Island of the Sequined Love Nun

Christopher Moore

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Island of the Sequined Love Nun

Island of the Sequined Love Nun By Christopher Moore Island of the Sequined Love Nun Pilot Tucker Case has a weakness well Tuck really has two and the combination of drinking and sex in the cockpit of the pink Mary Jean Cosmetics Learjet puts him on the front page of papers all over

  • Title: Island of the Sequined Love Nun
  • Author: Christopher Moore
  • ISBN: 9780380975051
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Island of the Sequined Love Nun By Christopher Moore Pilot Tucker Case has a weakness well, Tuck really has two and the combination of drinking and sex in the cockpit of the pink Mary Jean Cosmetics Learjet puts him on the front page of papers all over the planet But he finds another job with a mysterious employer someone with a brand new Lear 45 who s willing to pay Tuck generously and ask no questions about his recorPilot Tucker Case has a weakness well, Tuck really has two and the combination of drinking and sex in the cockpit of the pink Mary Jean Cosmetics Learjet puts him on the front page of papers all over the planet But he finds another job with a mysterious employer someone with a brand new Lear 45 who s willing to pay Tuck generously and ask no questions about his record The jet and job are on Alualu, a speck in the Pacific Ocean, and Tucker has nowhere else to go But first he has to get to Alualu, and once there, he faces a hurricane, Shark People, atypical missionaries, and boredom and the responsibilities assigned to him by Capt Vincent Bennidetti, U.S Air Force, deceased bomber pilot and present day deity of the Shark People.
    Island of the Sequined Love Nun By Christopher Moore

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      458 Christopher Moore
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    One thought on “Island of the Sequined Love Nun

    1. Lyn on said:

      Island of the Sequined Love Nun by Christopher Moore tells the story of Tucker Case, a ne er do well corporate pilot who, after a hilarious allusion to Shakespeare, winds up in a chaotic Moore created bad trip in Micronesia Somewhere along the way we meet reformed cannibals, a transvestite Filipino navigator, some wacky Pacific Ocean cargo cults, and the ghost of a WWII fighter pilot Not one of his best novels, all the same, Christopher Moore novels join the ranks of pizza and sex where a good u [...]

    2. seak on said:

      Christopher Moore is a popular writer and satirist in the vein of Terry Pratchett and Kurt Vonnegut with titles like Lamb The Gospel According to Biff, Christ s Childhood Pal You Suck A Love Story and many Moore how could I resist Island of the Sequined Love Nun was actually my first foray into his work, but what got me than anything else, even than Moore s popularity and humor, was the title itself It says it all And after having read it, it s actually an extremely fitting title.Tucker Case s [...]

    3. Mick on said:

      Okay I like humor Some people tell me, based on my looks, it s darn good I like humor, cause I sure need a sense of it I like funny movies, funny stories, dirty jokes what I don t see a whole lot of, are funny books I mean, laugh out loud funny books ISLAND OF THE SEQUINED LOVE NUN is a witty exception I had read Christopher Moore before Coyote Blue , and while I enjoyed his work, his humor was just a tad too quirky and for me, that s saying something But with this book, I had a good time from t [...]

    4. Elise on said:

      This book reminded me of Meet the Parents, a movie that I stopped watching after the main character s name was revealed to be Gaylord Focker his first name has gay in it and his last name sounds like fucker That is hilarious So when Moore presented the character Zoophilia Gold, I knew that the book could safely be added to my trade in pile.Granted, my simple lady mind is ill equipped to recognize and appreciate humor In the 30 or so pages before Zoophilia s entrance, nothing struck me as funny, [...]

    5. Bandit on said:

      I m pretty sure it s impossible not to enjoy Christopher Moore s books His awesome imagination creates these terrifically preposterous scenarios and his killer combo of wit and humor turn every story into such a fun read About the only author to consistently have me laugh out loud during reading Tucker Case is a disgraced pilot with a quite literally Shakespearean Hamletian to be specific past and a revoked license When he gets an offer he simply can t refuse to be a private pilot for a small is [...]

    6. Marvin on said:

      Does Christopher Moore know how to write a bad novel Does he even know how to write an average novel While Island of The Sequined Love Nun is not the equal of Lamb and A Dirty Job, it is still a total delight with Moore s cast of insane characters and tightly woven if outlandish plots And of course It is frigging hilarious Cargo Cults, talking bats, stripper bimbo masquerading as goddess, pink Lear jets, transvestites All the sort of things that no one but Moore could tie together in a funny tot [...]

