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Frances Mayes

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Under the Tuscan Sun

Under the Tuscan Sun By Frances Mayes Under the Tuscan Sun A CLASSIC FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF UNDER MAGNOLIAFrances Mayes widely published poet gourmet cook and travel writer opens the door to a wondrous new world when she buys and restores an abandon

  • Title: Under the Tuscan Sun
  • Author: Frances Mayes
  • ISBN: 9780739322970
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Under the Tuscan Sun By Frances Mayes A CLASSIC FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF UNDER MAGNOLIAFrances Mayes widely published poet, gourmet cook, and travel writer opens the door to a wondrous new world when she buys and restores an abandoned villa in the spectacular Tuscan countryside In evocative language, she brings the reader along as she discovers the beauty and simplicity of life in Italy Mayes also creaA CLASSIC FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF UNDER MAGNOLIAFrances Mayes widely published poet, gourmet cook, and travel writer opens the door to a wondrous new world when she buys and restores an abandoned villa in the spectacular Tuscan countryside In evocative language, she brings the reader along as she discovers the beauty and simplicity of life in Italy Mayes also creates dozens of delicious seasonal recipes from her traditional kitchen and simple garden, all of which she includes in the book Doing for Tuscany what M.F.K Fisher and Peter Mayle did for Provence, Mayes writes about the tastes and pleasures of a foreign country with gusto and passion.From the Trade Paperback edition.
    Under the Tuscan Sun By Frances Mayes

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      178 Frances Mayes
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    One thought on “Under the Tuscan Sun

    1. Ali on said:

      WARNING THIS BOOK IS THE MEANDERING INCOMPLETE THOUGHTS OF A MIDDLE AGEd WOMAN THAT EATS LIKE A ITALIAN SUMO WRESTLER AND BOUGHT A DISASTER OF A HOUSE THAT NEEDED A HUGE AMOUNT OF REPAIR THAT S ALL THERE IS TO THIS BOOK Perfect if you are practicing speed reading You could skip every other sentence and still understand that she actually enjoys fixing up this crappy house in Italy Absolutely nothing like the movie Disappointing.

    2. Tara on said:

      I hear a lot of crap about how this book is silly, fluffy, boring, slow, unstructured, unserious I ve had three people now all men p tell me it s chicklit First of all, is that supposed to be an insult Second What Perhaps this all has something to do with how popular the book was and continues to be Regardless, don t let the naysayers dissuade you from giving it a try The writing is poetically beautiful, illuminating a place that is equally so Plenty of place writing does a disservice to the loc [...]

    3. SJ on said:

      I didn t finish it And, frankly, that s not like me at all The book is well reviewed, and well written And yet, somehow, I just really didn t like it The author can truly write, and the topics were of great interest to me, but I felt the entire time like she was untouchable She was encased in her own experience and at no point did I feel welcomed or able to understand her Her life path never really found a commonality with my own, nor did she make me love her In the end, I did myself the favor o [...]

    4. Leftbanker on said:

      I need to preface this by saying that had this book been anything less than a monster success I wouldn t trash it But for the life of me I can t see why it s so popular What if she had written about remodeling a house in North Dakota Would that be interesting Of course not, so why are the tedious details of doing the same in Italy any different This book has about as much to do with Italy as it does with North Dakota The movie is even worse if that is possible.I had some friends come to visit me [...]

    5. Saleh MoonWalker on said:

      Onvan Under the Tuscan Sun Nevisande Frances Mayes ISBN 767900383 ISBN13 9780767900386 Dar 304 Safhe Saal e Chap 1996

    6. Amanda on said:

      At 66 pages in, I m throwing in the towel.Somewhere around the age of 22 or 23, I decided I was done with library books Now, don t get me wrong, I love and appreciate libraries I became a reader because of access to wonderful libraries But, as an adult, I m OCD enough not to enjoy the concept of library books Wondering how many people read them while on the toilet, encountering books that smelled like ash trays, finding potato chip crumbs wedged between pages 32 and 33, encountering a sticky cov [...]

    7. Laura C. on said:

      It s not fair that some people get to live like this she said, throwing the book down on her unwashed, non authentic linoleum floor A wonderful companion that willing does chores, looks good without his shirt, never argues, likes to travel cash to buy and then renovate a villa in Tuscany where you live every summer and at Christmas and bottle your own olive oil from your own trees have tons of flowers, fruit trees and terraces with lounge chairs find Etruscan stones in your back yard have a fabu [...]

    8. Deb on said:

      Wanting to learn about all things Italian was the reason I picked this book I started it as an audio book But even as a listen while being a prisoner on the highway, I had to stop after the first CD Her out of touch with reality pinings about her problems encountered when buying a home in Italy who in the world can afford this in the first place grated Hearing that one of the primary joys of her Italy travels was buying shoes, was a major clue that this was not a book for me Then when she mentio [...]

