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Philip Ardagh David Roberts

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Dreadful Acts

Dreadful Acts By Philip Ardagh David Roberts Dreadful Acts Ah life is never easy for Eddie Dickens In this brave and hearty installment of the Eddie Dickens Trilogy he narrowly avoids being blown up trampled by horses hit by a hot air balloon and arreste

  • Title: Dreadful Acts
  • Author: Philip Ardagh David Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780439537605
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Dreadful Acts By Philip Ardagh David Roberts Ah, life is never easy for Eddie Dickens In this brave and hearty installment of the Eddie Dickens Trilogy, he narrowly avoids being blown up, trampled by horses, hit by a hot air balloon, and arrested only to find himself falling heels over head for a girl with a face like a camel s He also falls into the hands of a murderous gang of escaped convicts They have a litAh, life is never easy for Eddie Dickens In this brave and hearty installment of the Eddie Dickens Trilogy, he narrowly avoids being blown up, trampled by horses, hit by a hot air balloon, and arrested only to find himself falling heels over head for a girl with a face like a camel s He also falls into the hands of a murderous gang of escaped convicts They have a little job for him to do All the old favorites are here including Mad Uncle Jack and Malcolm or it is Sally the stuffed stoat along with some worrying looking new ones A good time will be had by all Except Eddie.
    Dreadful Acts By Philip Ardagh David Roberts

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      116 Philip Ardagh David Roberts
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    One thought on “Dreadful Acts

    1. D.L. Morrese on said:

      This is second book of the Eddie Dickens trilogy, and it has many of the same zany characters as the first one, A House Called Awful Like the first, the prose of this book reads almost as if it was written a century ago The narrator actively speaks to the reader, reminding them that they are reading a book Here is an example where he s talking about a list of characters I m beginning to wish that we d had one of those lists at the beginning of this book, but what s to say that we can t have one [...]

    2. Zoltan Abbott on said:

      Philip Ardagh s second book in the Eddie Dickens trilogy is called Dreadful Acts Our hero Eddie has to cope with his odd parents, plus mad Uncle Jack, owner of the house Awful End and even madder Aunt Maud, along with her best friend Malcolm, or is it Sally a stuffed weasel or stoat The story starts with mad uncle Jack blowing up half the house by hitting a gas tap with his top hat From this clue, it will be no surprise to learn that the story is set in Victorian times with no technology present [...]

    3. Lisa on said:

      Eddie falls in love with a gal with a face like a camel, there s a hot air balloon fiasco, running horses, lots of stuff happening and Eddie keeps his cool while all around him others are losing theirs Cute story.

    4. Aki1713 on said:

      Ich liebe die sechs Eddie Dickens B cher Sie erinnern mich an meine Kindheit Habe die B cher sowohl gelesen als auch immer als H rspiel geh rt Teile davon kann ich immer noch auswendig Sowohl das englische Buch als auch das deutsche H rbuch sind super.

    5. Adriana on said:

      Dreadful Acts, the second book in Philip Ardagh s, The Eddie Dickens Trilogy, tells a fictional tale about the witty, ill fated quests of Eddie Dickens.In this sequel, Eddie Dickens is caught up in a whole mess of trouble seemingly after meeting The Great Zucchini an escapologist He is almost blown up to pieces due to the fault of Mad Uncle Jack leaving the gas on and his father Mr Dickens lighting a cigar to smoke Getting trampled by frightened horses pulling a hearse Crashed by a hot air ballo [...]

    6. PurplyCookie on said:

      Eddie Dickens s adventures begin with a bang, or rather a boom, as his father accidentally blows a large hole in the house by lighting a match after leaving the gas on The noise spooks a pair of horses that have mysteriously appeared in the yard, trailing a hearse with a coffin inside To the boy s horror, the coffin begins to open and The Great Zucchini, a famous escapologist whose latest trick has gone horribly wrong, emerges Suddenly, Eddie finds himself caught up in a whirlwind of activity in [...]

