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ReVamped By Lucienne Diver ReVamped The fanged fabulousity of Vamped FLUX s fastest selling new release is back Gina s Rules for Surviving Super Spy Club Training First the dirt and sweat are just too horrible to contemplate Unle

  • Title: ReVamped
  • Author: Lucienne Diver
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • ReVamped By Lucienne Diver The fanged fabulousity of Vamped, FLUX s fastest selling new release, is back Gina s Rules for Surviving Super Spy Club Training 1 First, the dirt and sweat are just too horrible to contemplate.2 Unless you enjoy cold showers, be the first one to the bathroom in the morning.3 Cargo pants make you look hip py.4 Making out on missions, unless it s part of your cover, isThe fanged fabulousity of Vamped, FLUX s fastest selling new release, is back Gina s Rules for Surviving Super Spy Club Training 1 First, the dirt and sweat are just too horrible to contemplate.2 Unless you enjoy cold showers, be the first one to the bathroom in the morning.3 Cargo pants make you look hip py.4 Making out on missions, unless it s part of your cover, is totally grounds for extrapush ups.5 When going goth, you ve totally got to strike words like totally, awesome, andphat from your vocabulary.6 Who s actually running the Super Spy Club, you ask I could tell you, but thenI d have to kill you.
    ReVamped By Lucienne Diver

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      435 Lucienne Diver
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    One thought on “ReVamped

    1. Lissa Smith Reads'~Bookaholics Bookshelf Reviews on said:

      Great funny kick ass read The dialogue is sharp, witty, and dead on The plot is excellent The only disappointment was that the romance dial was set to cold I was looking forward to seeing Gina s relationship grow Maybe in the net one

    2. Jennifer Wardrip on said:

      Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen for TeensReadTooGina Covello s life described in six words Still a vampire, also a spy However, not so much one of those sexy spies like on Alias or anything.After defeating the vampire vixen who turned her current boyfriend, Bobby, and taking a deal with the Feds that offered protection, Gina is back with a vengeance well, not a vengeance, like a mission Turns out the Feds needed Gina and her minions to go undercover and help them solve some myste [...]

    3. Mart Ramirez on said:

      Author Lucienne Diver has created a unique and captivating series Her protagonist, Gina Covello rocks A touch of romance, some humor and suspense makes it for a pleasurable read a charming saga sure to hook any YA reader Heck, you don t even have to be a YA reader to enjoy reading it.If you want to escape to an awesome world of vamps in action, I highly recommend reading Vamped and Revamped Can t wait to see what Gina does next Congrats to Lucienne for creating such a great story.

    4. Shelley on said:

      After the events of Vamped, where Gina Covello, Bobby and their crew of vampires defeated Bobby s dame maker , they are forced to work for the feds, or be killed If they try to run, the will be hunted down Gina is still getting used to the fact that she s been turned by Bobby.Gina, Bobby, and Rick the rat are given a mission by Agents Sid and Maya, their handlers, to infiltrate Maureen Benson HS to find out why students have gone missing.Gina is assigned to be a Goth girl which if you read Vampe [...]

    5. Annette M Guerriero Nishimoto on said:

      Today s review is on ReVamped by Lucienne DiverReVamped is the second installment in Diver s delightfully written Vamped series Like the first, ReVamped tells the story of high school senior Gina Covello, vampire extraordinaire With her not so quick wit, but quick sarcastic come backs, and a kick ass attitude, Gina is the ultimate teen vampire.There are strange happenings Wappingers Falls Many teens are becoming aggressive while others seem to be waking around in a daze Grades are dropping, eve [...]

    6. Sara on said:

      Revamped by Lucienne Diver, was quite the interesting book, despite the fact that I picked it up without knowing it was a continuation of a series The story is about a group of people in an organization that I think is against the vampire government who goes out to a town to investigate the recent strange activity of the school premise Never have I ever read a story dedicated to vampires, so I chose to expand my horizon, and chose this book Overall it was pretty good the romance was also expande [...]

    7. Kate on said:

      REVAMPED, is the continuation of Gina s life new life as vampire Gina, Bobby, and Rick are recruited to figure out the strange events occurring at a school They all go undercover as students to try and solve the mystery.Gina infiltrated the goth group where her fashionista self successfully shined, even with little color in her wardrobe and made fast friends I loved getting to know the new characters in the goth group An old villain resurfaced along with an even older one, and I was anxious to s [...]