    9. Connie on said:

      Frances Mayes bought a neglected villa in the Tuscan town of Cortona The house was called Bramasole , meaning yearning for the sun , and the sunshine and warmth of Italy comes shining through Mayes enthusiastic descriptions.One gets a sense that Mayes is being reborn After a midlife divorce, she is in a relationship with her future husband, Ed The two poets both have demanding jobs as the heads of creative writing departments in their California universities Both worked hard, along with Italian [...]

    10. Heather Vance on said:

      I first heard about this story when the film version was being hyped For some reason I never bothered to view it, perhaps because it appeared amidst other seemingly trite films that did not interest me However I found this copy in the used library bookstore and from the inside cover description I realized that it s subject matter greatly interested me Frances Mayes Under the Tuscan Sun, At Home in Italy is her personal account of a life shifting and settling in the landscape of the Italian count [...]

    11. Samantha on said:

      While i thoroughly enjoyed the book, i WILL say that its not what i expected since i had seen and enjoyed the movie first most of the story is completely different than the moviebut what bothered me is that there was no real story plot here besides the fixing up of the house over time as she fixes the house, she fixes her life, and in the end turns italian and finds where she belongs not that she seemed out of place at the beginning I guess i was slightly disappointed in 2 things 1 the lack of a [...]

    12. Donna on said:

      This was a re read, and I loved it again I know there s plenty here whodon t think much of this book, but it totally appeals to my utterly romanticnotions of running away to live in Europe somedaygh Haven tbeen to Italy yet, but this book was largely responsible for my subsequenttrips to France, Spain, and Turkey And my list TBV list to bevisited tee hee has been growing ever since.This was also my first PalmPilot read, and I was pleasantly surprised tofind that I completely enjoyed reading on m [...]

    13. Kay on said:

      The movie made her far interesting than the book did Movie version her best friend is a lesbian and they send Mayes on a gay tour of Tuscany since the friend s wife doesn t want her to travel in the first trimester The trip is to help Mayes recover from the divorce She falls in love with the country, finding magic in unexpected places and buys a villa In restoring it, she learns to love herself again, as she learns Italian ways of living Book version straight lady buys house with husband becaus [...]

    14. Antof9 on said:

      I saw the movie first and didn t realize it was based on a book.So first of all, this is not a novel It s a woman s journal of the purchase and clean up of an old house in Tuscany It includes recipes, gardening directions, weather reports, menus, etc And if that s what you were expecting, it s actually very good However, I unfortunately saw the movie when it came out, in complete ignorance that it was a book first.And I m still confused about how this book got made into that movie I d already re [...]

    15. Ryan on said:

      Plot Author summers in Tuscany, buys an old farmhouse, refurbishes it, travels through Italy, and cooks constantly.Review Open up a Sunset or a National Geographic Traveler magazine, and imagine reading a beautifully descriptive evocative 6 page essay on what it s like to live work cook in Italy Then, when you finish it, flip the pages back and start the article again But substitute the Zuppa Toscana with Porcini Risotto The Pesto Crostini for the Fontina Bruschetta A full bodied Montepulciano f [...]

    16. mossum on said:

      I so rarely stop reading mid book, but I found this one to be so rambling and uninteresting and I m at a point in life where I feel no obligation to push through such an experience, even or especially to please someone who thought for sure they knew what I d like The prospect of buying a shambles of a house, no matter where, and restoring it, is a subject that is of tremendous interest to me Although I m not traveled, I can well image that the effort of obtaining a passport, packing, and flying [...]

    17. Tamara on said:

      CRAP CRAP CRAPHATED IT This is the epitome of nauseating travelogues This woman thinks she is Italian because she renovated and lived in a small property in Tuscany And she is clearly so much smarter, knows better, and has experience in everything not JUST renovating and living in a small house in Tuscany than anyone else on earth because she renovated and lived in a small house in Tuscany Blech.

    18. Marjorie on said:

      Edit I mentioned in my review that the author paid 1,000,000 for this abandoned villa because she said in the book that she wrote milione at the closing so many times But Ms Mayes sent me a tweet questioning where I got that price and that it was a fifth of that or 200,000 That was when I realized that I hadn t converted the milione that she mentioned from lire to dollars It was her entire savings from her marriage that she put into this home Plus they did a lot of the work themselves Quite a di [...]

    19. Tarah on said:

      Here s the thing I loved this book when I first read it was I 20 maybe 22 Because I was young, and hadn t learned how to resent those people who gallivant around the globe with too much money on their hands telling us how charmed their lives are while describing the picturesque landscape That being said, the book is well written and the descriptions of Tuscan life are, of course, deeply seductive Because that s the point a life where you worry whether your wrought iron gate is cast in period app [...]