    7. David Fraser on said:

      Dreadfull Acts is the second book in the Eddie Dickens trilogy, by Philip Ardagh Set in the Queen Victorian days Dreadfull Acts a english style, tounge and cheek type of childrens book I must admit this one I enjoyed much then the first book Awful End it reads much easier and not so off the wall, which I do like, but somtimes can be hard to bring across in words.Eddie s family, let s see to put it bluntly are stark raving LONNEY TUNES While Eddie plays the stright and narrow, he has to deal wit [...]

    8. Haley on said:

      Life has never been easy for Eddie Dickens In this second installment of the Eddie Dickens Trilogy, he barely avoids being blown up, trampled by horses, hit by a hot air balloon, and falsely imprisoned only to find himself heels over head for a girl with a face like a camel and falling kneecaps over elbows into the hands of murderous criminals It seems they have a little job for him to do All of the old favorites and a bunch of new good characters show up in this sequel to A House Called Awful E [...]

    9. Hollowspine on said:

      The action and hilarity continue for Eddie Dickens in Dreadful Acts, which introduces a magician, his lovely drool worthy assistant and a host of escaped criminals hiding on the moors Eddie, of course, finds himself in the middle of the action.Ardagh continues to provide really great sentences that Rayner takes even further with his wonderful narration Readers or listeners will delight in his witty writing, oddball characters and the way nothing is exactly what it seems.I love the way that Ardag [...]

    10. Liz on said:

      This series is growing on me While listening to the first book, I initially thought it was just ok, but I wasn t drawn into the story too much until the talking geese incident I liked the premise that this trilogy resulted from a series of letters written to a child in weekly installments Em thinks that is a great idea and she would have been thrilled if someone did that with her I really enjoyed this second installment much than the firstobably because I knew the characters better, so their ha [...]

    11. Jake on said:

      A short novel that was carries on from Awful End, pretty much same style writing read Awful End review , some funny sections especially when the writer addresses the audience, suitable for the younger generation, however can be a good read for the older generation.The book continues with the main character Eddie who meets an escapologist who gets buried in a coffin Criminals escape from prison and take Eddie hostage and force him to dig up the coffin that was filled with sand bags, after a whil [...]

    12. Ralphie on said:

      This book is about the boy Eddie Dickens his life has so far been terrible He also has a lot of major problems in his life The only thing he can trust is a zuchinni and he was thrown in jail for a crime he didn t even commit and he is an orphan I can connect this book to any kid who feels that he she has had a bad life Well you really can t have it worse than this kid I mean this kid was thrown in jail when he wasn t even wasn t a teenager yet Trust me no one can have it worse than this kid.I gi [...]

    13. Jaemi on said:

      Now living at Awful End with his Mad Uncle Max and Even Madder Aunt Maud, Eddie s life continues right on with the crazy Awoken early one morning by his uncle to come down and see the driver less hearse in the driveway, Eddie has no idea what to think And before he can decide, an even bigger catastrophe happens.While recovering from that, Eddie and not Mr Collins are nearly hit by a crashing hot air balloon, which does in fact hit his Mad aunt Maud, who labels it quite an exciting experience.Fro [...]

    14. Mateo on said:

      Okay, this is a kid with problems Eddie Dickens has crazy aunts and Uncle, weird things happening, and a journey full of wild things There are lot of different things going on in this book The only person Eddie can really trust is The Great Zuchinni.I can relate this to the world because there is a time in your life that you have no one to look after or no one to trust This is a book that is crazy fiction but part of it is on real life I gave this book 4 stars because it was very crazy and confu [...]

