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Erin McCarthy

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Hard and Fast

Hard and Fast By Erin McCarthy Hard and Fast Grad student Imogen Wilson is researching the dating and mating patterns of stock car racers Sexy and reckless Ty McCord is the ideal test subject until Imogen falls for him hard and fast

  • Title: Hard and Fast
  • Author: Erin McCarthy
  • ISBN: 9781101046470
  • Page: 178
  • Format: ebook
  • Hard and Fast By Erin McCarthy Grad student Imogen Wilson is researching the dating and mating patterns of stock car racers Sexy and reckless Ty McCord is the ideal test subject, until Imogen falls for him hard and fast.
    Hard and Fast By Erin McCarthy

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      178 Erin McCarthy
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      Published :2019-09-25T15:36:41+00:00

    One thought on “Hard and Fast

    1. Alp on said:

      More miss than hit.I m torn between 2 and 3 stars To tell you the truth, I partially liked this book but didn t love it The first half was ok but dragged on a bit There was not much happening and nothing particularly brilliant or memorable in this half However, the second half got much better Around midway through this half, I really thought this book would definitely get 4 stars from me Damn, was I wrong The last 10% of the story was a train wreck Both Ty and Imogen mostly Imogen made me extrem [...]

    2. Shawna on said:

      5 stars Contemporary Romance EroticaThis is one of those books where I doubt a review is really necessary because considering how fantastic the first book in the Fast Track series, Flat Out Sexy , was and given the sexy as sin cover it s a no brainer that even if it received bad reviews, I d still have read it anyway and attempted to keep from drooling over the hunk a licious stud on the cover in the process.But, it s actually a great read and has lots going for it besides the hottastic book jac [...]

    3. Auntee on said:

      Here s a book that lives up to it s title The characters in this story definitely fell hard and fast for each other, that s for sure This second book in the Fast Track series about stock car drivers was another extremely fast paced, easy to read winner by Erin McCarthy I found this one hard to put down, and I knocked it out in one afternoon This was a fairly simple read in regards to plot, but it was just smokin in the romance sex department It s listed as a contemporary romance, but the love sc [...]

    4. Miss Kim on said:

      OH MY GOD I sat down on Saturday evening and didn t get up until I finished this one 6 hours later I ve been anticipating reading it since I read Flat Out Sexy a few months ago I loved it.Imogen is a friend to Tamara, the heroine from Flat Out Sexy She is also a grad student working on her thesis She gets sudden inspiration while at a stock car race, and sitting next one of the driver s bimbos The girl was reading book called How to marry a race car drive in 6 easy steps or something like that H [...]

    5. MelissaB on said:

      I loved this book Ty was a very sexy, wonderful and realistic hero I loved his names for Imogen Emma Jean, Engine I really liked Imogen as well, as I could relate to some parts of her personality I thought they were wonderful together, I loved the idea of the smart, shy, scholarly New York city girl with the manly North Carolinan race car driver The love scenes were very hot I enjoyed every second of reading this story and loved the romance so this is a five star for me

    6. jenjn79 on said:

      Rating 4.5 5Did anyone else keep flipping back to the cover while reading this book to ogle the stud muffin on the front I know I did But seriously, enjoyable book that s sort of a borderline erotic romance Very steamy with interesting characters and a nice romance.Hard and Fast is the second book in Erin McCarthy s Fast Track, NASCAR centered series I don t think you have to read the first book in the series to understand this one, but I do think it would be beneficial to read them in order.Imo [...]

    7. Holly on said:

      After deciding to create her doctoral thesis on the dating and mating rituals of stock car drivers, Imogen Wilsen wonders if she should test out her theories on the drop dead gorgeous Ty McCordle He s hot, he s available, and best of all, he s looking at her as if he wouldn t mind if she tested out a few of her theories on his willing body He sets her pulses racing, which unfortunately ruins her objectivity, but that s okay because hot sex is her reward While no longer able to test out her thesi [...]

    8. Eastofoz on said:

      Well this turned out to be surprisingly better than what I thought it would be and considering that I didn t particularly love the first book in this series that made it all the better I wasn t going to pick this one up because I didn t like the whole NASCAR backdrop from the first book and I didn t really like how the two main characters came together but I did like how that book finished by starting the story between Ty and Imogen two very unlikely people to have any kind of relationship let a [...]

