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Thomas Bernhard Anna Ruchat

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Antichi Maestri

Antichi Maestri By Thomas Bernhard Anna Ruchat Antichi Maestri Ogni due giorni un vecchio signore si siede nella Sala Bordone della Pinacoteca di Vienna e guarda un celebre quadro di Tintoretto Quell uomo ha molto del genio in un Paese che non tollera i geni Il

  • Title: Antichi Maestri
  • Author: Thomas Bernhard Anna Ruchat
  • ISBN: 9788845909443
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Paperback
  • Antichi Maestri By Thomas Bernhard Anna Ruchat Ogni due giorni, un vecchio signore si siede nella Sala Bordone della Pinacoteca di Vienna e guarda un celebre quadro di Tintoretto Quell uomo ha molto del genio, in un Paese che non tollera i geni Il genio e l Austria non sono compatibili leggeremo qui Che cosa cerca Qualcosa che non indovineremmo mai e che solo in un romanzo di Bernhard pu diventare tema centraleOgni due giorni, un vecchio signore si siede nella Sala Bordone della Pinacoteca di Vienna e guarda un celebre quadro di Tintoretto Quell uomo ha molto del genio, in un Paese che non tollera i geni Il genio e l Austria non sono compatibili leggeremo qui Che cosa cerca Qualcosa che non indovineremmo mai e che solo in un romanzo di Bernhard pu diventare tema centrale cerca i difetti dei capolavori Il tutto e il perfetto non li sopportiamo Quel vecchio signore, che conosce l arte come nessuno e ne trasmette i segreti a un guardiano del museo, devoto fino all identificazione , sa anche vedere la minaccia che si nasconde nell arte, nella pretesa oppressiva del capolavoro Nulla pi rischioso che osservare a fondo un capolavoro Tanto maggiore la gravit dello sguardo, tanto pi squassante il riso convulso che ci coglier mentre continuiamo a ripeterci certe celebrate parole, come se dietro il significato pi alto si spalancasse ancora un vortice di insensatezza Questa la donn e di Antichi Maestri, uno dei romanzi ultimi di Thomas Bernhard apparso nel 1985 , e anche uno dei libri dove egli si spinto pi in l , in una vera terra di nessuno fra l arte e la vita, una terra abitata dalla lucidit , dalla disperazione, dal lutto per un a perduto Come in una confessione testamentaria, Bernhard parla non solo di ci che la pittura e la musica, la letteratura, la filosofia sono, ma di ci che non possono essere, non potranno mai essere di quel punto in cui l arte viene meno Temi azzardati, ai quali il genio di Bernhard sa dare una prodigiosa immediatezza Non solo variando su di essi, egli riesce a inscenare, con verve sinistra e al tempo stesso liberatoria, quella che egli definisce, nel sottotitolo, una commedia.
    Antichi Maestri By Thomas Bernhard Anna Ruchat

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      161 Thomas Bernhard Anna Ruchat
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    One thought on “Antichi Maestri

    1. Hugh on said:

      If I were to start by saying that this book is one very long paragraph most of which consists of an intemperate rant, written in reported speech but without quotation marks, about Austria and the arts generally, I suspect that would sound like hard work Despite all of that, this book is quite readable, entertaining and full of interesting perspectives Ostensibly this is a tale of a friendship between two old men, and we learn very little about one of them, the narrator Atzbacher, who is mostly [...]

    2. Jeff Jackson on said:

      I pulled out several drawers and several chests and looked into them and kept taking out pictures and writings and correspondence of my wife and put everything on the table, one item after another, and progressively inspected everything, and because I am an honest person my dear Atzenbach, I have to admit that I wept while doing so Suddenly I gave my tears free reign, I had not wept for decades and suddenly I gave my tears free reign, Reger said I sat there, giving my tears free reign, and I wep [...]

    3. Firdevs on said:

      nsanl k, tarihi boyunca d nd sa mal klar s ylememi olsayd oktan bo ulurdu, uzun s re susan her ki i bo ulur, insanl k da uzun s re susamaz, nk hemen bo ulur Sayfa 103

    4. İntellecta on said:

      A book full of anger, philosophy, criticism, humor and emotionality.Zitate wir lieben die Philosophie und die ganze Geisteswissenschaft insgesamt ja nur weil sie absolut hilflos ist Nur die B cher lieben wir in Wahrheit, die kein Ganzes, die chaotisch, die hilflos sind So ist es mit allem und jedem S 43 Wie nehmen die Menschen immer wieder in Schutz, weil wir nicht glauben k nnen und auch nicht glauben wollen, da sie so gemein sein k nnen S 295Ps I would like to thank Oktay Angiolello for having [...]

    5. MJ Nicholls on said:

      Breathtaking rancourspewed with wicked humour andtouches of pathos.

    6. notgettingenough on said:

      I thought I was going to love this Angry old man ranting about the world When I started to become less amused I put it away and tried it in ever smaller doses After all, one wouldn t watch Grumpy Old Men for 24 hours on the trot But it just stopped pleasing me to the extent that eventually I did no than flick through the last fifty pages or , hoping I d spot enlightenment were it to appear.It doesn t.The Art HistorianThe art historians are the real wreckers of art The art historians twaddle so [...]