    8. Newport Librarians on said:

      Recently turned fashion diva, Gina, now has to go Goth and return to high school to find out why the students are missing, skipping and generally becoming weirder than your average teenager She, Bobby and Rick infiltrate the school and discover a plot deeper than anyone ever dreamed oh, and Mr sparkly rainbows, the unicorn Say what This book is a nice easy read For me it was a little refreshment after some heavier novels and a nice way to pass my break time at work The writing is average and the [...]

    9. Melanie Marsh on said:

      If you didn t love Vamped, that s ok If you ve stuck with the series anyway, you will see a defininite improvement in the overall writing and storyline Gina is still a spoiled brat, but she does seem to be growing up a bit, which is something a lot of people had a problem with in the first book Just like any teenager, these things take time Overall I enjoyed the progress this author is making in her storytelling as well as her character development It s not perfect, but getting better and better [...]

    10. Mina Burrows on said:

      I finished Lucienne Diver s second book in her YA series, Revamped I liked this one much better There are spoilers here so reader, beware.From Book 1, Vamped, Gina and Bobby the girlfriend boyfriend vamps are forced to work with the Feds I guess this organization oversees paranormal activity In Book 2, Gina and Bobby along with Rick get deputized, trained and assigned to investigate some strange occurrences.Read the rest on my blog.minaburrows 2010

    11. Noreen Byrne on said:

      Another fun read by Lucienne Diver I love the the main character Gina and her catch phrases and nicknames she gives people she comes in contact with.ReVamped finds Gina, Bobby Rick working with the FBI They are given their first assignment to go undercover as highschool studentsrange behavour disappearences.special pre bottled blood for Gina Bobbykes for an interesting story Give it a read

    12. Marli on said:

      Move over Buffyere s a new vamp in town Fashionista Gina Covello and her minions go undercover for the Feds Witty and sharp no pun intended dialogue, lots of action and plot twists Add in some current teen issues bullying, violence, making grades and dealing with clicks and you have a kick ass read appropriate for tweens and teens alike.

    13. N.L. Riviezzo on said:

      While the MC, Gina, was rather vapid and annoying in Vamped, it was still a cute quick read Unfortunately, for ReVamped, Gina became even vapid and annoying Her personality made this book incredibly irritating to read In the end, it was a complete waste of time.

    14. Patricia on said:

      Gina, a new vampire working for the government as a spy, is not too happy with her newly assigned role as an emancipated minor Goth girl at a high school where unexplained odd things are happening, but she quickly makes some friends with the local Goth group, is shocked to find out who is causing all the problems A light quick read

    15. Crystal on said:

      ahh i really really like this series yes i am a sucker for vampire witchy books apparently i totally love the main character Gina she is hilarious i like that she likes the nerdy guy bobby i also like ulric too i actually have 8 pages left to read but my ereader s battery died can not wait to figure out what else happens then on to the next book of the series.

    16. Deborah Blake on said:

      This book was a blast An original, funny romp into the world of teenaged vamps, who are only shiny if they re wearing lip gloss The follow up to Vamped, it had even action and snarky humor Loved this book

    17. Lyndsey on said:

      I love the amount of sarcasim and the personality of gina it is so entertaining really interested to see how the other books pan out but wish there was just a little bit depth to these books so that you understand a little better as to what is going on

    18. Morgan on said:

      in this book Gina goes gothshe is undercover to investigate a bunch of oddly acting teensGina is awsomefunny, sarcastic, fashionista, oh ya and a vampire

    19. Casey Mae on said:

      Amazing continuation of Vamped Gina complains about the non color wardrobe yet she takes being undercover as a goth to a whole new level.

    20. Eileen on said:

      Loved it just as much as the first one looking forward to in this series

    21. Francie on said:

      Well crap I bought this book at a book fair, and I had no idea it was the 2nd book Now I have to look for the 1st one.

    22. Navita on said:

      Gina is undercover as a goth to try to investigate the unusual behavior by students.The book was a quick read It was boring to me.

    23. N Sandman on said:

      Very hard to read felt like I was making myself finish the book Dont think I am looking forward to the reading the next one

    24. Nancy Haddock on said:

      I m way behind in listing my books, but I finished this one last year, and I ll read the next in the series I hope Fast paced snarky fun

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