    7. Wendi on said:

      When you read the first chapter of this book you will say to yourself, what the He Only not in a bad way I could not stop reading and actually had read halfway through by the end of the day It is about a washed up pilot who is an alchoholic and is asked to fly a jet for a Mary Kay type person Needless to say, the jet is bright pink The opening chapter sums the main character up pretty much in a nut shell, his luck with flying, booze and women It only gets better from there I hope I didn t give t [...]

    8. Twan on said:

      Island of the Sequined Love Nunis absolutely hilarious Christopher Moore has a style akin to Tom Robbins, of whom I am a big fan Sardonic and clever Excellently ridiculous story line, completely engaging If done right, could be made into an excellent movie I highly recommend this read.

    9. Rachel on said:

      somewhere between 3 and 4 starsbut definitely closer to 4 very different from the previous christopher moore i ve read i guess i ve stuck to the supernatural moore except for lamb which is in a genre of its own , so this is the first normal novel of his that i ve read and yes, i use the term normal very loosely island was reminiscent of carl hiaasen one of my favorite authors , so overall i really enjoyed it.i was slightly disappointed with the endingi felt it just sort of dropped off and slowed [...]

    10. Yael on said:

      I ve now read several of Christopher Moore s novels, and each one leaves me impressed with his skill as a novelist than the previous one Island of the Sequined Love Nun is no exception The story of Tucker Case, a totally hopeless geek trapped in the body of a gorgeous jock, Island of the Sequined Love Nun is an epic journey into a world of cargo cults, cannibals, mad scientists, ninjas, and one talking fruit bat.After Tucker Case manages to demolish his boss s pink executive jet during a drunke [...]

    11. Delta on said:

      In the last few months I become a big fan of Christopher Moore s work He s got this dark humor thing that really works for me and I often find myself laughing out loud This book was a bit serious than some of his last work, but it had just enough wild adventure to really keep me interested It s a level of absurdity that you would have a hard time finding in another author.I listened to the audio version and narrator did a pretty good job Some of the voices of the natives were odd, but they were [...]

    12. Marta on said:

      Shark People, a Sky Priestess, a Sorcerer, Roberto the talking fruit bat, a man girl navigator, an old grouchy cannibal and a complete loser who thinks with his penis make up the cast of Island of the Sequined Love Nun In proper Moore form, some supernatural and some insane silliness ensues Tucker Case starts out as sex obsessed loser jerk, but slowly turns into a decent human being while uncovering the mystery and his sense of decency.Starts out rather low brow and dated, but it picks up and be [...]

    13. Rev. Nyarkoleptek on said:

      I suspect that if I was the type of person who found the very idea of naughty spanking unbearably hilarious, I would have loved this book Moore seems to write for the kinds of people who consider the phrase fur handcuffs to be a laff riot punchline, deserving of its own paragraph Sorry I ve read enough shocking filth that sex on a plane doesn t strike me as all that titillating.

    14. Bettie☯ on said:

      pub 1997boy humourautumn 2012madcap adventurefraudioNot sure I will get to the end of this but it s enjoyable enough in the background for the moment.3 Lamb The Gospel According to Biff, Christ s Childhood Pal2 Island of the Sequined Love NunTR A Dirty Job2 Practical Demon Keeping4 The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove

    15. stormhawk on said:

      Remarkably CrazyLike most of Christopher Moore s books, I can t reveal much, if any, of the plot without spoiling the delight Rest assured, there is a whole lot of quirky going on to the tune of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Technicolor explosions, and the most horrific personal injury in the history of American literature.

    16. Kathy Worrellツ on said:

      Amusing Quite entertaining pleasantly diverting causing a smile or laugh

    17. Stephanie Griffin on said:

      Island of the Sequined Love Nun, by humor writer Christopher Moore, begins with a ne er do well pilot named Tucker Case, hanging upside down from a breadfruit tree, about to be a cannibal s next meal After crashing a plane belonging to the Mary Jean Cosmetic Corporation, he gets a job offer from a missionary doctor on a tiny island in the Western Pacific ocean An adventurous trip just trying to get to the island ends with him in the tree and begins the mysterious story of the island itself.Sarap [...]

    18. Chris White on said:

      Like any good book will do, this one is going to change me, I just know it And I m scared.I had to track this sucker DOWN, okay I usually read books that are available at my local library, and this one was on a back shelf in a distant annex across town, which boded something, right off the bat And when I finally arrived at said location I proceeded to confuse the hell out of the librarian either that or she just enjoyed hearing me repeat the title over and over again out loud.Here s the deal it [...]

    19. Alice on said:

      I picked this one up because it s been on my to read for a while, and I needed something light and funny to cleanse my reading palate, so to speak This was definitely the right choice.Tucker Case, who shares a history suspiciously similar to a certain Prince of Denmark, gets himself in hot water with a prostitute who wants to join the mile high club His best friend gets him out of the way by shunting him off to a job in the South Pacific, where he s supposedly running supplies for a tiny island [...]

