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Lauren Dane

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Never Enough

Never Enough By Lauren Dane Never Enough From the national bestselling author of Inside Out a sizzling story of insatiable passion Gillian Forrester spent her life runninguntil Miles came along The moment she held her older sister s unwanted

  • Title: Never Enough
  • Author: Lauren Dane
  • ISBN: 9780425243008
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • Never Enough By Lauren Dane From the national bestselling author of Inside Out a sizzling story of insatiable passion Gillian Forrester spent her life runninguntil Miles came along The moment she held her older sister s unwanted newborn, Gillian stopped running and began building a life for her adopted son Now, thirteen years later, Gillian s sister reveals the father s identity on her deathbeFrom the national bestselling author of Inside Out a sizzling story of insatiable passion Gillian Forrester spent her life runninguntil Miles came along The moment she held her older sister s unwanted newborn, Gillian stopped running and began building a life for her adopted son Now, thirteen years later, Gillian s sister reveals the father s identity on her deathbed a revelation that shakes Gillian to her core.Adrian Brown is the epitome of the successful rock star It takes a lot to shock him but the bombshell that he has a son rocks his world And Adrian is even surprised when the buttoned up elegant woman who s raising him ignites his erotic and romantic attention and engages his heart.
    Never Enough By Lauren Dane

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      425 Lauren Dane
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    One thought on “Never Enough

    1. The BookChick on said:

      Never Enough OhI ve had quite enough from Ms Dane this week, thank you very much This is the second time this week that I am siiiiiighing at her Hello has anybody seen Lauren Has she taken a sabbatical or been taken over by pod people What the heck is going on with her writing these days This new book, as with her other new release this week, Once and Again, has left me scratching my head.For the publisher s price of 10, I want 9.99 of it back This book was not good at all and yet another dull n [...]

    2. Auntee on said:

      Well I know one thing I can Never get Enough of Lauren Dane s Brown Siblings series While this was not my favorite of the series hard to beat Brody and his book Coming Undone I was entertained, and found this one hard to put down It s got sizzling heat, lots of passion, and of course there s some conflict Both the H h have their issues Adrian finds it difficult to trust outside his circle of friends and family, and fiercely independent Gillian has trouble opening up fully and revealing hurtful s [...]

    3. Jan on said:

      Welcome to another chapter in the neverending story of my love hate relationship with Lauren Dane There s no author that has this effect on me really Half of the time while reading her books I m grinding my teeth or rolling my eyes, but by the time I m finished with it, I always end up wanting And not in the it s so over the top bad it s good again way, but in the it touches something deep inside me way.This only goes for this series though, the other books I read from her I didn t really like. [...]

    4. Pam Nelson on said:

      5 Never Enough Stars I don t really have a favorite of this series because I like them all soooo much But if I had to choooooseeee Adrian would be it he is delicious Now Gillian is no slouch and I think I love that she puts Adrian in his place when he needs it I totally understand Adrian s trust issues but I can only excuse that so far you know At some point he has to make the choice and go all in And there is one scene in this book that makes me love Brody sooooo much than I already did and th [...]

    5. Vijetha on said:

      Review to come Meanwhile follow me and my book adventures at Bookshelves and Everything Else Keep reading

    6. Lindsay on said:

      I really enjoyed most of this book The story was fine until the information about Gillian s father was revealed Once that happened I went from really enjoying the book to hating Adrian and being irritated with Erin I felt like the characters did a 180 on Gillian and it was out of character to what was in the rest of the book I loved the interaction between Gillian and Erin in the beginning of the book, when they first meet Erin was up front about why she wanted to meet Gillian and she welcomed G [...]

    7. Holly on said:

      5 Stars I will start by saying that Adrian Brown is every woman s wet dream, ok, maybe not every woman but definitely THIS WOMAN S OMG What s not hot about a tattooed, pierced, dirty talking, gorgeous rock star who has a heart of gold That adequately describes Adrian, and I haven t even begun to talk about Gillian who was equally as fantastic I have to admit I have absolutely LOVED all the Brown siblings, they are an amazing family that makes you long for the kind of perfect love they have for o [...]

    8. Dee on said:

      I loved Adrian almost as much as I loved Brody He wasn t as patient and understanding as Brody but he was still a lovely guy and the way he accepted Miles into his life was great.I would have happily given this a 4.5 or even a 5 star but what on earth happened at the ending It just stopped there was no finish to the story, no epilogue, no nothing and quite frankly that irratated me.I know that Ms Dane intends on starting a new spin off series Known as Delicious series so I checked out her websit [...]