    9. Julie (jjmachshev) on said:

      Another hot hero from Erin McCarthy Hard and Fast is book two in her series about stock car racing drivers and their rocky road yes, I couldn t resist to romance Ms McCarthy knows how to write heroes and heroines that readers can relate to and identify with This time she s provided a bad boy driver and a cerebral graduate student in search of a thesis Now there s two stereotypes you don t usually see together Imogen is sure she s finally found something new and different for her sociology thesis [...]

    10. Tammy on said:

      I suspected this book was all about insta lust and a throbbin man ham, so I was pleased to find that there was a storyline involved too A pretty good storyline even though there was no suspense, mystery, or romantic subplots.Some of the things that popped out of Imogen s mouth didn t sound believable and the whole gist of her doctorate thesis dissertation was kind of dumb I liked how Ty was willing to do anything and everything to win her, including dealing with his dyslexia and learning to read [...]

    11. Ingela on said:

      4 Stars Easygoing, hot and cute a goodfeel Is there anything better than a smart, hot and sexy, sweet book about adults experienced and mature people who fall in love, get together and let me go with them to the expected Happily.Ever.After May I also laugh, smile, meet their nice friends new and old book friends in the stock car word and avoid baddies, pesky intrigue and a lot of unnecessary anxiety, I m fortunate Just straight on towards big love Is that what you want, it s atleast what I often [...]

    12. Kathrynn on said:

      I enjoyed this erotic sequel to Flat Out Sexy and look forward to The series should be read in order because the characters look to be overlapping and updating Neat Hard and Fast had two neat characters Imogen and Ty There wasn t any bickering, but a nice budding romance that went from zero to sixty in a few pages Imogen and Ty first appeared in Flat Out Sexy Imogen is Tamara s assistant and Ty was Hunter s godfather Hunter is Tamara s child The plot of the story morphed a few times as the book [...]

    13. ♡Karlyn P♡ on said:

      4.5 stars Sexy, fun and great writing just what I love about an Erin McCarthy book This is an opposites attracks book, a favorite theme for me The chemistry between Ty and Imogen was fun, and you never doubt for a moment why they want to be with each other despite their differences Cant wait for the next in the series Hope it is Ryder and Suzanne s story

    14. Floripiquita on said:

      gil y sencilla lectura Le doy un 3,5 Me he divertido bastante con la historia de Ty e Imogen, dos personajes que parecen no tener nada en com n pero que acaban siendo el vivo ejemplo de que los opuestos se atraen y se complementan Por si eso fuera poco, la qu mica entre ellos es Wow

    15. Laura on said:

      I cannot fairly rate this book but needed to give it some sort of star I wouldn t be grading the book itself, but rather the treatment of a topic that is near and dear to me This book embodied one of the topics that concerns me on a personal and professional level, and in the end lived up to all my worst fears That topic is the perception of females in grads school and the sciences in this case, social science To be honest, it s not just THIS book I have a problem with, but every other one I hav [...]

    16. Chandra on said:

      May Contain Spoilers Story Rating 3.5 StarsCharacter Rating 4 Stars Romance Rating 3.5 StarsHeat Level 4 StarsOverall Rating 3.75 StarsWhen I started this book, I knowingly skipped book one of the series I skipped it because it didn t sound like I would really like it, but I did like the idea of the series being set in the car racing world I mean, who doesn t like a hot guy in a fast car Am I right Anyway, with that, I gave this book a go, and was okay I was able to read it in one day, and I lik [...]

    17. K. on said:

      I found this second book in McCarthy s Fast Track racing series an easy read, but not as compelling for me in the romance as Flat Out Sexy Imogen and Ty were an opposites attract romance, and they indeed were Imogen was a serious Upper East Side NY girl working on her doctorate in sociology, and Ty was a sexy party boy racecar driver working on how many women he could nail They were introduced via the H h in Flat Out Sexy, and I have to say that there second meeting in this book was smokin I fel [...]

    18. Leah on said:

      This book was much better than the first one, Flat Out Sexy I liked Ty in FOS, and he and Ryder are the reasons that I continued the series because I wanted to read their books Well, I m glad I stubbornly continued the series because I really, really loved this book.I love Ty Love him He is so sweet and cute and sexy and special It sounds lame but he really was special He was a hero I never came across before and I just love him so much AnnndI wanted to hug him so badly when he was embarrassed a [...]