    7. trovateOrtensia on said:

      Il libro grande dalla prima all ultima pagina, com del resto ovvio trattandosi di Bernhard.Voglio qui trascrivere soltanto un brano su Heidegger, quel ridicolo filisteo nazionalsocialista coi pantaloni alla zuava Una vera goduria per quanti, come me, detestano real visceralmente questo imbonitore della filosofia , oltretutto umanamente miserrimo, opportunista e vile Heidegger, il filosofo della Foresta Nera Heidegger, ha annegato nel kitsch la filosofia Heidegger, sulle cui orme si sono mosse le [...]

    8. Frabe on said:

      Da trent anni il vecchio Reger medita a giorni alterni sull arte e sulla vita davanti a un quadro del Tintoretto nel pi importante museo di Vienna Il ruolo fondamentale che l arte ha sempre avuto per lui, musicologo, si bruscamente ridimensionato dopo la tragica scomparsa della moglie Riempiamo la cassaforte del nostro spirito di questi spiriti magni e di questi Antichi Maestri constata e nel momento decisivo per la nostra vita ricorriamo a loro ma quando l apriamo, la cassaforte dello spirito v [...]

    9. Troy on said:

      This is the first Bernhard book that I didn t love, and which I only moderately enjoyed It s watered down Bernhard, de fanged Bernhard, a Bernhard rant that is not so different from an internet spew on a well written blog, or a particularly insightful and nasty Jon Stewart segment But the magic wasn t there The bile, the dark and funny hatred towards the world is diffused and feels rote Perhaps it s because Bernhard is a one note writer and after I read the first two, which seemed so fresh and f [...]

    10. Jan on said:

      My first Bernhard book and through the first three quarters I didn t think I really got it It s very short, but still difficult to read in one setting, it took me many short sessions to digest the book At one point in my early life I thought I could have some tendencies to be a misanthrope, but Bernhard showed that at my best or maybe my worse I was only a rank amateur Bernhard presented page after page of rantings about everything and everyone from great artists, composers, writers, and philoso [...]

    11. Ivana on said:

      An old man realizing that, at the end, what matters is not how much art we ve seen, even if we re very very passionate about it nor how much beautiful music we ve listened to nor how many great philosophy books we ve read What matters most is that one person we loved so much but we only realize that after we lose her And it s only human touch that helps, no matter how much we love other things.

    12. Ferda Nihat Koksoy on said:

      THOMAS BERNHARD, Yazar, ALM 1985, TR 2002 3sk 2013 , YKY Yay n, eviri Sezer Duru, 151 sf 30 y l boyunca Viyana Sanat Tarihi M zesi ne Kunsthistorisches Museum gidip, Tintoretto nun BEYAZ SAKALLI ADAM resmini izleyerek d nen ve sanat zerine Times i in yaz lar yazan bir Avusturyal n n yorumlar talik yaz lar, yazara aittir DAH ve Avusturya s zc kleri birbirleriyle uyu maz, Avusturya da s z s yleyebilmen ve ciddiye al nman i in ORTA KARAR OLMAK zorundas n, yeteneksizli in ve ta ra kalle li inin adam [...]

    13. João Reis on said:

      Bernhard uses, as usual, mostly a monologue to rant on everything under the sun, from art and politics to lavatories He does not give a good image of Austria and Austrians in some brilliant thoughts one might also apply to Portugal and the Portuguese with his critical approach which, written in 1985 the year I was born , is valid still today The result is an excellent and sarcastic novel with a melancholic touch.

    14. AC on said:

      Read about half of this it is a self parody as the subtitle suggests a comedy , and so is less compelling There are some fascinating passages, such as the passage on life and art as fragment rather than as whole , which can serve as a set piece for modernism.Still, not my favorite Bernhard, and I m going to move on.

    15. Rhomboid Goatcabin on said:

      Found this novel very distasteful and deterring, unfortunately In my humble opinion, an unstructured rant masquerading as a legitimate novel I am told all of Bernhard s novels are very much alike I can hardly imagine anyone should have the courage to stand through than one.

    16. Biron Paşa on said:

      Bir Mutsuzluk An nda Thomas Bernhard Okumak Yirmi ya ndayken hayat m irazesinden kt Bir anda olmad ama yava yava kendim yapt m Asl nda s radan bir gen gibi niversitede okuyup para kazanabilece im bir meslek sahibi olacakt m Ev ve araba almak i in ya ay p sonra da l p gidecektim Ama yle olmad , n ne ne koyulursa yiyen iyi huylu insanlar gibi, n ne kan engelleri sadece birer engel olarak g r p sabreden insanlardan de ildim ve bunu sorgulad m Her ey de b yle ba lad Birka sorudan sonra iki b y k ayd [...]