    9. Miss Kim on said:

      Meht much happens in this book It s been awhile since I read the previous book in this series, and I didn t remember who was who and what was happening It was a little frustrating to not have a refresher.It seemed like the entire book focused on how Gillian was British How she talked, etc constantly Ok, it was a little interesting at first, but every time she said something Adrian got turned on my her accent It was boring.They get together quite early, the boy calls Adrian dad immediatly, and th [...]

    10. Bree on said:

      I think my favorite thing about the Brown Siblings books are that they re somehow simultaneously about the family you have AND the family you make, which is pretty much the best of both worlds.

    11. Lorena on said:

      Imagine this scenario Your dying sister names the father of her child who you ve raised for the past 13 years Because you re a good person you do the right thing and track down said father of your child to let him know that he has a son Upon meeting this man, who seems calm and charming at first, and calmly and sensitively telling him about his son, he out of the blue freaks out and starts yelling at you I don t give in to blackmail I ve dealt with whores and gold diggers plenty of times You pla [...]

    12. The Book Junkie Reads . . . on said:

      One secret opens a door to than either of them wanted in their lives Gillian Forrester had Miles to care for after he sisters death Inform the father that he had a 13 year old son was not at the top of her list This one had drama, passion, and a connection Every rocker get hit with accusation of fathering a child or two It was not at the top of Gillian list to have to tell a man he is a father Adrian Brown was hot, sexy, and a successful rock star Being told that he was a father after all this [...]

    13. Stephanie on said:

      AMENDED REVIEW Okay I am amending my review and changing my rating Yeah Yeah I know I just posted it 5 minutes ago, but like the asshat that I am sometimes I was under the impression this was the last book in the series I AM WRONG There is no epilogue because there is another book coming out According to Lauren Dane s website it is called Sway and while not actually part of the Brown Siblings series but a series called Delicious, it will addres what I found so lacking in the ending of this book [...]

    14. jenjn79 on said:

      Rating 3.5 5 starsI ve really enjoyed this series by Lauren Dane It s had some great books so far, but I have to admit this one didn t quite do it for me It didn t click Not that I disliked it, I just didn t love it.Series Note Fourth book in Dane s Brown Siblings series about the musically artistically inclined Brown siblings and their friends in Seattle I don t think you absolutely have to read this series in order, but you d probably benefit from it if you did Plus they are great books.EDIT a [...]

    15. Jess on said:

      Joint review with Kristin posted at Happily Ever After ReadsFor our review of Never Enough, we wanted to do a little different take on our normal review format We re both HUGE Brown Siblings fans, and have been eager for the last book for quite some time So, upon finishing, we put together a joint review, Instant Message style, which is how we discuss books on a fairly regular basis.Jess So, we finished the last Brown Siblings book first thoughts on finishing Kristin OMG No Browns sobs Jess The [...]

    16. Tina on said:

      I am not sure if this is an end to this series since we are officially out of Brown siblings But I will say it is the end for me This book and the 3 book in the series have a markedly different feel from the first two books The first couple of books were edgier, had a better conflict and I felt the characters all had sharper edges that made them interesting These past two have felt like all the teeth have been pulled from the series.This book is about the last Brown sibling,the famous rock star [...]

    17. Katie(babs) on said:

      DNF by page 150 The bowl full of condoms by the heroine s bed she doesn t date and isn t sexually active as she has sex with the hero within days of meeting him, after he calls her a money grubbing whore, while his 13 year old son sleeps upstairs, is where I begin to lose hope in finishing A condom or two inside the bedside table I can understand, but a bowl full of condoms like MM s is where I go, huh I stopped when the heroine and her 13 year old son are told his aunt his father s sister is ha [...]

    18. JoJo - JJJ (Jo Anna) Janesko on said:

      This book had a really good story line so for that I give a higher rating My major problem is that I never felt the chemistry between the two main characters I wanted to love this book but I just couldn t I find that my main draw is to read for the romance and this book just didn t do it for me It felt cold without any real love or warmth I don t know if I am feeling this way because I had just read a really good book before that is now one of my favorites and perhaps this is a let down I am sti [...]

    19. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews on said:

      UPDATEmeone shared this link with me makes me feel so much better about the ending of Never Enough laurendane blog 2011 0I actually give this a 3 1 2 It s not my favorite of the series, however I love Adrianmething was just off for me with this one I am so sad to see the series end I do feel the ending was kind of abrupt and only hope maybe, Ms Dane plans on doing a kind of where are they now book on the Browns.