    19. Lori Foster on said:

      Finished this a few days ago Fantastic Even sexier than the first one in the series Lots of humor, and great characterization Loved it This is the 2nd book in Erin McCarthy s Fast Track series I ll be picking up the third soon

    20. Katie(babs) on said:

      You would think this line, you re the hottest biscuit this side of the gravy boat said by the hero to the heroine after an extreme hot and heavy session of sex would sound very corny But coming from Ty McCordle, Erin McCarthy s hero in Hard and Fast, is exactly what you would expect him to say Ty has a way with words, as does his lover Imogen Wilson The discussions and conversations between these two is what makes Hard and Fast one of the most enjoyable books I have read so far this year It is s [...]

    21. Susanne on said:

      Contemporary romance 5 stars.Wow I m amazed by this hilarious, sappy and very steamy story Where have you been and why haven t I read you before There are few things better than trying a new author and finding a new favorite book I laughed so much, you know really laughing my ass off, and grinning so much that my cheeks hurt I want to read it again I could so relate to Imogen maybe because I m also a PhD student, a bit of nerd, not pretty pretty and straightforward She cracked me up with her blu [...]

    22. Wminbc on said:

      I upped the stars on the re readloved their walk in the woods and lovin up against the treeen there, done that Ty and Imogen were great together I really loved their chemistry and their banter The smexing was steamy and I loved Ty s dominant tendancies Imogen is a character that has lingered with him I often forget the heroine s names in books perhaps inserting myself instead of them but I found her hilarious and her lack of game was just too funny in the NASCAR world of playa s.Ty earned her lo [...]

    23. valee on said:

      This is such a great series I had no clue it would be this good, if I had I definitely would have started it much sooner.This book was not as good as the first but still an amazing read What I liked the most about the series is that you get to care for the characters and their lives I love it when an author is able to give different personalities to each of their characters Some series I read have started to be very predictable because all the characters behave the very same way specially in par [...]

    24. ♥Sam ♥ ~S2~Im made of awesomness on said:

      This is your typical smart girl falls in love with the unattainable hot shot athlete Ty McCordle was introduced to us in Flat Out Sexy He came across as a laid back, ladies man, but in this book becomes much 3 dimensional Ty is dyslexic and never learned how to read The romance between Imogen and Ty was very sweet I found myself frustrated by Imogen and her lack of being able to be discreet, but that is part of her charm Ty s insecurity was examined and I found it heartbreaking, but I also foun [...]

    25. Yolanda on said:

      si digo que Ty es fkljaskljfa irua il k me quedo corta madreeeeee

    26. Stephanie on said:

      WOW, WOW, WOW This is an amazing book Never before have I liked every aspect of a book, but that is no longer the case Ty and Imogene were fantastic He was so good to her and she was not full of insecurities that some books are filled with It was just such a great book

    27. Shannon C. on said:

      4 stars humorous, sexy and sweet contemporary romanceThis is a great, light summer beach read The story is about Imogen and Ty Imogen is a grad student at the University of NC at Charlotte and Ty is a NASCAR driver They meet through mutual friends and things heat up quickly I liked the main characters and supporting cast Their coming together was very sexy and sweet.I was pleasantly surprised by this series Even though it s not normally the type of book I go for, I tried it for a couple of reaso [...]

    28. Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog) on said:

      So I was really excited to read this book since I liked Imogen from the beginning of Flat Out Sexy She has a quirky, a bit weird and crude personality She s very smart but doesn t really know how to interact with other people Ty on the other hand gave the impression of being the carefree player However, there s a whole other side to his story.He has dyslexia and was never able to learn to read And he is actually very thoughtful and a character with deep emotions.Imogen figures out a topic for he [...]

    29. Mojca on said:

      Yeah Finally an Erin McCarthy book that I liked Really liked, actually Compared to the two I read before this one was a romance instead of a sex fest Don t get me wrong, we still get multiple pages long sex scenes, but there also is an actual story, and a budding romance thrown into the mix.The fact both leading characters are likable and that attraction between them is palpable , believable, and realistic is an added bonus.This was a cute, light weight, sexy, starry eyed little story with two g [...]

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