    17. Christopher on said:

      I had rated this 3 stars up to one hour before finishing the novel and I had to suddenly change that to 4 stars Similar to the third act turn that takes place in Woodcutters, the prose rattles on as a sort of rant which suddenly takes a very dramatic and surprising turn within just a few pages of the end In this novel, the rant is heightened to a level of almost self mockery it seems like he is satirizing his own style Just when I feel, with Morrissey, that that joke really isn t funny any, just [...]

    18. lisa_emily on said:

      If I were to write this novel in three lines In the Kunsthistorische Museum, an old man rants in front of a painting of an old man Railing against the debased society, art that does not heal, Mourning his wife.As I read this novel, a thought passed through my mind Why would anyone want to read this It is a rant, yes, at times humorous, but still a rant And like rants listened to in life, one can barely hang around for than a few pages at a time It took me some time to get through this short boo [...]

    19. Mr. Robbie on said:

      Painfully longwinded Reger, the main character, says something, and then spends the better part of a page or less repeating himself Repeat until you question Bernhard s sanity, and you ve got at least half the content of the book on your hands The whole thing reads like a bad first draft.The ideas and characters the work does get around to exploring might be worth it My big takeaway, to spoil what the entire book builds up to for you, is that the great works of the old masters great artists are [...]

    20. Jim Elkins on said:

      Sadly, I didn t review this when I first read it I might have been hypnotized It is spectacular, from the first weirdness to the last pitiful joke It is the only fictional book on fine art that I can stand to read Everyone else worships Bernhard is interested in how art provokes disgust and other much interesting reactions.

    21. Patrick on said:

      Our greatest pleasure, surely, is in fragments, just as we derive the most pleasure from life if we regard it as a fragment, whereas the whole and the complete and perfect are basically abhorrent to us Only when we are fortunate enough to turn something whole, something complete or indeed perfect into a fragment, when we get down to reading it, only then do we experience a high degree, indeed a supreme degree, of pleasure in it Our age has long been intolerable as a whole he said, only when we p [...]

    22. Marcello S on said:

      Una mattinata al Kunsthistorisches Museum di Vienna, per la precisione nella cosiddetta Sala Bordone di fronte all Uomo dalla barba bianca di Tintoretto, persi per un ora tra i pensieri di Atzbacher in attesa del suo incontro col vecchio Reger che gli deve dire qualcosa di importante In una parola, micidiale In un altra, rassicurante Perch alla fine in tutto questo delirio di ripetizioni ti lasci cullare e trasportare come Atreyu attaccato alle orecchie di Falcor 76 100 Sono anni ormai che a cas [...]

    23. NobilisGughy on said:

      Pi leggo Bernhard e pi mi convincono che, oltre Bernhard, tutto un niente privo di fondamento.Il prima e il dopo Bernhard, senza eccezione, era ed un pozzo nero di ridicolaggine, di insensati e volgari espedienti per sopravvivere, per sbrogliarsela da noi stessi, da questo mondo e dalle sue avversit.Camminiamo per la strada e ci addentriamo nell abiezione, null altro che scandalosa abiezione, indecente indolenza e ipocrisia e malvagit e menzogna e falsit e autoinganno, tutto abborracciato insiem [...]

    24. Rise on said:

      Old Masters was the last published volume of Thomas Bernhard s so called Trilogy of the Arts 1983 1985 , an otherwise arbitrary grouping of successively published books that include The Loser and Woodcutters or Cutting Timber In this concluding volume, he at least arrived at the unity of the arts, at a hard won consilience.My full blog post at booktrek 2015 07

    25. Oktay Angiolello on said:

      The best and the most important book in the history of modern literature.

    26. Sara on said:

      Riassumendo in poche parole si potrebbe dire che questo romanzo non altro che l invettiva di un uomo seduto nella Sala Bordone del Kunsthistorisches Museum di Vienna di fronte al quadro del Tintoretto Ritratto di vecchio dalla barba bianca Nel libro l invettiva di quest uomo, Reger, raccontata dall amico, Atzbacher, ed lunga un solo paragrafo ma dura 198 pagine, e credo che basterebbe solo questo a scoraggiare qualsiasi lettore al suo primo approccio con Bernhard come la sottoscritta.Per me ques [...]

    27. Gediminas Kontrimas on said:

      Mielo Roberto Kundroto leidimas Nuo Tango Pasvirus pasaul Vertimas visai paken iamas.Man, snobui, tokie tekstai labai prie irdies daug inom meninink pavard i , komplikuoti veik jai, kriti kas po i ris visus ir visk Net ir siu eto, kurio ia beveik n ra, nepasigedau.

    28. Kalika on said:

      This is a masterpiece that must be read by everyone who wants to be a writer, musician, artist The whole book all 250 odd pages of it is a single paragraph in a single place, events don t move forward, action doesn t move forward, people stay where they are in an art museum in Vienna It is a literal piece of opinions, of Reger, the music critic, on just about everything in music, art, politics, society and philosophy No holy cows here, everything is ripped apart, vitriolic but humorous and at th [...]

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