    20. Leontine on said:

      There are times when I start reading a book where on the first page I get a teaser It can be a sentence, a thought, a vibe that puts me on alert what is to come In Never Enough it was Adrian on stage, going in to the moment.Quote That essential, vibrant magic that was music rode him The pleasure of it, the joy at creation and manipulation The way he sounded against the drums, over and around the bass Music was alchemy Music was sex.And in that moment, as I saw Adrian on stage in my mind, I simpl [...]

    21. Patti TheLoveJunkee on said:

      Gillian Forrester just found out who the father of her 13 year old son, Myles, is So now, she s not only dealing with emotions surrounding the death of her sister his birth mother , but she must approach Rock Star Adrian Brown to tell him he has a teenage son Gillian adopted her sister s child at birth, but her sister refused to disclose the identity of his father until she lay dying in the hospital It s always been just Gillian and Myles, and she s afraid Adrian is going to try to take him away [...]

    22. Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog) on said:

      This review was posted at Under the CoversIt feels as if I ve waited for Adrian s book forever We ve sort of fallen in love with him throughout the series as the reliable and steady presence Funny, caring, a bit spoiled, but I really never saw him as THE stud of the series Well, ladies be warned and prepared Adrian Brown is amazing He might just be Mr Perfect for me LOL With his tats, sexy arms, and than talented ways, as well as pretty much no inhibitions when it comes to what he wants and wha [...]

    23. ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme on said:

      Finally Adrian s story is here While the picture on the cover is not how I imagined Adrian, it didn t stop me from devouring this book I have a couple of dozen of books in my queue to read and yet I couldn t resist and had to place this up front I ve mostly drifted away from contemporary romances because they don t really do it for me There are only a few authors I will read them from with greedy gluttonous delight Ms Dane is one of them.I really liked Gillian She s different than all the other [...]

    24. Darcy on said:

      I am conflicted about this book, for the most part I really liked it but I did want to reach through the pages and slap Adrian than a couple of times and even Gillian a time or two.I really liked the two of them, I thought that Gillian was doing a great job with Miles and adjusting to her new situation with grace I knew that Adrian was jealous of his friends and family and how they had all paired off in the last couple of years and how he wanted that I really liked their chemistry together But [...]

    25. Jennifer (TexasDiva74) on said:

      Oh yeah, this definitely lived up to the previous books reputation, and that reputation would be books with love scenes so hot you could fry an egg on them Throw in a strong, take no prisoners heroine and a tattooed rock star who likes to sing love songs in bed, and you have a story that could be damn near perfect.That being said, the only reason it wasn t perfect was the hero Adrian Brown got his panties in a wad over the dumbest things As his relationship with Gillian progressed, he constantly [...]

    26. Awilk -never sleeps- on said:

      This book was much better than the one before it Adrian was a nice hot alpha male, with just enough kink in his tastes to make me enjoy reading this one I was a bit annoyed with some aspects, but it wasn t enough to lower my rating Three stars is good for me Got my hopes up when Ben and Todd being together was mentioned, but nothing came of that The growth of Raven s character was pleasing to see, and I will always want Brody.Would liked to have found out why Tina kept the knowledge of Miles aw [...]

    27. Bobbi Romans on said:

      I was lucky enough to have a won an ARC of this story I LOVE the Browns Below is my spoiler free review.This series will turn your non reader friends INTO reading fiends The characters are real and quite raw, both flawed, and flawless and utterly unforgettable Never Enough is Adrians and Gillians story With these two, your never sure whether to hug em or hit em Ms Dane is a master at her craft leaving one feeling shocked to finish the story only to realize they aren t real and that there is Neve [...]

    28. Spoiler Whore of Pettysburg on said:

      Wasn t what I expected but then again don t know what I expected that make sense Didn t like the ending could have been a couple chapters And I can see if she was to do a spin off with other characters Raven is in this one and I wonder if she will ever get a HEA, maybe not Still recommend this series to anyone who hasn t read it Adrian wasn t my favorite, I still prefer Brody and Cope that manwhore.

    29. Teryl on said:

      There is only one reason this book is getting 4 stars and that s Adrian Brown Other than that the book was just ehh The heroine annoyed me because she always excepted Adrian to bend and change and she didn t Also, it felt like everything was too perfect What conflict there was was small.

    30. Debbie on said:

      Really wonderful book I think my favorite of the series I did have a few issues with Gillian though, but still a great book It was great getting back in touch with rest of the Brown Copeland family.

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