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Sable Hunter

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Scarlet Fever

Scarlet Fever By Sable Hunter Scarlet Fever Alex Stewart has been roped into playing wedding coordinator for his older brother Ethan s wedding and nothing is going right today And to make matters worse he gets off on the wrong foot with the b

  • Title: Scarlet Fever
  • Author: Sable Hunter
  • ISBN: 9781456353476
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • Scarlet Fever By Sable Hunter Alex Stewart has been roped into playing wedding coordinator for his older brother Ethan s, wedding and nothing is going right today And to make matters worse, he gets off on the wrong foot with the bride s smokin hot sister Before he knows it, Alex is suffering from a raging case of Scarlet Fever, and is determined to claim this woman for his very own, even if it meanAlex Stewart has been roped into playing wedding coordinator for his older brother Ethan s, wedding and nothing is going right today And to make matters worse, he gets off on the wrong foot with the bride s smokin hot sister Before he knows it, Alex is suffering from a raging case of Scarlet Fever, and is determined to claim this woman for his very own, even if it means giving up his life Scarlet is making one last trip to see her sister get married, and to experience a little bit of normal life After setting eyes on her too gorgeous soon to be brother in law, Scarlet decides that Alex is way out of her league, and strikes off number 1 from her bucket list When Alex finds her list, and discovers the secret she is hiding from everyone, he is determined to help her anyway he can Can he break through her stubborn pride and make her see that she deserves a life with him
    Scarlet Fever By Sable Hunter

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      403 Sable Hunter
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    One thought on “Scarlet Fever

    1. Erika on said:

      Oh Lordy, this was GOOD Hunter often writes the BEST BEST BEST heroes Alex is insanely amazing sexy, sweet, caring, strong, intelligent, patient, generous, romantic, gorgeous, devoted Hunter also writes the types of heroines I enjoy reading about they aren t stubborn, immature seeming, so called feisty cliche types Her heroines have big hearts and typically have had to survive and live through difficult times Her heroines are described as beautiful, but not your 5 10 supermodel off the runway be [...]

    2. Astraycat on said:

      Absolutely loved this book Alex was definitely book boyfriend material Whenever I read this story, I always felt for Scarlet and almost cried for her She was so strong and independent that she didn t share her problem with her sister She endured everything in her life, including people in her hometown called her church mouse behind her back, her poor health, and her poverty Although view spoiler she was dying, hide spoiler she did her best to give her sister her dream wedding, such as sew her we [...]

    3. Barbara➰ on said:

      This was better than the first one I didn t have to skim I did get annoyed Scarlet was perfect She cooked, baked, made her sister s wedding gown, not to mention the bridesmaids dresses, made the wedding cake, made gifts, baked Alex a birthday cake and lots all in 10 days and sick the whole time I would have told them all to go to hell She s a likable person but was easily taken advantage of Alex was wonderful Once they got past their initial meeting he was so good to her It was a good sweet rea [...]

    4. Vashti on said:

      Be prepared for a heroine that can bake ,sew ,sing,cook,makes her own tapestries,works 2 full time jobs ,and oh yes,she is in need of a kidney transplant.If you are in the mood for super sweet with a dash of angst,this is the book for you.Definately a mood book to be sure.The hero is a doll once he sees the errors of his way.

    5. Chantal ❤️ on said:

      Good story, a little corny but hey it was sweet I enjoyed most of it It was just what I had come to expect from this author Passion and insta lust love Recommend for the most part.Only thing that bothered me was how rushed the ending was and how fast the chapters are written with very little explanation on the comings and going It the writing itself that was the problem and not the story The story was solid What about closure Just a few lines and that it You are to infer that everything is Ok an [...]

    6. Chanel on said:

      I fell for Alex in Book 1, as he was so protective and supportive of Lise, his brother s girlfriend Lise truly valued Alex s friendship and was excited to have him meet her younger sister, Scarlet.Alex certainly does not make a good first impression on Scarlet, as his harmful words really were unsettling for the sweet and very innocent Scarlet Alex s actions were out of character for him, and he tries very hard to make it up to Scarlet Since Scarlet is such a kindhearted woman, she forgives him [...]

    7. Kathy L on said:

      This is one of the best so far by Sable I found this book had taken me on an emotional roller coaster At one point rehearsal wedding scene I had to put the book down to regroup the scene was very emotional This story is about the second brother, Alex and Annalise s sister, Scarlet They had a connection that could not be denied Scarlet saw her life as hopeless and coming to an end and wanted to make sure her sister had the wedding dress she always dreamed of Little did she know that her life was [...]

    8. Romancing the Book on said:

      First Posted on Romancing the Book s blogReviewed by Sarah L.Review Copy Provided by the PublisherHaving enjoyed previous stories by Sable Hunter in the past, I looked forward to reading Scarlet Fever Although I had not read book 1 in the Hill Country Heart series, I easily picked up this story and followed along nicely I would like to read book 1 however as from little comments throughout this story, it sounds like it would be a story I would greatly enjoy.At first I wasn t quite sure what to t [...]

    9. Riz on said:

      It took me over a month to finish this storyActually, this is a super sweet, romantic story, where Alex is very adorable, and scarlet is a strong and independent woman for everything she went throughI really really want to give stars than what I gave to it, but, I couldn t enjoy in the middle of the story as much as in the beginning I very much enjoyed reading from the beginning until at 60 % of story After that part, I felt this plot going mundane That s why I stagnated in this part for over a [...]

