. Lobo on said:

      Kladyna na p ce sta a od dawna, kurzy a si w zacnym towarzystwie innych ksi ek, kt re chcia am mie w bibliotece, chocia nie koniecznie mia am czas je czyta Wzi am si za powie ci Colette po cz ci w ramach prokrastynacji, po cz ci ze wzgl du na reaserch, albowiem dobrze jest czy przyjemne z po ytecznym.Wiedzia am, e mam do czynienia z seri owian atmosfer skandalu, na po y pornograficzn To nie stawia wysoko poprzeczki, prawda Zw aszcza, kiedy sobie przypomnie , jak atwo zszokowa francusk opini publ [...]

    9. Disha Bose O'Shea on said:

      I came by Claudine at School quite innocently, a tattered copy of it in a second hand bookshop in Dublin Upon reading the back, it reminded me of the quite exquisite Bonjour Tristesse and I couldn t resist.As it turns out, Claudine at School is only the first of a series of four Claudine novels, and I have already gone and hunted down the others Such is my desperation to have them all, and so I cannot be happier to review this for my Christmas post.Claudine at School has at the center of it, Cla [...]

    10. Fiona Colley on said:

      I first discovered Claudine in a school library I absolutely loved it when I first read it at 16 and love it just as much now at 45 If Claudine is flippant and naive and she s definately naive than she likes to think she is it s because she is supposed to be 15 and the scourge of Mademoiselle Sergeant and the pretty little Lanthenay She s a schoolyard bully with undeniable charm The first literary teenager Claudine is of course Colette herself thinly disguised I highly recommend Judith Thurman [...]

    11. Mel on said:

      It s not often that you read a book with such an unrepentant main character Claudine is great, she s probably the most self assured person I ve read in literature, which after reading lots of Lesbian WOE lately was very refreshing She s the preetiest, smartest, most troublesome girl at school There s so much about school girl crushes, and queer women in these books, also without any guilt or judgement The adventures, particularly sitting for the examinations, are great fun It did feel like the e [...]

    12. Ruthie on said:

      Decided to read this as it kept appearing on lists of books authors I should have read I can almost see what the appeal might have been when this book was first published, however, a lousy, dated British translation and a modern view on bullying make this less interesting to read now Claudine 50 years ago may have seemed bright and flirtatious and risqu , today she comes off as an obnoxious, spoiled mean girl I probably would have enjoyed this had I read it in French, the British slang was so o [...]

    13. Francisco on said:

      Creo que es la primera novela que leo entera en franc s aunque hab a le do cuentos, como Le petit Nicolas, y obras de teatro, como La le on Despu s de haberla le do, me resulta mucho m s f cil entender el franc s hablado Volviendo al libro en cuesti n el argumento me atrap , pero Claudine es muy mala no en el sentido de traviesa mala gente, especialmente con las compa eras La escritura me result muy agradable, aunque admito que no entend TODO el vocabulario.Mi edici n del libro tambi n tiene su [...]

    14. Heather on said:

      My favourite thing is how all the adults in the novel tell Claudine that they ve heard that she is mad And she is, because she s so much smarter than everyone around her, but instead of being a daydreamer, she becomes overly engaged and focusses her attention on events that are beneath her Anyways it s nice to have a female narrator who s so comfortable in her own skin Especially since Colette s husband locked her in a room until she wrote this book he published it under his own name.

    15. Ed Smiley on said:

      I really enjoyed this book I knew that Colette was reputed witty, but I was really charmed by this book Her writing is delicious with a hint of harmless wickedness, if I may mutilate a phrase.Fun fact This was her first novel, published in 1900 Her husband asked her to write a memoir of her school days, and spice it up a bit He almost threw it away, and then published in his name Today, nobody remembers Willi.

    16. Czarny Pies on said:

      I aways found snippy little bitches so charming and easily forgave them when they made me the victim of the their mocking Claudine is the sauciest of all school girls in Western literature You should love this tale of a horrid little brat.

    17. Ana Rînceanu on said:

      Even thought at times I cringed when wickedness crossed the line, I can t deny that this book has charm and an almost irresistible humor Colette made Claudine a storyteller to rival Scheherazade herself

    18. Jane De vries on said:

      French coming of age but a little slow moving homoerotic during 1900 The French are ahead of themselves again i understand that this is part of a series but i will look into other Colette books first.

    19. Claire on said:

      One of my favorite books at all time and one of the reasons I wanted to become a writer If you haven t read Colette before, this is the one to start with.

    20. rosamund on said:

      Set in a rural village in early 20th France, the novel is narrated by Claudine, who is in her last year at the village school Claudine is fiercely intelligent, easily bored, and desperate for love She lives alone with her father, who has little time for her, and finds her fellow school mates don t have her intellect or emotional intelligence She becomes infatuated by a young school mistress, and is distraught when this woman spurns Claudine in favour of the school s head mistress The lesbianism [...]

    21. Angeline_lbt on said:

      Un l ve dissip comme personne principale auquel on s attache m me si parfois on aimerait qu elle arr te un peu d tre si arrogante Claudine est une jeune fille qui en fait qu sa t te et qui n coute qu elle m me entre jeux de s duction et examen on est plonge dans la derni re ann e scolaire d une jeune l ve c est un livre amusant et facile lire.

    22. Brian McLean on said:

      Claudine and her friends are around 15 years old and in a sense taking life at a gallop Extremely funny and in a few places moving too I d recommend it heartily for those of say 14 and up.

    23. Ella on said:

      3.5 5Claudine l cole est le premier de la s rie des Claudine , l histoire d une jeune fille de l adolescence l ge adulte en France au d but du XXe si cle.C est mon premier roman de Colette Dire que j ai t charm e ne serait pas suffisant L criture est absolument jolie et lyrique.Claudine est une jeune fille l cole de Montigny, en province Elle raconte dans un journal les aventures qui m nent l obtention de son brevet Nous rencontrons donc maints personnages aussi int ressants les uns que les autr [...]

    24. Marisolea on said:

      Claudine es una preadolescente, o una post p ber, ah le anda Insoportable y engre da, pija en un colegio de gente de campo, cre da, pagada de s misma Claudine trata de conquistar a su nueva profesora, Aim e, pero le sale el tiro por la culata cuando sta se l a con la directora del colegio Ahora que llama la atenci n la normalidad con la que se ve en el colegio la relaci n l sbica entre ambas Y si esto llega a pasar ahora, las despiden a las dos por exhibici n imp dica o alguna cosa por el estilo [...]

    25. Geoff Wooldridge on said:

      This is the first in a series of 4 Claudine novels written by Colette in the late 19th century and originally attributed to her husband Willy when published around 1901.Claudine is a precocious, independently minded 15 year old girl at school in rural France She has numerous talents, a notable degree of beauty, a mischievous sense of humour and an observant eye for one so young.She has a small group of close friends, girls of her own age Anais, invariably described as lanky, Marie, somewhat less [...]

    26. Voss on said:

      Dopo pi di trent ani dalla visione dei 4 film di Edoard Molinaro, riesco a leggere l originale, quello da cui partita la carriera di Colette.Romanzo fresco e gioviale e imprudente come la protagonista.Posso provare a comprendere cosa devono aver provato i lettori del 1900 ma da quello che ho letto in giro, mi sa che proprio quello si aspettavano , certo ora tutto un altro paio di maniche.L esuberanza e la perfidia di Claudine sono cos rinfrescanti Naturalmente di scaboroso amorale ambiguo non c [...]

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