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Kate McMullan Jim McMullan

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I'm Mighty!

I'm Mighty! By Kate McMullan Jim McMullan I m Mighty From Kate and Jim McMullan the popular creators of I Stink and I m Dirty now a streaming animated series comes a raucous tribute to a tireless harbor hero This time a tugboat proves that even the sma

  • Title: I'm Mighty!
  • Author: Kate McMullan Jim McMullan
  • ISBN: 9780060092900
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I'm Mighty! By Kate McMullan Jim McMullan From Kate and Jim McMullan, the popular creators of I Stink and I m Dirty now a streaming animated series comes a raucous tribute to a tireless harbor hero This time a tugboat proves that even the smallest of us can be MIGHTY When big ships get to the harbor, they need me Cause I m MIGHTY And I can nudge, bump, butt, shove, ram, push, and pull em in.You think this tFrom Kate and Jim McMullan, the popular creators of I Stink and I m Dirty now a streaming animated series comes a raucous tribute to a tireless harbor hero This time a tugboat proves that even the smallest of us can be MIGHTY When big ships get to the harbor, they need me Cause I m MIGHTY And I can nudge, bump, butt, shove, ram, push, and pull em in.You think this tug s too small to pull in ships twenty times his size Think again This guy is 100% MIGHTY
    I'm Mighty! By Kate McMullan Jim McMullan

    • [E-Book] ✓ I'm Mighty! | By ☆ Kate McMullan Jim McMullan
      471 Kate McMullan Jim McMullan
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    One thought on “I'm Mighty!

    1. Matt on said:

      A day in the life of a tugboat Neo and I ventured into the harbour life of a tug and how such a small boat can have a massive impact on the waterways From tugging to bumping and even directing massive boats, tugs get the job done Neo thought it was cute that a small boat could be bossy to the larger ones I reminded him that even tugs have daddies and those boats take no waves from their offspring.

    2. Michael Lausche on said:

      This was a book about a Tug boat that has a very big job His job is to make sure that bog boats get to land safely, and goes through many challenges along the way The style of writing the author chose to do, was one that is splattered all over the pages It can range from telling the reader what all the tug boat needs in order to complete his tasks, to multiple onomatopoeias all over the page I sort of liked this style, but it could get confusing and jumpy at times The illustrations for this book [...]

    3. Amy on said:

      Almost 4 year old son loves this better than the others in the series He loves Prime s Stinky and Dirty Show, but those two books, not so much However, this book is the exception.His favorite page the maze where Mighty goes through the anchorage.His favorite lines Think again Butt when pushing ships Aarrrruuuuga My son isn t particularly interested in boats, but this book is fun for him We ve checked it out from the library a few times now.

    4. JCLHeatherM on said:

      Big things come in small packages with McMullan s tugboat Small but mighty, Tugboat proves that he is boss of the water when he helps his larger friends get where they need to be Filled with fun boat lingo that kids will love, there s a few boat sounds thrown into the mix that will get readers thinking that they can be tugboats too

    5. Kendra on said:

      First let s talk about this neat cover It shows what a tugboat looks like in this colorful illustration It also shows that they are small and they pull or tug different things It makes you want to learn about this boat This book teaches that it doesn t matter if you are small because you can still be mightyRead of my review atfeofstay at homemom

    6. Gracie Larcher on said:

      Personal Reaction I enjoyed reading I m Mighty It was a short and simple story with lots of colorful illustrations to go along with the text The book was a quick and fun read Read Aloud This book is definitely very simple and would be best read to kindergartners You could use it as an interactive read and have the students help you read it Independent Read I m Mighty is an ideal picture book for beginning readers The font is very large and the language is very simple There are only a few words p [...]

    7. Joanie on said:

      This is a current favorite in my house it s about a tug boat When I saw this it reminded me of Katie and the Big Snow or Mike Mulligan and the Steamshovel both of which I had read over and over to the kids I babysat so I was dreading this one a bit but it s not like that It s cute and short sometimes a bonus and my son loves the way it s written and he laughs every time we read it Plus the message is great, this tiny little tug can do really big things Definitely a keeper.

