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Heather Quarles

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A Door Near Here

A Door Near Here By Heather Quarles A Door Near Here Without even noticing year old Katherine has become the head of her household She hasn t had time to notice Her single mother an out of work alcoholic has been in bed for weeks leaving Katherin

  • Title: A Door Near Here
  • Author: Heather Quarles
  • ISBN: 9780440227618
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Door Near Here By Heather Quarles Without even noticing, 15 year old Katherine has become the head of her household She hasn t had time to notice Her single mother, an out of work alcoholic, has been in bed for weeks, leaving Katherine and her three younger siblings to band together and fend for themselves But it has gotten harder and harder to maintain any sort of stability There s no time for housewoWithout even noticing, 15 year old Katherine has become the head of her household She hasn t had time to notice Her single mother, an out of work alcoholic, has been in bed for weeks, leaving Katherine and her three younger siblings to band together and fend for themselves But it has gotten harder and harder to maintain any sort of stability There s no time for housework, food and money are running out, and the kids teachers are starting to get suspicious Worst of all, Katherine s youngest sister, Alisa, seems to be losing her grip on reality she is obsessed with finding a door to the imaginary land of Narnia And the longer they all struggle to maintain their pretense of normality, the they have to fear and to lose.
    A Door Near Here By Heather Quarles

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      495 Heather Quarles
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    One thought on “A Door Near Here

    1. Jillian on said:

      I was anticipating a portal fantasy due to the Narnia references, but I didn t mind reading a contemporary story instead And by contemporary I mean the 90s, which I think is very apparent in the style, though I can t pin down exactly why The stubborn, list making, enterprising but overwhelmed protagonist, Katherine, is trying to keep her family together and under the radar while their single mother disappears into a depressed, alcoholic stupor Quarles places us in her mind well enough that it so [...]

    2. Kristine Hansen on said:

      I hated the protagonist of this book.She s whiny Stupid Deliberately blind to the crises around her, and she s NOT coping well And her solutions to the problem at hand aren t well thought out at all.In short she s a teenager And I kept wanting her to do what other teens in books of this nature do GROW UP.Onlyat s not real This is a family that is in a disastrous situation And she s just a kid And admitting the problem is too scary and means that they re all really on their own and expecting to f [...]

    3. Heather on said:

      This book makes me want to find a door near here I want Aslan to come to me and tell me what to do The story itself makes me see that people can be foolish and irresponsible, but also mature far beyond their years Kathrine often got on my nerves with her idiotic ways, but then I remember that she is only 15, and she cannot be expected to do everything the right way In many books like this, where children are responsible for things they shouldn t be, like their own well being and that of their si [...]

    4. Samantha Boyd on said:

      It s an extremely interesting book, since this is something I ve never had to deal with a drunk mother, and having to raise three other children on my own , so I don t really know how realistic it is I can only imagine that it s as realistic as it seems, since it seems so real in the book, but I believe that it might be exaggerating a little bit The only really surprising thing is how much Katherine thinks that the other kids rely on her, when really, I think they re just as capable, if not , th [...]

    5. Kayla on said:

      Okay this book was at first glance very interesting, however when you start reading it is anything but I thought that the way the main character dealt with certain situations was off base and bad things could have been avoided Katherine had no idea how to take care of her family and her drunk mother at the same time and she shouldn t have to But then she goes and makes it worse by not telling anyone about her mom What an idiot And her dad is not much better, he refuses to take responsiblity for [...]

    6. Kim on said:

      Four kids, aged 15, 14, 13, and 9, must hide the fact that their mother is completely neglectful, held up in a drunken stupor in her room They are afraid if they tell the truth they will be separated from their youngest sibling, as she is not their father s daughter It is a good story, albeit somewhat unrealistic at times What I really liked was the allusions to The Chronicles of Narnia and religion Students, however, reading this on their own, may not easily get them It is a teachable story for [...]

    7. Emily on said:

      I don t remember much about this book, just that I considered it my favorite book for years after I read it, So apparently it is really good.

    8. Ruth Ann on said:

      Not sure what it is about this book it is kind of annoying to read but I don t know why I guess maybe it s the main character s fifteen year old Katherine voice A strength of this book is the strong bond of the older siblings The three older characters have their own lives, but work together to keep the family viable.

    9. Mackenzie Maxhimer on said:

      I think this is a really great book Alisa is probably my favorite and most like me The way she turned the experience with Aslan into an actual lesson something she thought was real I wish there was an epilogue to see what happens with the mom after all of her treatment such as like a 3 years later kind of thing

    10. Denisse on said:

      I never thought I would cry again because of a book The last time I did, was when I read The Breach of Promise that I gave This book is not as long as that, but that is the point The novel shatters my soul and it revealed my vulnerability towards people who are having a terrible time of their life I have a tough childhood and the story relates to about 40% of my life.I think that Katherine is a very tough character and even though she makes a lot of impulsive and irrational decisions, you really [...]

    11. Jill on said:

      A Door Near Here by Heather Quarles Growing Up Too FastThis review is from A Door Near Here Mass Market Paperback A Door Near HereBy Heather QuarlesFour kids live with their single mother near Washington, DC When their mother loses her job, she succumbs to depression and alcoholism, and stays in her bed, living on alcohol for weeks Fifteen year old Katherine tries to keep the family together, even when a nosey teacher is asking too many questions and their scant food supply and money are running [...]

    12. Jill on said:

      This book is a tear jerker 15 year old Katherine is left to care for her siblings, 14 year old Douglas, 12 year old Tracey, and 8 year old Alisa Their mother is an alcoholic who hasn t been out of bed for weeks, ever since she lost her job Their father left years ago, before Alisa was born they don t know who her father is , and has minimal contact with them They can t ask anyone for help if anyone suspects that they are neglected, then the older 3 kids will go with their father who doesn t care [...]