    20. Amanda on said:

      Some of Moore s books I get into and others just don t do it for me This one was kind of a middle of the road read It started out slow, but I got into it by the end.Tucker Case is a pilot for Mary Jean cosmetics out of Texas with a little bit of a drinking girl problem When the attentions of a prostitute and one too many drinks cause him to crash, his career looks to be at an end, with his boss threatening bodily harm for the bad publicity and the prostiture talking lawsuit So an offer from a do [...]

    21. Peter on said:

      Verzweifelt suche ich ja immer noch nach dem ersten Buch, mit dem mich Christopher Moore nicht begeistert Auch bei der Himmelsg ttin ist ihm nicht gelungen, mich zu entt uschen Ein kleines Meisterwerk das sowohl in seinen Helden wie auch seinen B sewichten begeistert Fein gezeichneten Figuren, die vor allem durch ihre sympathischen Schw chen berzeugen, man vrieren von einer abstrusen Situation zur n chsten Neben Kannibalen, rzten und transsexuellen Seefahrern spielt auch der Geist eines Piloten, [...]

    22. Nic on said:

      Just not my type of book I only read it because a client of mine brought it in to me claiming I needed to read it as it is one of her favorite books I don t think she knows much of my reading tastes and because she loved it thought I might too I did not enjoy it in the least and just found it stupid Sorry to those of you who love this book it s just not something I would ever choose to read on my own I can understand people liking it if this is the type of book they usually read, if it is then y [...]

    23. Mitch on said:

      This book was surprisingly hilarious and a fantastic and trippy ride I ve never read anything by Christiphor Moore before, but this book was so different from everything I ever read and so although it won t go into history like The Great Gatsby or Of Mice and Men, it is still a read that I think everyone should attempt I don t even want to give anything away by describing the plot so I m just going to provide random snipets a nerd trapped in a cool guys body who has his male parts impaled in a c [...]

    24. Carol on said:

      Funny fantasy about an isolated island and its mostly reformed cannibal tribe A former missionary doctor remains on the island after his job ends and becomes rich with the help of his former stripper now surgical nurse wife A WWII pilot and a present day pilot become intertwined in an effort to save the islanders from the exploitative couple A transvestite and his talking fruit bat friend Roberto help out.There are lots of laughs in a Moore novel, and this is no exception There is only one femal [...]

    25. Maigh on said:

      Reliably good writing, makes me wish I read his books in order from oldest to newest.Best paragraph of the book, that made me literally lolz I want you to stop them I want covert action and deadly technology I want Navy SEALS and snipers and spies and laser guided smart stealth gizmos out the ying yang I want surgical strikes and satellite views and a steaming shitload of every sort of Tom Clancy geegaw you got I want fucking Jack Ryan, James Bond and a half dozen Van Damme motherfuckers who can [...]

    26. Ethan on said:

      Christopher Moore is funny, inconsequential, and breezy His books are candy Don t think too much about the plot, because it doesn t really come together He admits in his Afterword that his approach to research is, Is this accurate, or should I be vague I like that he admits that, because trying to read his books with any eye toward realism or consistency is, as he puts it, like using glazed donuts as a building material Still, the book was funny enough, although not quite as clever as Fluke, th [...]

    27. Vanessa / Little Gold Pixel on said:

      This is my first Christopher Moore book, even though he s been recommended before It is pure insanity, and I mean that in the kindest way Take highly unlikely circumstances and add hilarity, you will get this book.The only reason I docked a star was because there were several times I nodded off during technical descriptions of airplanes and other mechanics My advice just skip a few pages and pick up where the dialogue starts up again SPOILER Also, best ending ever I love that Tucker managed to e [...]

    28. David Schwan on said:

      Very fun to read novel Christopher Moore is best when he does original material The book starts out with a wacky situation and that state of affairs continues the whole time There is a dark undercurrent threaded through the story yet the author is able to keep the story light hearted The ending is quite satisfying.

    29. Kelli on said:

      I have recently discovered the strange, crude, hilarious world of Christopher Moore This book happens to be one of my favorites It s packed with memorable characters and crazy plot twists all set in the wonderful South Pacific Cannibals, ninjas, hurricanes, stolen organs, and talking bats Oh my

    30. Jamie Collins on said:

      This is an older Christopher Moore book, and I liked it even than I was expecting to It s quite funny, yet with a serious plot underneath Moore s trademark goofiness This one held up for me all the way through, when usually I enjoy the setup of his novels than the final act.

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