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Fateful By Claudia Gray Fateful A tragic tale about falling in love on the world s most infamous ill fated sea voyage as heroine Tess discovers darker secrets that lie beneath the doomed crossing and a hidden brotherhood that thre

  • Title: Fateful
  • Author: Claudia Gray
  • ISBN: 9780007428267
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fateful By Claudia Gray A tragic tale about falling in love on the world s most infamous ill fated sea voyage as heroine, Tess, discovers darker secrets that lie beneath the doomed crossing and a hidden brotherhood that threaten to tear her lover from her forever.
    Fateful By Claudia Gray

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      434 Claudia Gray
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    One thought on “Fateful

    1. Cait on said:

      I rated this book 3.5 stars, and there are some slight spoilers, but they re not that huge So read it nowif you DARE Let me start off this review by saying that I love love love lovelovethe American cover for this book It has everything I want it s got raised lettering, different textures, and it s oh so tantalizingly shiny I m seriously obsessed with it right now Sometimes I just sit in my room for hours just stroking and thinking about the many dirty things I could do with it, because I m tota [...]

    2. Rebecca on said:

      For years, Tess Davies has worked as a maid for the Lisle family at their manor house in England But she has always dreamed of a better life, and now that she has saved up enough money, she has decided leave her job And she gets the perfect opportunity when she is chosen to accompany the Lisles on an ocean voyage to New York A new country is the perfect place to start a new life And they are sailing on the maiden voyage of the largest, most elegant ship ever built, the RMS Titanic.Shortly before [...]

    3. Dixie Marie on said:

      As if the movie didn t make ne cry enough This book put me in constant tears near the end I thought we were gonna have the Titanic movie all over again Thank God we didn t.

    4. Lea on said:

      Hands down, this book was absolutely incredible Fateful was a retelling of Titanic s story combined with a unique paranormal twist it had my heart racing and left me speechless by the end I burst into tears at multiple parts of the story, because it was that good at drawing me in and making me feel emotionally invested in the characters even the minor ones The writing was both beautiful and powerful, and the story, despite being paranormal, was very true to life and accurately followed historic [...]

    5. Isa Cantos (Crónicas de una Merodeadora) on said:

      Cuando iba a empezar a leer este libro estaba como OHMYGOD, ES DEL TITANIC, QU GENIAAAL , luego empec a leerlo y fue como hmm okay, s , se desarrolla en el Titanic, pero normal y al terminarlo pens bueeeeno siguiente Mi punto es t no quieres terminar un libro y que te deje sin pensar ni pregunt ndote qu habr pasado con los personajes, no lo que quieres es cerrar la ltima p gina deseando que hubiera m s historia, que hubiera una p gina m s Y, bueno, Aguas Oscuras me dej en blanco No hubo fangirle [...]

    6. Kristi-The Book Faery on said:

      THE FAERYS VIEWFateful was so much better than I thought it was going to be Truthfully, I wasn t expecting it to be as thrilling or captivating as it was.Just goes to show that you can t always judge a book by the ship it s about My original thought was Okay, Faery Chica here s how it s probably going to go Doomed Titanic Lovely yet Helpless Servant Girl Tortured yet Good hearted Werewolf Tragedy on the lower decks that only the werewolf can save the poor servant girl from.I envisioned scenes fr [...]

    7. Christie on said:

      First sentence It s not too late to turn back, I tell myself There may be minor spoilers so beware if you are someone who hates spoilers so much you can t even read the synopsis of a book So I was excited about this book and I really wanted to love it I mean it s Titanic with werewolves Unfortunately, it was James Cameron sTitanicwith werewolves Let me explain Enter poor little rich girl boy RoseI mean AlecOh but it s different because he turns into this at sunset Ok, ok maybe it is totally diff [...]

    8. Colleen Houck on said:

      The description of the ship and its sinking felt so real, it was like I was there So curious about the dagger and what it could do Love the idea of the Order of the Brotherhood The heroine was so plucky and likable and love Alec too.

    9. Tatiana on said:

      , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , insta love, , , , 5 5

    10. Rachel on said:

      Now, in all fairness, I probably would ve given this book four stars were it not for the Titanic setting I rank it right at four stars story wise, but the Titanic makes it solidly five I ve been fascinated with the story of the Titanic since I first saw the movie, which was at least ten years ago Though James Cameron s movie incited my love, I went further and read several books on the ship Needless to say, anything involving the Titanic catches my eye, though not always my fancy.I liked the way [...]