    15. Sue Moro on said:

      Once again poor Eddie Dickens finds himself in hot water with the police, this time when he becomes caught up in the activities of The Great Zucchini, an escapologist who s escape goes horribly wrong Add in an explosion at Awful End, the home of his Mad Uncle Jack and even Madder Aunt Maude, a hot air balloon accident, and a run in with a gang of dangerous escaped convicts on the moor, and you get the idea of the craziness in store for young Eddie.Chalk full of humor and zany characters, the sto [...]

    16. mairywo on said:

      The second installment in the Dickens trilogy would also get 4 1 2 stars for content like the first one, but I only give it 4 because of the bad binding of the book As soon as I opened the newly bought book for the first time, half of the pages fell out return As for the content, it is just as brilliantly funny as the first one and over way too quickly Thank God this is a trilogy with parts than just this one.

    17. Miss Bookiverse on said:

      Ein wunderbarer zweiter Teil in der Eddie Dickens Trilogie Diesmal macht Eddie nicht nur mit dem Entfesslungsk nstler Zucchini und dessen reizender Assistentin Daniella Bekanntschaft, sondern auch mit ein paar Str flingen, die aus dem Gef ngnis ausgebrochen sind Unterdessen beschuldigt die noch wahnsinnigere Tante Maud ihr geliebtes Wiesel Malcom einen Mordanschlag auf sie ver bt zu haben und Eddies Vater erholt sich von einem Geh rschaden.Originell, lustig und wieder toll vorgelesen.

    18. Tina on said:

      Very funny Lots of understating British humor It was kind of like reading a kid s version of Monty Python s Flying Circus Reminds me of the Lemony Snicket series In this volume, Eddie is kidnapped by three escaped convicts after his house is blown up and he discovers an escape artist in a coffin in his front yard.

    19. Chase on said:

      Dreadful Acts is about Eddie going on another adventure This time he is faced with escaped convicts, and an escapolgist He also need to dig up a coffin filled with jewels.I gave this book 3 stars because it was pretty good.I would recomend this book to anyone who likes the things I mentioned above.

    20. Rebecca on said:

      Though I didn t quite get the last 1 3 of this book we listened to it during a road trip and I nodded off , I have it on good authority two youngsters that it doesn t measure up to its predecessor.

    21. Wei Feng on said:

      to me this book was funny because it include some funny parts and there was a lot of irony in them, so that would become very funny also the plot didn t make any sense at all but it was done on purpose i think and that made it funny.

    22. Megan on said:

      if you ve read the first one, then you have an idea of what to expect, and those expectations are pretty much on target i thinkthing supremely new, but definitely enjoyable i would definitely recommend this trilogy for someone looking for a fun read and also a good laugh.

    23. Altar Ego on said:

      The first part of the trilogy turned out to be much funnier The plot of the second part is in my opinion somehow unnecessary, confusing and too complex At least the speaker of the audiobook again is outstanding and worth to be listened to.

    24. Eccentrika on said:

      Esilarante Anche se di un gradino inferiore rispetto al primo libro Comunque sempre una storia strampalata e grottesca ai massimi livelli Mi piace un sacco questo genere di umorismo, e spero che il terzo ed ultimo episodio riserver tante sorprese

    25. Adela on said:

      Not as good as awful end, but passable enough to read the last part Dreadful acts doesn t feel as original as its predecessor It feels forced, as though it s trying to be what is marketable to the people they are going to sell it to Lemony Snicket fans Which is exactly what it is.

    26. Carolyn on said:

      Audiobook for the car I probably wouldn t have read the paper version, but the audiobook reader for this series is very entertaining, and the story is silly and British enough to satisfy me.

    27. Supriya J on said:

      Thoroughly enjoyed reading this one It was even funnier and irreverent than the previous book Philip Ardagh is a hilarious, hilarious writer.

    28. Kris Kizer on said:

      So derivative of lemony snicket I had to check to make sure Daniel Handler didn t have a new pseudonym Nope and not nearly as enjoyable.

    29. Doe on said:

      I found the narration style annoying I can see how others find humor in it Unfortunately, I m not one of those people.

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