    10. Diana Tan on said:

      Scarlet Fever is the second book of Sable Hunter s Hill Country Heart series What a captivating and heartwrenching love story Alex love for Scarlet is unconditional and endless I guess that s what happens when you re having a case of the Scarlet Fever A well written story packed with emotional ups and downs, you can t help but be entranced by Alex and Scarlet s journey to finding their happy ever after.

    11. Denise on said:

      Scarlet just got to the Inn and heard Alextalking on the phone saying he was unsure and he didn twant to take Scarlet out sight seeing Scarlet Didn t know what to do about Alex Scarlet had a big heart and forgave Alex for what he said and she had the time of her life Until she told Alex about her health problem , then Alex did the unthinkable thing to help Scarlet.This was an excellent read Can t wait to read Bobby

    12. Karla on said:

      Loved it It was a sweet, amazing read and I m definitely going back for

    13. PNR on said:

      Ok, this book is just ridiculously saccharine and over the top dramatic The heroine is a martyr to such an absurd degree that I laughed multiple times There were also several silly things view spoiler for one, anybody with terminal kidney failure who needs dialysis to live is qualified for Medicaid if they don t have health insurance And Alex owns his company, so he can extend health insurance benefits to any employee s significant other without requiring they be married not to mention he made h [...]

    14. T Van on said:

      Tender in Spite of ContrivanceScarlet is sweet and good to the point of inducing cavities in passers by, but she s different and therefore shunned All she wants is a trip to her sister s wedding that s worthy of a bucket list, but her future brother in law factors into those plans, than is wise.It s tropish the underdog that no one can see is beautiful besides the hero But all the same, the dialogue brought tears at multiple points, for sweet words that cannot help but to melt the romantic hear [...]

    15. Emily on said:

      Scarlet Fever Hill Country Hearts Book 2 by Sable Hunter is a great read I loved Alex and Scarlet s story This is a great follow up to Unchained Melody Hill Country Hearts Book 1 This story is packed with emotion, passion, romance, drama, happily ever afters, family, new beginnings, and I can t wait to see what happens next in this series Highly recommend to all fans of romance, family, and series.

    16. Debbie Collins on said:

      Scarlet Fever is the second book in the Hill County Heart series and a great addition This book is about Alex Stewart, brother to Ethan Stewart, and we were introduced to him in Unchained Melody and Scarlet Evans, who is sister to Annalise who is getting ready to marry Ethan Scarlet takes a trip to the The Lost Maples bed breakfast to attend the wedding of her sister, and possibly be able to mark some items off of her bucket list while she is there Upon her arrival she overhears Alex on a phone [...]

    17. Melissa Ann PA on said:

      Scarlet Fever Hill Country Heart by Sable Hunter tore at my heart strings This is the second book in this series it follows behind Unchained Melody so you should read that first so you know the background on these two characters You have this beautiful sweet woman that will do anything for anyone and never complain about it because she feels that she is a burden to the people she loves Then you have Alex who is a strong sexy man that loves woman and would love to have what his brother is getting [...]

    18. Jennifer Gallagher on said:

      Another heart stopping book by the amazing Sable Hunter Just love this Girl and her books What to say without spoiling for others I laughed I cried had my heart in my mouth on than one occasionAlex is my New book boyfriend he is a hunk gentle thoughtful caring and so in love with Scarlet he would die for her who would not like a guy like that Scarlet is in love with him but cannot accept the ever after as she has a secret she is keeping from everyoneYou have to read this book to find out her se [...]

    19. Bookgyrl on said:

      Scarlet is beautiful but she thinks she is ugly she can cook, sew beautiful dresses, is good to everyone, is sick and almost dying but not telling anyone etc etc.It is so unrealistic and Scarlet is such a Mary Sue She and the Hero fall in love immediately and as soon as he finds out she is dying but still working her ass off to afford her medicine he wants to save her I understand the story will appeal to romantics, but I also did not really like the writing style The stories of the 3 brothers i [...]

    20. Brenda on said:

      What a great story this was I really enjoyed this one I think Sable Hunter hit it out of the park with this story There was the right amount of romance, mystery, and sex Did I say sex You have to read to almost the very last page to find out if everything that you hope is going to happen for the character is going to come true I couldn t put the book down, I sat and read it all in one day A great read

    21. Nabila Anjum on said:

      I read it because it was suggested by and i was on a lookout for virgin heroines don t ask me why So, not going into too many details, It was a nice read, overall Not very well paced, if you ask me, and a little anti climatic to say the least I mean, the big reveal about her problems was just thrown in at random and the same goes for ALex s big problem solving step Nice, but not too nice

    22. Amy on said:

      Mixed feelings on this one I loved the cheesy insta love between the two main characters Love stories that bring awareness to organ donation BUT the book ended at like 67% Totally felt cheated I could have read and was expecting .

    23. Jennifer Geoghan on said:

      Another great novel by Sable Hunter, mistress of the cowboy romance A must read if you love a man in a cowboy hat

    24. Cynthia Gallaher on said:

      5 Stars for Sable Romance, action, family, pain and finally happiness This story has heart One book in this series to go This book will not disappoint Sable Hunter fans

    25. Kat on said:

      What a great second book in the Hill Country Heart series Alex and Scarlet s story is lovely.

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