    11. Meli on said:

      Fue predecible de principio a fin, incluso los peque os detalles que no hacen mucho a la historia fueron cantados, pero aunque por momentos me aburr a es una lectura m s bien r pida y entretenida y aunque cae en mil t picos es bastante distinto por el contexto en el que se desarrolla.Al acontecer en el Titanic, hay un aura de tragedia envolviendo la historia desde el comienzo que hace que la tensi n sea constante, indiferentemente de si la historia es buena o mala De hecho, creo que sin el Titan [...]

    12. Leah (Jane Speare) on said:

      As soon as that first sentence is read, you re unable to put down this book It s a very unique genre One would try to classify it as historical fiction, tantalizingly laced with paranormal aspects While the story is being told, in present tense, reading it I sometimes forgot that the ship they were on was actually the Titanic, until some critical moments, and then suddenly you remember the big, almost silent part of the plot the doomed voyage My hands were literally so sweaty with anticipation b [...]

    13. Estefanía Álvarez on said:

      3.5 5 Me ha gustado, pero alguna cosilla cojea un poco.

    14. Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) on said:

      Firstly, thank you to Harper Collins Australia for sending me a copy of this book to review Fateful caught me from the beginning It took me on an incredible journey of love, danger and tragedy It made my heart soar before breaking it as I knew it eventually would, only to have it heal me once again and leave me with endless hope There s no denying that the story of the Titanic isn t a powerful one It has been ever since the beginning, and in this book Claudia Gray creates a tale that transports [...]

    15. Lissa Smith Reads'~Bookaholics Bookshelf Reviews on said:

      4 Wow Stars Although CG notes that she researched the Titanic while writing Fateful, at some point she choose to deviate from historical accuracy and chose a practical route supernatural drama CG gives us for example in her Author notes, Myriam would almost certainly have boarded the ship at Cherbourg rather than Southampton servants traveling in third class was so unheard of that I m sure Tess s handy key was unheard of too and the Titanic had no seventh officer Rather than fictionalize the li [...]

    16. Lisa on said:

      Originally posted at Read Me Bookmark Me Love MeI fell in love with Fateful immediately with the book and the original concept itself Supernatural creatures, power struggles and tragic romances What s not to like This novel was written exceptionally well, with a perfect balance of romance and action Readers are constantly on the lookout for trouble as the sinking of the Titanic is inevitable Will this standalone novel have a happy ending or be suitably tragic You won t know until you read it Tes [...]

    17. ~Tina~ on said:

      I m a huge fan of Claudia Gray and her Evernight books, but to tell you the truth I was a bit weary about going into this book A book concept about the Titanic fascinated me since I have always been haunted and charmed by it s story The idea of werewolves also fascinates me since it s well werewolves and I m a paranormal junkie But The Titanic and werewolves together Really I shouldn t have been concerned since Gray did a terrific job This is what storytelling is all about Being creative, invent [...]

    18. Savannah (Books With Bite) on said:

      I have to admit that when I started this book, I was a little skeptical how werewolves in the Titanic would work It worked Ms Gray wrote a compelling story that filled me with the history of the Titanic, it s passengers, and a love that I can read over and over again First off, the story line I really love it Like loved it so much I can t get enough of it Once I stared the book I am immediately taken back by amazing writing, setting me in the Titanic Ms Gray did a great job in taking the reader [...]

    19. bookaholic_kim on said:

      The book goes back to 1912, an era where social ranks matters the most This kind of setting fascinates met for it gives me glimpse to how life was back then The story caught my attention with it having wolves and surprisingly no vampires and the ship being called titanic So basing on those two things the story has its mystery unrealistic thing going on and a romance that bloomed in titanic It is a clich but I still enjoyed it and I want of Alec and Tess.

    20. Alyssa on said:

      I adore Claudia Gray a pseudo, in case you didn t know , as both a person and a writer I followed her blog up until it became the non active type it is today, finding her to be sweet and generous, as well as incredibly personable and friendly Her debut series, Evernight, is one of the only vampire texts that I can stomach nowadays, and trust me, that s not a compliment I dish out to everyone The moment I d heard she was working on something different, my excitement as well as my guard shot up Wa [...]