    8. Janet on said:

      I read this with a little girl beginning reader She liked the story and the illustrations I thought the illustrations were quite good as well as the message The words were a bit difficult to handle, because of the use of slang em instead of them , and expressions that are not in common use The biggest problem that I had was that the book was about a tugboat, and the word tugboat was never once used in the book I thought that was odd Overall enjoyable, but probably appropriate as a Read Aloud to [...]

    9. Karen on said:

      My five year old son picked this book out from the library this week We thought it would be better from the cover illustration Um, this book should have been so much better than it was The illustrations were fine quirky and quite funny The story itself was fine But the text was incredibly dry for a boat about a tugboat Instead of using interesting and engaging words, the designer tried to do interesting and engaging things with the letters of the text themselves This was kind of annoying and did [...]

    10. Joy on said:

      My toddler son has the I m Dirty book, and loves it, so we checked this one out He loved this one just as much It is well illustrated, with engaging and interesting pictures It does get a bit wearying to read over and over and over because of all the sound effects, etc, which is of course, what makes the book likeable to a small person My chief complaint about this book and the others is that it uses very few if any complete sentences, which gives it a choppy feeling, and the slang would make it [...]

    11. Angie on said:

      I Stink will always be my favorite by this husband wife team If I hadn t seen it first I might have liked this one But it s not as funny as that one.This one was OK But it didn t live up to what was the name of that little tugboat one it was a Little Golden Book I think I liked that one better.

    12. June on said:

      I m a huge fan of the McMullans I bought several of their books for my sons This was also a huge hit in my Story Time It is very appropriate for children showing a tug boat who brings in huge ships, despite his small size I also enjoy all the fonts, the tug s attitude, introduction to boat parts and the vocabulary.

    13. Amelia on said:

      A decidedly weaker edition in the Kate McMullan I m ______ series of books I Stink, I m Dirty and I m Brave are head and shoulders above this kind of slow book about a tugboat Illustration style remains consistently fun and engaging, though Recommended only for toddlers who are huge boat fans, or for completists of the I m _____ series.

    14. Kimberly on said:

      I m Mighty is a book about confidence and perseverance Even when the others don t think he can do it, Tug pulls through and gets the job done.This book would be a great read aloud book for Kindergartners with many sight words they could pick out The teacher reader could bring the book to life with all the sound effects available.

    15. Jennifer Heise on said:

      The mighty little tugboat gives us a tour of his day Kids interested in boats or in powerful machines at all will like this For the parent, the repetition of think I can t think again boastful language may pall, but the rhymes are good, the sequence correct, and the illustrations captivating I think my son preferred I m Dirty and I Stink but to each their own.

    16. Connie on said:

      This book isn t as good as its predecessor, I Stink, but it s hard to live up to that I will note that people who dislike the attitude of the garbage truck in I Stink will prefer this book the tugboat is proud but not boastful, and altogether sweet and charming And there s no puppy poo

    17. Bailee Morillo on said:

      This book is great It has a feel of The Little Engine that Could but it is still different It could be used in a lesson about how little things can accomplish big things, or just a lesson in tug boats and what they do It s fun, exciting, and short

    18. Donna on said:

      My two and half year old LOVES this book But then he loves all the books in Kate and Jim McMullan s I m series He got this one for Christmas and makes me read it along with I Stink and I m Dirty every night He loves counting the boats, and saying parts of the story out loud.

    19. Sylvester on said:

      3 art2 storyNot quite as good as I m Dirty which was not quite as good as I Stink

    20. Jen on said:

      Very cute little story about a tugboat who has a very important job My boys recognized the style of illustrations and said right away, Mom This looks like I Stink and I was impressed

    21. Lindsay on said:

      Although good for a couple read throughs, this wasn t as popular with the kids as I m Dirty.

    22. Erin on said:

      A tug boat takes you through his day, tugging three different ships back to the docks.Great for a boat preschool storytime.

    23. kelly on said:

      We like this book Lets say self confidence and additude are what this book s about The cute thing about it, is how the tugboat is so small but can do really big things.

    24. Melissa on said:

      This is McKay s favorite book ever He loves reading this over and over again Its great and let s you know even though you are small you can do it

    25. Lindsay on said:

      Full of great vocabulary and lots to see And boy, has that tug got personality

    26. The Brothers on said:

      The story of a tug boat bringing in three ships from the anchorage to the harbor Lots of tooting and equipment checks Great illustrations and a fun story to read.

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