    20. Sophia on said:

      A chance to journey along looking over a person s shoulder as they go from summer holiday tripper in Tuscany to owning an old Tuscan farmhouse needing a vast deal of TLC was an intriguing prospect.I had seen the movie adaption of this book, but the movie is only one small facet of all that is covered in gently paced slightly distant reflections on a years long labor of love and life This book reads like a blend of journal scrapbook ideas memorabilia organizer all wrapped in one And that s pretty [...]

    21. Rob on said:

      I d never heard of this book until the autumn of 1999, a few days after I arrived in Cortona, the town subject of this book Every time I turned around, all these baby boomers were asking me if I knew where Francis Mayes lived I had know idea who she was I soon learned, however, that she was the author of this very book, which was about her experience rehabbing a home on the other side of the hill from Cortona My experience in Cortona was life changing When I returned to the states, I was sad to [...]

    22. GoldGato on said:

      r here there is no placethat does not see you You must change your life RILKEI was at an airport I needed a book It was the 1990s no e books Another cross country business trip.This was it.The Tuscan sun has warmed me to the marrow.I read the whole thing from cover to cover on that journey Maybe it was the writing, maybe it was the locale, maybe it was because I was leaving sun and flying into snow, but I really enjoyed this book Frances Mayes had me turning pages to discover the results of her [...]

    23. Tammy on said:

      I ve had this book probably since it was first published in the mid Nineties but I never had the urge to read it until now I ve seen the movie that was ever so loosely based on it and I have to admit that the movie didn t fill me with enthusiasm to read the book The other day I had this urge to read it, so I curled up in bed with it Honestly, it was like I was there There isn t a great deal to say about this book It s memoir, it s travel writing, it s lush and beautiful There doesn t need to be [...]

    24. Davis Aujourd'hui on said:

      This is an inspirational book written by a woman who is going through a transition in her life While visiting Tuscany, she decides to take a leap of faith and to begin a brand new life Even though she can t afford the home which she wants to buy, the owner realizes that how much the author values the home and that it should be hers Consequently the owner accepts the author s modest offer That was spiritual I especially appreciated this aspect since I am the author of a spiritually themed book I [...]

    25. Kasia on said:

      Yawn Half of this is recipes Under the Tuscan Sun is fairly known and well reviewed I didn t realize cookbook, sort of The other half was a real estate guide, and a renovation guide, and then a tour guide of Tuscany I mean, really All this intertwined with sappy statments in the fashion of Eat Pray Love Yuck It was well written all right, and I can see the appeal for some people For me, when I want a recipe, I ll reach for an actual cookbook, thank you Mark Bittman, anyone Tuscany Been there, do [...]

    26. Irene on said:

      If you eagerly await your friend s vacation pictures, are absorbed in every detail of their adventures, than you may find this book a sheer delight But, if your eyes glaze over and your mind wanders after the tenth picture and the tenth story, then you may be less engrossed by this book Frances and her husband who both teach at California colleges, purchase an old Tuscan farm house and small olive grove Every summer and Christmas semester break they spend remodeling the house, restoring the 5 ac [...]

    27. Anne on said:

      Frances Mayes wrote this book based on her experience of buying and restoring a villa in Tuscany I read it summer 2001 while I was visiting Meredith in St Croix and left it for her to read The descriptions of life, light, food and wine made me want to move to Italy I remember a lot of the recipes contained pine nuts, which I didn t think I liked at the time Frances Mayes used to teach at UGA, and John knows her I told my brother to read this book he told me it changed his life.The movie is nowhe [...]

    28. ❂ Jennifer on said:

      I loved the parts about the house and gardens restoration, and hearing about their adjustments to living in another country But the author lost me on a street by street walking tour and a side trip into philosophy theology that just felt weird I ll re read, but I ll skip right on past those parts in the future.Full review jennoklikes post 111101

    29. Cinco on said:

      I love travel writing and was really looking forward to reading this book Sadly for me, about a third of the way through I realized that I wasn t reading a book about Italy or travel, I was reading a very long, very dry book about home improvement that just happened to take place in Tuscany.

    30. Emma Iadanza on said:

      Before I started this book, I read some of the other reviews on , and I really must say I agree I didn t want to agree at first, but now I do Let me say I did not love this book I did not despise it But I simply disliked it it A lot I really wanted to like it, but I can t Basically, this woman and her husband boyfriend buy a house in Tuscany after wanting to and not wanting to and wanting to and not wanting to and really wanting to but having a lot of other things discourage them They fix it up [...]

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