    21. Kayleigh K-Books on said:

      Review posted on K BooksFateful ReviewI honestly had no idea how I was going to feel about this book I instantly thought it would be something that I would enjoy I am a huge fan of the story of Titanic and I love paranormal books so a story that mixed the Titanic and werewolves sounds like the perfect book for me Yet I was still very reluctant to start this book I think this is mainly because I have read the first 2 books in Claudia s Evernight series and I wasn t a big fan of them so I was unsu [...]

    22. Jess on said:

      The best part about the book and the sole reason it gets 4 stars is the almost ending I m not going to put it under a spoiler tag, because everyone should know this already, but man, I could not stop crying when the ship was starting to sink, and Tessa was describing how there weren t enough lifeboats, and the overall feel when fifteen hundred people know they re about to die It s heartbreaking, really I think that was the thing that made me cry during the James Cameron Titanic Not Jack and Rose [...]

    23. Esmeralda Verdú on said:

      Aguas oscuras ha conseguido emocionarme, atraparme y fascinarme en todos y cada uno de los sentidos La autora consigue mezclar fantas a hombres lobo y realidad Titanic y crea una historia totalmente original y bonita Con unos personajes entra ables a los que a m s de uno coger s cari o y una protagonista genial, valiente y decidida El ritmo de la lectura no decae en ning n momento y no querr s parar de leer Aventuras, hombres lobo, amor, amistad y un inevitable final Si todav a no has le do esta [...]

    24. Maria Clara on said:

      En realidad es un 2.5 Cuando vi el libro en la librer a y le su sinopsis supe que tendr a que leerlo Y, aunque la historia es buena, no me a convencido del todo Sus personajes son demasiado fr os, racionales a la hora de tomar una decisi n extrema Y el final bueno,

    25. ♫Rose4ever♫ ~ KaterinaMikhailov~(Team Dimitri/Gale/Jace) on said:

      Sounds awesome oooo the TITANIC two of my fave thingstitanicand WEREWOLVESand of course Claudia Gray is a great author

    26. Heidi on said:

      Three stars Set sail on Titanic with some werewolves.Tess hurries down the cobbled street Anxious to get to the shop to fetch the laces for the boots of her employer The shadows are lengthening, it is a dangerous hour for a young lady to be on the street Men leer on the corner and Tess is reminded, yet again, of her vulnerability as a maid She scurries along, dreaming of her imminent freedom which will hopefully begin in a week s time She is to set sail on the Titanic with her employers to Ameri [...]

    27. Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids on said:

      A compelling story with an enticing paranormal romance, an engaging story line and a beautiful retelling of the heartbreaking tragedy of the Titanic, Fateful is a book that I sat and devoured in one sitting Claudia Gray has written a story that is captivating, well researched and incredibly written Aside from being a paranormal story, I loved the historical part of Fateful Claudia did a brilliant job with her detailed writing and how she handled the entire voyage of the Titanic Even though I kne [...]

    28. Nina Rapsodia on said:

      2.5Parece una verdad universalmente reconocida que Claudita y yo no nos llevamos del todo bien Hace un par de a os le Medianoche, el primer libro de su saga de vampiros y no pas de ser un libro normalito que me desaburri un par de d as pero no quise seguir la saga Otro d a aburrido tiempo despu s le Balthazar, libro spinoff tambi n de la misma saga Medianoche y bueno aparte de las risas y el rodar de los ojos,tambi n es un libro entretenido a pesar de lo rid culo que es a ratos Este libro lleg i [...]

    29. Maria on said:

      Claudia Gray has to be one of my favorite authors, period She just has this way of writing that makes you never want to put a book down Of course, most of you have read the Evernight series and if you haven t, you should go do so right now , and so you know how amazing Claudia s novels are But this one, Fateful, has made it s way to the top of my list.I think one of the best aspects of Fateful is that you already know one thing that s going to happen I mean, they re on the Titanic we all know ho [...]

    30. Haleema on said:

      To be accurate, I would like to rate this a 3.5 Okay, I m pretty fascinated by the Titanic incident back in 1912 I ve researched quite a lot on it I ve watched Titanic 17394840 times the reason behind it being that it came on HBO so many times I m also fascinated by werewolves So when Gray smashed these two together, I went ballistic I was just like MAD.Gray did a fantastic job with her research regarding the different classes on the Titanic She did amazingly well on demonstrating the lives of [...]

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