    13. Jenna K on said:

      Katherine is a character I will never forget because she was inspiring through the whole book That takes a lot of strength to become the women of the house, with 3 younger siblings, and her mom who s an alcoholic I would defiantly recommend this book to anyone because what happens in this book could actually happen in real life The best word to describe this book would be realistic I gave this book 5 out 5 stars because this is one of those books where you cant put it down for a second because y [...]

    14. Jamie Brooks on said:

      I finally got around to reading this Officially the oldest book on my to read list A melancholy book, but still enjoyable and touches on an important subject.

    15. Angela on said:

      After their dad left the oldest Katherine who is 15 has become the head of her household Her mother who out of work and has become an alcoholic, has been in bed for weeks, leaving Katherine and her three younger siblings to fend for themselves There s no time for homework, food and money are running out, and their teachers are starting to get suspicious Worst of all, the youngest, Alisa, seems to be losing her grip on reality she is obsessed with finding a door to the imaginary land of Narnia Th [...]

    16. Sarah on said:

      I first read this book in fifth or sixth grade, and enjoyed it enough to keep it even after my dog chewed part of it Ten years later, after a re read, it s still an enjoyable book Katherine as a narrator can get a little grating, and the decisions she makes are sometimes extremely stupid Her younger siblings are a nice counter to her idiosyncrasies, and Alisa is as charming as I remember her I recommend this book for 6th 9th graders, as it has issues and morals that are important to bring up and [...]

    17. Erica on said:

      I am a big fan of Young Adult literature always have been Done well it can offer perspective, and also a profound sense of identification I suppose all books can do that there is just an urgency that I associate with adolescence Anyway Four siblings must work together to stay together, while attempting to hide from the authorities the fact that their mother is an alcoholic incapable of caring for them One of the children is fascinated with the Chronicles of Narnia, and runs away in search of Def [...]

    18. Amber on said:

      This book was an overall, easy read, that had great metaphors If people do not the CS Lewis book, the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, they may be a little confused about the whole door scenario I think Heather Quarles does a good job when it came to characters, but she needed to give depth of them if she wanted to touch readers The ending of the book, to me seem too fast and it lacked much detail, and everything seemed to leave some little holes, which sort of made me guessing what Quarles w [...]

    19. Debbie on said:

      When her mother, lost in an alcoholic stupor, gives up caring for herself and her family, the burden falls on fifteen year old Katharine Katharine tries to care for her younger siblings, but the family secret gets harder and harder to keep as the bills pile up and food runs low To make matters worse, her younger sister, Alisa, runs away because she is convinced that she can make everything okay by finding a door into Narnia Heartbreaking and realistic.

    20. Denise on said:

      Even though I didn t relate to the main character smoker from a divorced home who takes care of her younger siblings while her alcoholic mother stays locked in her room all the time , I still felt of a connection with her than almost any other narrator of the books I read when I was in junior high For probably a couple years I reread this, Ever After by Rachel Vail, and Hope Was Here Backwater by Joan Bauer over and over, with a new book or two between each one.

    21. Chelsea on said:

      I first read this book twelve years ago in the 6th grade I am now almost 25 years old, and I still find myself reaching for this book.The book itself is incredibly compelling, and one can t help but really feel for the kids involved Katherine is wise beyond her years, and her willpower and determination are admirable I highly suggest this book to anyone wanting to submerse themselves in the harsh realities that is life Wonderful book and beautifully composed.

    22. Alicia on said:

      Katherine feels she needs to take care of her siblings while her mother is drunk every day They cover it up at school and everywhere else including driving to a store for groceries although they re all underage Finally though, a teacher discovers the truth when he must rescue a sibling trying to find her own escape If Douglas, Tracey and I tried hard enough, I thought we could keep everybody safe Which just goes to show how stupid you can be when you re fifteen Even if you re smart.

    23. Sawyer on said:

      This is one of my favourite books of all time I could really feel what the characters were going through I ve read it about 3 times for me, that s a lot and I ve recommended it to my mom, sister, and brother, who all loved it Sadly, I don t own it I took it out of my elementary school library But I plan on buying it very soon to add to my collection of keepers.

    24. Rose on said:

      A sad story about some kids living with an alcoholic mother who s coming apart, and they re trying to keep it together so DSS doesn t separate them The youngest sister believes fervently in Aslan, and wants to find a door near here to Narnia, because she believes Aslan can help their mother A teacher gets involved and helps them despite damage to himself.

    25. AnnaTee (The Bursting Bookshelf) on said:

      A door near here was a eye opening insight into alcoholism and how it affects the ones near you With awesome writing and a great cast of characters to boot, the only disappointment was the lack of information in the end You didn t get to find out what happened to some of the important characters and I found it disappointing.

    26. Margo on said:

      A young adult novel It is actually very good It s a story of four children s survival against all odds With an alcoholic mother who hasn t seen the light of day for two months, who just stays in her room drinking with her children trying to survive by not letting anyone find out what was going on as they feared being separated by social service and being put in foster homes.

    27. LeAnne on said:

      Excellent realism will haunt you for years Wonderful use of Narnia imagery to convey the gospel The eight year old is convinced that their alcoholic mother is in an enchanted sleep and only Aslan can save her It is a well developed religion teacher who helps the kids and risks his job in the process.

    28. Julie Baker on said:

      Had to read this for school and I really, really hated it Luckily, we re reading To Kill A Mockingbird next.

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